Parental Synastry

Being Venusian, I find synastry incredibly interesting – synastry is the astrological study of relationships; specifically of how the planetary energies in Person A’s chart interact with those in Person B’s to reveal potential points of harmony and/or contention. It’s super useful for teasing out the dynamics between individuals and pinpointing exactly where problems are apt to occur, and quite expeditiously at that. It also gives us great insight into the “purpose” certain people play in our lives, from lovers, to friends, to family and everyone in between.

I find the synastry lens tends to be my default “filter” setting when I look at charts – whether it’s the chart of a family member, a friend, or even a client, my eyes seem to be naturally drawn offhand to how the energies of their chart interact with my own; perhaps because I subconsciously yearn to understand my own role in their lives a bit better. I think this tool is most useful whenever we have a particularly challenging relationship of one kind or another on our hands, if for no other reason than it can help us to make peace with What Is while understanding it takes two to tango and the only one we only have control over ourselves & our own behaviors. How much do we want to contort ourselves to maintain a particular connection?

I have long thought about this question; specifically as it relates to family-of-origin since we have no choice at all regarding the relationships we are born into. For example, some of us are born into single-parent households, or are only children. Some are blessed with wonderfully loving and supportive families; others with emotionally distant, physically absent, or even abusive relatives. Some thrive under the care and protection of their parents; others wilt due to neglect. When family relationships are difficult, can they be turned around & improved? SHOULD they be?

It was a search for the answers to these types of questions that had me studying synastry at a young age. Pulling charts for both of my parents and comparing them to my own, it came as no real surprise to find prominent Uranus connections to my personal planets. A brief disclaimer is due because this is not uncommon whenever we are dealing with generational planets like Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto – these celestial bodies are slow-moving and therefore large groups of people will all have these planets at or near the same point if they are born within a given age range. But my parents were born 5 years apart, which put their respective Uranus placements in entirely different signs…far enough away that I theoretically should not have hit cosmic bingo the way I did.

Pronounced Uranus connections in synastry will tend to make a relationship anything but stable. In a positive context, they can be exciting and stimulating – they will most certainly foster our independence (one way or another) and this is often the hallmark of a type of relationship that is very “non-conventional” in one respect or another. These connections do help us to develop true individuality, but on the negative side this may also result from alienation and estrangement as detachment is a hallmark of Uranian energy as well. When put within the context of a parent/child relationship and specifically with respect to understanding that children psychologically look to their parents to provide some measure of safety, sanity, order, and security, one starts to see how this might be problematic. On the plus side, though, Uranus is the patron planet of astrology – it was the search to understand my tumultuous life/upbringing that first drove me to study astrology as an adolescent…I doubt that I ever would have become an astrologer without their disruptive (Uranian) influence activating my nativity. One thing is for sure: It absolutely did push me to be different and to do differently – Uranus always does, as it represents the evolutionary Quantum Leap.

Have you ever examined the synastry you have with your own parents?



An Aquarius Archetype

Doctor Manhattan is totally an aspect of the Aquarius Archetype – you know, freakishly intelligent but simultaneously possessing a supreme level of detachment that can also be frighteningly devoid of humanity at times?

Aquarian energy draws its cues from the planet Uranus, and the darker side of this vibe can be beyond glacial – it’s more akin to a dry ice that evaporates into a gas (air; i.e. intellect) without ever becoming water (emotion).  If you’ve ever heard an Aquarius utter the words “I don’t care” and felt the blood in your veins run cold after hearing this pronouncement, then you know what I speak of. Those who are strongly attuned to this kind of  energy may have to combat this tendency at times – on a personal level, I know on a couple of very specific occasions, I’ve had to when I could literally feel my neural circuitry shorting out where my “give a damn” abruptly and completely broke. This coincided (not surprisingly) with some major Uranian activity in my chart.  It was a strange and uncomfortable dissociative sensation I don’t care to experience ever again – I recall being completely aware this was exactly what was going on and yet unable to do anything about it except observe and just let it run its course.  *shivers* I did eventually return to “normal” (whatever that is – such a relative term anyway when you’re already a weirdo astrologer, LOL); meaning I regained feeling.

But before anyone reading this freaks and thinks I’m hating on Aquarians, though, realize the comparison made above utilizes the qualifier “an aspect of”, meaning certainly not all Aquarians/Uranians/those experiencing heavy-duty Uranus energy by transit or progression.  There is power in archetypal symbolism, however, and it’s completely possible to resonate with this particular manifestation of the energy.  I merely make this (admittedly darker) association for the sake of presenting a fair and balanced take on this astrological signature so people know what to look out for – you can read about some of my more favorable/neutral takes on this energy here and here.

PS – Phil Collins is an Aquarius.


