Air Meets Fire

Roughly 12 hours from now, Mercury bursts into Aries with a “bang” and begins a 2+ week-long exchange of energies with Mars in Gemini.  In astrological parlance, this phenomenon is known as a “mutual reception” – for a more in-depth primer on the topic, see this previous post. But for those who want a more short and to-the-point explanation of the effects of this specific mutual reception, you need only to consider how Air feeds Fire. 

Mercury represents the wind of our words, and Mars the heat and fire of battle – from this, one could infer the next couple of weeks as being a period when people are more likely to mouth off, curse people out, or – more neutrally – speak up about things.  We gain the courage to raise our voices, but also need to carefully monitor our irritation levels before speaking as the tongue is more likely to be sharpened/armed under this influence – when one blows on a fire, the flames intensify and this can result in an uncontrolled inferno that stands to burn not only others but ourselves as well.  Make it a point *not* to say offensive things under this influence (say, by insulting someone’s intelligence) or to be rude/curt; it’s far more likely this will turn into a fight.  If we’re going to use our verbal energy for something – and as I said the mouth is apt to be energized during this mutual reception – let it be to stand up for someone/something worth championing and be sure to leave your ego out of it.  Do not spoil for a fight by being a (verbal) instigator; cue a pair of child twins sitting in the back seat of car, pointing at each other and saying “Mom, he/she started it!!!” – avoid the impulse to take a juvenile jab at someone in a vocal sense.

Oh, and speaking of cars: Mercury has dominion over our wheels, and Mars is accident-prone.  Translation: Slow down behind the wheel,  do not flip or cut someone off in rush hour traffic, and avoid starting or contributing to what could be labeled “a road rage incident” – no newspaper headings with this particular line ever end well.  Think out your communications (written or verbal) more during this period in all contexts; don’t just fire off the first thing that comes to your mouth.  For example, the first thing that would likely come to mind if we were driving home and someone were to come flying up out of nowhere to ride our rear bumper is probably something along the lines of “A$$#@*%!!” – avoiding the split-second urge to vocalize that sentiment  (particularly one that arises in anger) can keep a situation from escalating into something more dangerous and possibly more physical.  ThemsFightinWordsThe phrase “Them’s fightin’ words!” is worth bearing in mind for the couple weeks this specific mutual reception remains in play; it will help us to be more mindful that what we say may well be construed as an affront if we’re too hasty in speaking.

On the plus side, this mutual reception can give us plenty of mental energy – new ideas may fly around in our heads in ways that can move things forward for us.  We do also well both listening to and utilizing motivational speech that inspires positive action in our lives under this astrological vibe. If we need to make a daring “sales pitch” of some kind, this energy can help us pull it off; provided we’re not *too* aggressive – remember that nobody likes a pushy “salesman”.

Lastly, please do use care around hot or sharp objects for the next couple of weeks – Mars has ties to cuts and burns while Mercury represents our arms, hands, and “digits”.  This mutual reception will come to a close on April 19th, but until then it’s best to bear all of the aforementioned in mind for best results.



Mercury/Venus Mutual Reception: People Say The Nicest Things

June's Mercury/Venus mutual reception: Mercury in Taurus, Venus in Gemini!
The April/May 2020 Mercury/Venus mutual reception: Mercury in Taurus, Venus in Gemini.

It sure is lovely to have the impending mutual reception between Venus in Gemini & Mercury in Taurus soon arriving (4/27/20 – 5/11/2020); something that will help smooth some of the rough edges off these Covid-19 nerves!  It’s amazing what a kind word can do under this vibe; how verbal expressions of kindness can multiply as we reciprocate and communicate the same to others, or how such sweetness can replace anxiety and help to ease the mind. Sure there is the potential for mere flattery with this mutual reception, but as this energy approaches we should never underestimate the power of a heartfelt, loving, complimentary, or appreciative word – the world needs it now.  💚💚💚💚


Mutual Reception: Venus In Scorpio, Mars in Libra

With Venus now settled into Scorpio for the next 3 ½ weeks, we now have a mutual reception between Venus and Mars in place! Mars is the Traditional ruler of Scorpio and with the Red Planet currently traversing Venus’s Libra kingdom while Venus herself occupies his Scorpio domain, this creates an energy exchange even though the two planets aren’t otherwise linked.

