Message From Saturn

As I ran down the hill to reach the end of my first mile, I noted an elderly gentleman standing roadside by his mailbox.  I thought nothing of it at first but then I saw that after retrieving his mail he just stood there, watching me pass by with a cheerful expression on his face as he clapped both hands together. “Keep going – you can do it!” He urged as if I were some kind of marathon runner he was rooting for.  Maintaining my pace I smiled and replied, “Thanks – I try!  Some days are harder than others but today’s not too bad.  Have a good one!” as I ran past.

Right after I finished speaking I was struck by how this exchange was actually a great metaphor for life while simultaneously taking comfort that Saturn – in the form of this senior citizen – was offering me encouragement to persevere.  “If only you knew, Old Man….” I thought to myself with a wry smile.  😉

With Mercury currently conjunct Saturn for a second time (exact on December 6th), we’re all getting similar “Saturn Mail” at the moment; that is to say we should be paying special attention to the messages delivered to us from elders, parents, teachers, and other Saturnian “authority figures” now.  This conjunction perfected for the first time on 11/28; a date when I not coincidentally had a lovely dinner & conversation with a retiree friend. Because of Mercury’s retrograde, the third and final conjunction of these two planets won’t be until 1/13/2018 but do look for similar refrains between these 3 dates to see what messages Saturn may have for you – hopefully, you’ll be on good (or at least speaking) terms!

Statue of Mercury atop Grand Central Terminal, NYC. Photo credit: Purple74


Antares In The News

LOL, NASA scientists love kicking sand in the direction of astrology and yet somehow just as cosmic courier Mercury (known as the Messenger Planet for a reason!) aligns with Fixed Star Antares, they elect to launch an “Antares” rocket to carry supplies up to the International Space Station. Coincidence? I think not!  Astrologically, Mercury also = news and it sure is awfully funny that we have headlines hitting about “Antares” as a result of Mercury’s conjunction with said star/NASA’s hijinks.

Eye see you, NASA – you knew what you were doing there! 👁😉

And PS: You might want to wait until it escapes that square with Neptune.


A Mercury Retrograde Re-Take, Part 3

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A little something on Mercury Retrograde and numerology….


A Mercury Retrograde Re-Take, Part 2

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Cars & Mercury Retrograde

We always seem to hear about the scheduling SNAFUS, communication challenges, and tech fails associated with Mercury retrograde periods as a whole – many astrologers will advise their clients not to sign anything, to take extra care spelling things out when dialoging with others, and to backup all data, for example. But while we may hear the occasional word of caution about possible travel delays/problems, I find I often don’t hear much about Mercury retrograde’s effects upon our wheels, which strikes me as odd – cars are Mercury’s domain too, remember?

I’ve always found that Mercury retrogrades tend to be tough on anything automotive-related as a whole…anything from breakdowns, to accidents, to our cars suddenly developing weird quirks or making strange sounds, to (mis)diagnosed mechanical issues, to going in for something as basic as an oil change and then finding out you need major repairs of one stripe or another – you name it. For example, if I had a client come to me who wanted to make a cross-country road trip during Mercury Rx, I’d advise them to 1) think about rescheduling/postponing if possible 2) have their vehicle looked over very thoroughly by a good mechanic well ahead of the Rx period if moving the date of the trip weren’t an option. (Sidenote: These times are also somewhat notorious for having our GPS lie to us like a rug, LOL – a map and/or printed directions may well save our bacon when this planet backtracks, but that’s a transportation-related tangent for another time.)