The Pluto/Uranus Square’s Curtain Call

David Bowie has just passed over to The Other Side, folks – a sad day for all of Rock n Roll indeed! Bowie was a 17 degree Capricorn Sun and thus strongly affected by the current curtain call of the Pluto/Uranus square; very literally manifesting as his shocking (Uranus) death (Pluto). I would wager, though, with Pluto making its excruciating slow march toward his Sun that he had probably seen that freight train coming on the horizon a looooong time ago, even though it seemed sudden to all of us here on the outside. Pluto transits are like that, though…they are very private and interior. But we can even see the Plutonic themes very strongly in the title of his swan song work, “Lazarus”; the Uranian edge coming in as he sings about being “free”.

May he find true liberation in death…his work will always and forever remain immortal, which I think is about the highest honor any Capricorn could ever hope to achieve.  ❤


Catching An Astrological “Buzz”!

December’s Mars-Uranus mutual reception: Mars is in Aquarius, Uranus in Aries.

Woooohooo – did ya feel that?! Mars just made the transition into Aquarius & the astrology is poppin’, as this creates a mutual reception between Mars and Uranus that will last until January 12, 2015! Mars is an invigorating influence; Uranus represents that which is unexpected, wacky, and electrifying. Put the two together, and it’s a bit like sticking your finger into an electrical socket, LOL! Be advised the power of this pairing – though in effect now – will peak between December 15th-25th.

As I stated in an earlier newsletter, this vibe is metaphorically akin to nitro-glycerin – not exactly the most stable of energetic compounds, but if used correctly it can be one hell of a propellant! There are lots of ways these two energies will be mixing and mingling during the next 5 1/2 weeks, so I’ve made a cheat-sheet below of some themes likely to be encountered while this Mars-Uranus mutual reception remains in effect – keep in mind we each get to choose which end of this vibrational spectrum we want to resonate with, so for best results strive to do the Hi-Fi side of this astro. Pick any number of expressions from the list below that suit your purposes & will help you to kick ass, and strive to find ways to rock and embody them. For example, using the list below, maybe there’s a change we’ve wanted to make but haven’t made the leap just yet for any number of reasons – let this Mars-Uranus mojo be our cue to finally get off our keister and make it happen! Let’s make like a Nike commercial and “just do it”! Or maybe the inclination of this energy to be unapologetically different gives us courage to nut up and proclaim “I yam what I yam” if we are gay.

We can also use this same premise for avoiding Lo-Fi expressions of this vibe….for instance, if we know this mutual reception can increase the likelihood of unstable tempers, perhaps we make an extra attempt to detach from our own anger if we find ourselves irrational, on “TILT”, and in need of a cooldown; or actively disengaging from hostile situations when we see others getting hot under the collar. It’s important to realize that grey area exists as well – to give you an idea of what I mean, anger isn’t always a bad thing when being ticked off prompts us to take control of a situation that needs to be changed, like, pronto. If we’re normally unsure of ourselves and not apt to be assertive enough when we need to be, getting fired up may be *exactly* the change that’s being called for. It is possible for anger to be the kick in the pants we need to buck convention when the status quo is broken, so please don’t think this emotion – in itself – is inherently “a bad thing”! Now that you have the idea, let’s explore some of this mutual reception’s themes:


Self-initiated, proactive change; an unstable temper; detaching from irritants; taking action that’s unexpected or in some way different from the norm; an unconventional or experimental sex drive; being the change we wish to see; astonishing conflicts from out of nowhere; a surprise hero or champion coming from left field; self-assertiveness that shocks/amazes; independent action; original moves; unexpected passion; clashes w/ friends; online conflicts; an active social network; new friends; doing things with groups of people; social activism; being (unapologetically) different; “I am gay”; neuroinflammation; muscle weirdness/spasms; being weird just for the sake of pissing people off or driving them crazy; contrarian; social agitator; defiant; confronting a tech challenge; the “alpha dog” of a social clique; acting crazy; novel/fresh/innovative/radical actions; getting your “freak” on; sports fraternities; an unpredictable sex drive (that abruptly switches on OR off); and last but not least, my personal favorite – kicking ass with astrology! 😉


See anything you like on the list above? I hope so, because I sure do! To soak up whatever vibe(s) we want from this list, all we have to do is align our intentions accordingly in mindset, word, and deed – carpe diem, bay-bee!


Dealing With Uranus Transits: Part Dos

So we’ve already talked about some of the basic manifestations of Uranian energy – including some of the Lo-Fi expressions of it – here.  But what about the flip?

If you’re dealing w/ a Uranus transit – meaning this planet has come into contact with a planet or angle in your astrological chart – it’s definitely time to start embracing your inner geek! The Hi-Fi expression of this planet’s energy is brilliant, super tech-savvy, and very forward-thinking. It’s a cerebral energy most comfortable operating on the “genius intellectual” level, and because of this, it embraces the label of “eccentric” or “weirdo” without so much as even batting an eye.  After all, let’s face it – aren’t we’re all a little weird somehow?