What might we expect from this Venus/Mars mutual reception? Well this energy can be a bit problematic for both sexes since “men are from Mars/women are from Venus” and both planets are debilitated in the signs they’re currently occupying. Very generally speaking, men are apt to be more acquiescing while women adopt a more “take no prisoners” approach. Overall this vibe can have a rather “genderbent” kind of feel to it and reversals of stereotypical gender roles in relationships may become more common. This mutual reception can also evoke a “War of the Roses” vibe so do remember this if in the midst of a contentious split and divvying up possessions/assets.

That’s not all, though – the current mutual reception between Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Libra may elicit power struggles in relationships. For best results, focus energy instead on sharing/taking turns/mutual compromise. This duo is also quite lusty and amps up amorous attraction between individuals; while passionate, there is a hazard of leading into a relationship with sex because of this. And as I am fond of saying, chemistry does not necessarily equal compatibility; sometimes it’s like oil and water! More broadly, turbulence in partnerships may be denoted by this pairing; be this for business or pleasure.

The takeaway is to tread a bit more lightly in relationships than we otherwise would for the next few weeks. Thankfully this mutual reception doesn’t last too long and once it’s gone Mars will be in a powerhouse position while Venus receives a lighter, more uplifting boost. And it’s not as if the *entire* mutual reception period is problematic; the trickiest days will be circa Nov 19th as Mars squares Pluto and at the very end of the month near Nov 30th as Mars opposes Uranus just as this mutual reception comes to a close. Think of it more as prevailing scenery that sometimes interacts with us; like the apple-throwing trees in The Wizard of Oz.  😝


Repost: The Mercury/Venus Mutual Reception

The Mercury/Venus Mutual Reception: Mercury will be in Libra; Venus in Virgo.
The Mercury/Venus Mutual Reception: Mercury is in Libra; Venus in Virgo.

NB: The following is an updated repost outlining some themes that will be relevant for the next week and a half while the mutual reception of Mercury and Venus continues to play out.

Just a head’s up that we have a mutual reception in play until October  14th – Mercury & Venus are currently playing the role of exchange students by occupying each other’s home signs!  Mercury and Venus mix and mingle their energies; playing off each other for a total period of about 3 weeks – a period that began on September 29th when Mercury entered Libra.   Here are some highlighted themes you may notice in play as a result of this combo:

Discrimination involving our choice of partners; combining work and love; saying nice things; the health of a Significant Other or biz partner; being conscious of our dietary sugar intake; talking about partnerships; sibling relationships; diplomatic conversations; discussions that involve fair give-and-take; kidney health; finding love in the workplace; tactful choice of words; mental equilibrium; love at the gym; getting along w/ your coworkers; appreciating your employees; criticism from a spouse or Significant Other; evaluating the health of a partnership; looking at relationship routines; the girl next door; married to your job; a balanced diet; relationships with neighbors; intestinal flora and the enteric balance; analyzing how we earn/spend money; assessing financial health; a job we love; lazy co-workers/employees; working on our relationship; making the everyday luxe; beauty routines; discriminating taste; relationships on the brain; making money with our hands or communication abilities; working with your Sweetie; relationship news; agreements in writing; a love of cleanliness & organization; helpful & pleasant; service with a smile; whistle while you work; the equal distribution of chores in a partnership; money made in service trades; picking lovely & perfect words; improving relationships by talking things out & via soft, kind criticisms; say it with flowers.


(Retrograde) Mercury In Aries, Mars In Gemini: Backdraft

No, you’re not seeing double – a retrograde Mercury just retread its tracks for a second passage back through fiery Aries while Mars entered dualistic Gemini less than 24 hours later.  With Mercury occupying the sign Mars rules (Aries) and Mars making a run through Mercury’s turf (Gemini), we have what is known as a “mutual reception” between Mercury and Mars in effect – for a primer on mutual reception, see my previous post here.

The effects of this Air (Mercury/Gemini) and Fire (Mars/Aries) combination can be particularly volatile, as we all know that Air feeds Fire.  With Mercury retrograde, this is making me think of the word “backdraft”; something I’m using as a metaphor for a dangerous and highly combustible situation where the rapid re-introduction of oxygen (i.e. the wind of our words) into a heated situation may explode and make arguments come rip-roaring back to life in an instant.  While this Mercury/Mars mutual reception remains in effect for the next 3 weeks it would be a particularly ill-advised time for any of the following:

1) To pick this period to initiate the re-hashing of a repeated point of contention – doubly so if it happens to be with a sibling, cousin, or neighbor. You’re not going to get anywhere new with Mercury Rx, and it’s highly likely to just wind up being a shootout at the O.K. Corral.

