Catching An Astrological “Buzz”!

December’s Mars-Uranus mutual reception: Mars is in Aquarius, Uranus in Aries.

Woooohooo – did ya feel that?! Mars just made the transition into Aquarius & the astrology is poppin’, as this creates a mutual reception between Mars and Uranus that will last until January 12, 2015! Mars is an invigorating influence; Uranus represents that which is unexpected, wacky, and electrifying. Put the two together, and it’s a bit like sticking your finger into an electrical socket, LOL! Be advised the power of this pairing – though in effect now – will peak between December 15th-25th.

As I stated in an earlier newsletter, this vibe is metaphorically akin to nitro-glycerin – not exactly the most stable of energetic compounds, but if used correctly it can be one hell of a propellant! There are lots of ways these two energies will be mixing and mingling during the next 5 1/2 weeks, so I’ve made a cheat-sheet below of some themes likely to be encountered while this Mars-Uranus mutual reception remains in effect – keep in mind we each get to choose which end of this vibrational spectrum we want to resonate with, so for best results strive to do the Hi-Fi side of this astro. Pick any number of expressions from the list below that suit your purposes & will help you to kick ass, and strive to find ways to rock and embody them. For example, using the list below, maybe there’s a change we’ve wanted to make but haven’t made the leap just yet for any number of reasons – let this Mars-Uranus mojo be our cue to finally get off our keister and make it happen! Let’s make like a Nike commercial and “just do it”! Or maybe the inclination of this energy to be unapologetically different gives us courage to nut up and proclaim “I yam what I yam” if we are gay.

We can also use this same premise for avoiding Lo-Fi expressions of this vibe….for instance, if we know this mutual reception can increase the likelihood of unstable tempers, perhaps we make an extra attempt to detach from our own anger if we find ourselves irrational, on “TILT”, and in need of a cooldown; or actively disengaging from hostile situations when we see others getting hot under the collar. It’s important to realize that grey area exists as well – to give you an idea of what I mean, anger isn’t always a bad thing when being ticked off prompts us to take control of a situation that needs to be changed, like, pronto. If we’re normally unsure of ourselves and not apt to be assertive enough when we need to be, getting fired up may be *exactly* the change that’s being called for. It is possible for anger to be the kick in the pants we need to buck convention when the status quo is broken, so please don’t think this emotion – in itself – is inherently “a bad thing”! Now that you have the idea, let’s explore some of this mutual reception’s themes:


Self-initiated, proactive change; an unstable temper; detaching from irritants; taking action that’s unexpected or in some way different from the norm; an unconventional or experimental sex drive; being the change we wish to see; astonishing conflicts from out of nowhere; a surprise hero or champion coming from left field; self-assertiveness that shocks/amazes; independent action; original moves; unexpected passion; clashes w/ friends; online conflicts; an active social network; new friends; doing things with groups of people; social activism; being (unapologetically) different; “I am gay”; neuroinflammation; muscle weirdness/spasms; being weird just for the sake of pissing people off or driving them crazy; contrarian; social agitator; defiant; confronting a tech challenge; the “alpha dog” of a social clique; acting crazy; novel/fresh/innovative/radical actions; getting your “freak” on; sports fraternities; an unpredictable sex drive (that abruptly switches on OR off); and last but not least, my personal favorite – kicking ass with astrology! 😉


See anything you like on the list above? I hope so, because I sure do! To soak up whatever vibe(s) we want from this list, all we have to do is align our intentions accordingly in mindset, word, and deed – carpe diem, bay-bee!



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