(Says the practicing astrologer, LOL!) 😉

Besides, life would be bland & uninteresting if everyone was the same! Uranian energy gives us the courage to be different and  march to the beat of our own drum, flying our freak flags proudly – torpedoes be damned! It represents originality, a desire to stand out from the crowd, to embrace things outside of mainstream culture, and to color outside the lines. Uranian energy is anything but cookie-cutter, adoring the odd and unusual; the “B” movies, independent record labels, and of course all things geek-chic & nerd-tastic in the world.BoldlyGo

When dealing with a Uranus transit, we become more inventive and open to experimenting with things/lifestyles/relationships that are different, strange, and novel. There’s also a highly progressive, future-oriented edge to this vibe that can help bust us out of ruts and put us on the fast-track to tomorrow. Uranian energy represents EVOLUTION; it is the process of change and awakening. In order to accomplish this, we must often be prepared to take a quantum leap somewhere in our lives that will put us *far* outside of our individual comfort zones!

The other awesome thing about Uranian energy is that it helps us connect to other like-minded individuals due to its egalitarian nature. With this vibe, we are more likely to appreciate what’s cool & unique about others through developing a friendly, intellectual rapport with them rather than holding the expectation that we should all be homogenous. Uranian energy also teaches us how to de-personalize so that we can work our social networks like a MoFo without the tail wagging the dog – a true Uranian is very good at remaining detached from internet drama, FB dustups, and any situation involving highly keyed emotion. This planet’s energy helps us to stay cool as a cucumber and rational in situations that might ordinarily frazzle others.KeepCalmAndBoldlyGo

I have always admired strongly Uranian individuals – they definitely make life MUCH more interesting and I appreciate the way they think for themselves & are inclined to question the Established Order. There exists the capacity within every Uranian to enact powerful reforms and to be an agent of change – evolution simply would not be possible without their hand. Consider the substantial societal contributions made by Uranians Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, FDR, Jackie Robinson, and Charles Darwin, just to name a few. These are all people who were revolutionary for their time and smack-on the proverbial “cutting edge”.

But even if your astrological chart isn’t hardwired to display these qualities from birth, each of us is handed an opportunity to tap into this energy whenever we deal with Uranus energy by transit (or progression). The natal chart shows us the energies we have available to draw from all our lives – it’s our birthday suit, so to speak. Transits and progressions, however, represent the costume changes where we get to try on the energies of certain planets for the time being, hopefully figuring out during this process how we can play them up to the hilt and use them to maximum advantage.

One suggestion for anyone who finds themselves dealing with this energy is to tap into this juice by finding a muse who embodies the facets of this vibe you would strive to emulate. If it’s genius scientist, Darwin might be your man. If it’s the will to fly in the face of inequity, Rosa parks just might be your gal. If it’s the spirit of a luminary tech-savvy inventor you want to embody, how about Thomas Alva Edison? You get the picture – figure out who your Huckleberry is and roll with it to get some positive inspiration!


Words To Live By….

…when dealing with a Uranus transit: “I didn’t change; I just woke up.”

When Uranus makes significant contact to an individual’s chart, changes *do* happen and those looking in from the outside may indeed be quick point this out.  People may experience us as being “different” during these phases, but when funneling this energy toward its Highest Good, Uranus symbolizes an evolutionary call that shouldn’t be ignored. Cries from those around us demanding that things be put back “the way they were” into stale, familiar habits that we’ve learned by rote fall mute as we suddenly become aware that a pattern will have to be short-circuited in order for us to progress to the next developmental step. This is a valuable safeguard in situations and relationships that have hindered advancement on a soul-level, where we’ve felt “stuck” in a circumstance that has perhaps become customary but just isn’t working for us any longer. Uranus encourages us to step outside the mold and break with the Established Order, because “if what you’re doin’ ain’t workin’, try somethin’ else!”

Copyright 2014
Copyright 2014

Uranus is The Awakener; its key word is liberation. We can’t experience this if we are constantly kowtowing to confines of the traditional and the typical. There is a fine line when  working with the energies of this planet, however, as sometimes these changes can be applied in a non-constructive “disruptive” fashion. Indeed the purpose of any Uranus transit is to interrupt the “normal” flow of activities and relationships so that we find inventive solutions to issues that keep us from moving forward. However, the urge to bust loose, pull the ripcord, and get ourselves free can also have us upsetting the applecart in a way that has the potential to be quite destructive to ourselves and others if we aren’t careful. Uranus transits can denote a level of detachment that is sometimes just plain frightening because it seems so abrupt; appearing to come from out of left field without any rhyme or reason.  Ergo, when there is no thought or care to how this impulse to emancipate oneself is applied, it can entail scenarios where one allows “one bad apple” to “spoil the whole bunch” or throw the proverbial baby out with the bathwater. The earlier instances demonstrate positive change; the latter, reckless abandon. The trick to expressing the energy of this planet in Hi-Fi is for one to commit to adopting a level of personal responsibility during this planetary “wake up call”. It’s a small distinction, but a critically important one if the changes made at this time are to truly be a constructive reform rather than just a “get out of jail free card” cop-out.