Friends & Allies

Talisman – Owned by friend Laura Lenhard, Talisman is a wonderfully open-minded place where you can shop for all your metaphysical tools (crystals, candles, singing bowls, books, tarot decks, etc.) and discuss/explore ALL spiritual paths in a friendly, supportive environment. Stop in & check out the “Talisman’s Own” line of house-made products or visit them online!

Beth Prins Leas A gifted healer and true “wise woman”, Beth’s trademark laughter & sense of humor make every experience with her a joyful one. She brings an extensive knowledge base of ALL facets of holistic wellness to the table in order to facilitate true well-being in every sense of the word, and her Reiki & Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions are tops!

Embody The Sacred – Deana Paqua is a dear friend and fabulous healer who utilizes multi-dimensional approaches to release trauma (physical, emotional, or energetic) and help people heal. She has a remarkable intuition that guides her skills as a shamanic healer and reiki master. Also: Do check out her hand-crafted energy-clearing & vibration-raising sprays! I swear by these and love the using Space Clearing spray in concert with the Archangel Michael Blessing spray. I’ve found they offer potent protection in a variety of applications – my personal  favorite use so far entails using them on my phone to ward off contact with energetic “pests” and other undesirables!