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I am firmly of the belief that life is 50% the hand that we are dealt and 50% how we play that hand – that’s why my blog is called EmpoweredDestiny!  Charts only show potential; they do not show certainties.  The ball is always in your court and my job is to present you with information so that you can make an informed choice as to the direction you will proceed.   What you do (or don’t do) with the information I provide to you in a reading is entirely up to you – you are in the driver’s seat and call all the shots.  I will never ask that you substitute my judgment for your own, as humility prevents me from seeking to become anyone’s “guru” and you know yourself and your own life best.  I respect & honor the fact that we are each on our own continuum and have different ways of learning our “life lessons”, though I vow to always have what I perceive as your Highest Good in mind & heart when doing a reading.

My job then, as astrologer, is to provide you with an outsider’s objective perspective, hopefully validating in the process the path you’re on in your own individual journey through life while providing insight into both opportunity and pitfall alike.  I find great value in dealing with reality in all its glorious imperfection, though I certainly do my best to inject humor and levity into a reading when appropriate.  My approach will always be one of sensitivity and compassion, however I do prefer to deal honestly with the events in life that potentially have some darker undertones rather than downplay or ignore them, as I believe this only does clients a disservice.  I gear my interpretations toward a more spiritual/psychological point of view and come from the perspective that each of us have “life lessons” we encounter while on our path; however I also I also balance my desire to delve deeply into humanity’s inner workings with a healthy dose of practical recommendations and everyday solutions.  Esoteric advice is of little use to the layman and my mission is to bring astrology down to earth so that everyone can benefit from it!

I also make every attempt to hold a space in my readings where it is a “judgment-free zone”, and I want clients to feel safe divulging personal and private information they may not feel like they can share elsewhere. I have worked with people in all kinds of situations and want you to know that my role is to help, not judge.  I hold your right to privacy in the highest regard and you can expect complete confidentiality when consulting with me.

In addition to all of this, I strive to consistently produce a high level of client satisfaction.  In order for this to happen, it is important that I understand your expectations and goals for a reading ahead of time so that I am able to meet them.  The best way to accomplish this is to take a moment to outline your concerns in detail when scheduling a consultation, and to be clear with yourself and with me about what you hope to get from this experience.

Lastly, it is also important to outline if there is anything specific you want to know (or do not want to know) so that I am able to provide a reading that honors where you are at and respects your individual comfort level.  I do my very best to deal with all matters as honestly and sensitively as possible because I believe a large part of my role as an astrologer is to shine a light into the darkness, and occasionally difficult material can come up in a reading for the purposes of facilitating awareness and healing.  However, I have no wish to probe where I’m not invited and if you feel there may be areas of your life/chart you are not open to discussing, establishing this in advance allows me to know where your personal boundaries are so that you’re never uncomfortable with the amount/extent of information provided.  Your comfort is very important to me as it plays a key role my ability to be effective and helpful, so establishing a clear & open line of  communication about any off-limits areas will help the reading stay on-track – thanks!


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