Still not entirely convinced that automobiles can be affected by Mercury Rx? Have I got a good little story for you, LOL! I was chatting with an acquaintance (who doesn’t know I’m an astrologer, BTW) yesterday and he’s a bit of a hobbyist gearhead. Like all good motorphiles, he has himself a suped-up set of wheels and was relating to me the trials and tribulations he’s been dealing with regarding a supercharger he recently purchased for his car (unbeknownst to him, during this recent Mercury Rx). Superchargers are computer-controlled organisms, and he was experiencing some software compatibility issues that were preventing him from being able to properly tune his car. You can’t just bolt one of these things on and then you’re good to go, no – you actually have to “marry” (not kidding – that’s the actual terminology used in the automotive world!) the supercharger to the car and once that’s done that supercharger will only work on that car unless you go through the steps to “unmarry” it (LOL, I personally think that “divorce” is a more appropriate word!) if you want to use that supercharger on another vehicle or sell it to someone else. Now I ask you, with this current Mercury retrograde taking place in marriage-minded LIBRA, do you think it’s just a coincidence that my friend was experiencing problems getting his supercharger MARRIED to his CAR??

NOW do you believe me, LOL? I think this anecdote provides a perfect case-in-point of how our wheels are indeed affected by Mercury’s movements! This is why I love astrology – everyone can benefit from knowing what’s going on in the skies, whether you’re a regular blue-collar guy or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Thinking about tweaking your car during Mercury Rx? Might wanna think again! And as we are a mere 24 hours away from Mercury resuming direct motion at this point, may I delicately suggest that today might be a less-than-ideal time to consider tearing your engine apart for a complete overhaul?  😉

Don't believe Mercury retrograde affects cars? Look very closely at the badge above the grille - it says it all! Image credit: Kaz Andrew
Don’t believe Mercury retrograde affects cars? Look very closely at the badge above the grille – it says it all! Image credit: Kaz Andrew


Mercury In The Beak Of The Raven

Clever Crow caught something in his beak today - Mercury! Image courtesy BS Thurner Hof.
Clever Crow caught something in his beak today – Mercury!
Image courtesy BS Thurner Hof.

The raven sees; the raven saw; and in the corn he sayeth “cah”.

LOL, the crows are yammering in the background as I write, believe it or not…! Mercury is currently conjunct the star Alchita in the constellation of Covus; A.K.A. the Raven or Crow as known by its more common nomenclature. More precisely, this star is located in the vicinity of its beak – with that in mind, what has a little birdie told YOU lately? Now may be a time to listen intently, because we might even unearth a Word Of Power or two hidden in a conversation. What key things speak to us now? Perhaps with Mercury also square Pluto, minute, almost imperceptible things such as body language, tone, or phrasing may be the most telling. Perhaps it’s not words at all, but something symbolic that piques our interest and speaks deafeningly to us like some kind of ultrasonic call only our acutely attuned ears pick up; an omen or sign of some sort…crows are magical as they are often witches’ familiars, after all!

I find that I am prone to seeing portents all the time, especially from birds. I’m freakishly attuned to my avian friends and do have many wild stories about Cool Encounters of the Winged Kind. There’s the vultures, the whopping total of 10 feathers recently gifted to me by the doves during Venus Retrograde, the incident a few weeks back where I was walking under a stand of walnut trees and listening with delight to a buzzy little bluebird tittering in the boughs above me when he floated a beautiful azure feather down to me – it was quite magical! Finding feathers is also supposedly a sign of angelic presence, FWIW. So if you come across a random feather, look twice because there may be a message there for you! If you can, try to I.D. the species and then perform an internet search for the symbolism of that particular bird. I realize that not everyone is a nature nerd like Yours Truly, LOL, so if you’re not able to identify the genus it came from, no worries there – you can always look up just the symbolism of the color itself. But this is an example of how messages don’t always require words, and with a retrograde Mercury on Alchita, I think this is something certainly worth pondering.

From a more esoteric standpoint, one other thing I want to mention is Mercury on this particular star makes me think it could be a good time to connect to our throat chakra and do a little scan to see if this energy center is either blocked or, conversely, overactive.

Let’s speak our Truth…or just plain speak up, period! Do we have something to crow about? If so, let it fly!

On the opposite side of the coin, have we been jabbering on noisily? Do we need to moderate our loquacious ways by closing our bills a bit? Perhaps we would be better served by giving our beaks a more concerted focus! Mercury in Libra loves a mindset of “All things in moderation”, so perhaps Alchita’s cawing is just a reminder to keep the yin/yang balance….