2) To insult someone’s intelligence.  This is never a nice thing to do, but even if snappish understand that under this energy words can quickly turn into fistfights and this is particularly likely to be a near instantaneous trigger for such to happen.

3) To *not* think twice before saying something in anger, period.  Because you can’t take it back and it’s likely to be especially cutting/brutal now.

4) To say something rude.  There’s straightforwardness and then, well, there’s just being an asshole.  What; I thought you wanted plainspoken?  So how does that grab ya – on the receiving end, it’s grating to the listener/reader, isn’t it?  😛  The point is, don’t be “that guy” regardless of gender – directness is no excuse for barbarism, nor is brevity justification for tactlessness.

5) To hurriedly, hastily, or agitatedly fire off a missive that is just plain ill thought out.  The aggravation and strife (Mercury plunks down next to discordant Eris and upset-oriented Uranus, remaining near one or both until it exits Aries in mid-May) likely to result may be similar to kicking a hornet’s nest.

6) To drive angry. When there’s such a strong Mercury/Mars vibe in the air, it’s the little things that will tend to piss us off.  Mercury is transportation-related, and when we put this into a vehicular context we may be inclined to find ourselves swearing at someone who cut us off or who blew through a stop sign, for example.  This can lead to things like road rage, impatience behind the wheel, and really aggressive driving in general. While anger is understandable when somebody is driving like an inconsiderate jerk (because nobody wants to wind up in a collision due to this!), instead of becoming belligerent and feeding the fire by giving it more air, take a deep breath, count to 10, and focus on staying in control.   Remember, your own actions behind the wheel may very well dictate whether or not the incident ends in a phone call to emergency services.

7) To use inattention when handling sharp or hot objects.  On a physical level, Mercury/Mars can make for cuts or burns to our arms or digits – especially if we are agitated and thus inclined to use excessive speed or force.

Please, if you could take away only one thing from the above list: Don’t be a conversational arsonist during this mutual reception!  Mercury/Mars combinations tend to heat up the mouth & sharpen the tongue, perhaps inclining us to say rude things, yell, interrupt, or fire out the first thing that comes to mind without really thinking about it. Remember that Mars is traditionally a malefic in astrology, so when it is double-teamed by Mercury/Gemini energy the problems will multiply when we give a fire air; particularly if/when it has been choked of oxygen.  The speed, heat, and force with which we verbalize irritation can rapidly ignite with hair-singeing capability, resulting in everything from tempests in teacups to dangerous backdrafts.  Before unthinkingly creating a scene that might best be described as belonging in Dante’s Inferno (i.e. “What fresh [circle of] hell is this?!”), mull all this over. Again, if need be – repeat as necessary until this mutual reception ends on May 16th.


Warrior Venus, Bullish Mars

warriorvenusVenus is about to leave watery Pisces a prolonged stay in fiery Aries, shifting from the sign of her exaltation to the sign of her detriment for an almost 4 month long stay beginning this coming Friday. This is a big energy shift, as Venus goes from being an angelic Dream Girl to a total tomboy ready to kick ass and take names – think: Xena. This will be further complicated by Venus’ impending retrograde (kicking off at the beginning of March) and Mars entering Taurus shortly thereafter, creating a mutual reception between Venus and Mars. This is going to be a tough pairing because Mars is *also* debilitated in Taurus, meaning that although the energies of these planets reinforce one another they’re apt to bumble around rather clumsily; neither being very comfortable in one another’s home. It’s kind of like The Odd Couple + Trading Spaces – will Mars be the bull in the china shop? Will Venus wind up burning the place down? Tune in during March and find out, LOL!

In all seriousness, though, these energies *can* be worked with to coax more constructive expressions out them – you just have to really keep an eye out for their more problematic manifestations and do whatever you can to avoid playing into them. Neutrally, this has a “get money” kind of vibe to it which can be great if we need a little extra motivation to push our earnings UP! For example, a little friendly competition can be lucrative – a desire to win can spur us to put ourselves out there and be more aggressive regarding anything that can score us some profit. HOWEVER, we shouldn’t be SUPER forceful about it – polish and finesse are absolutely essential for balance! We also need to avoid any super-risky/impulsive financial ventures so we don’t wind up “in the red”. The other thing about this energy is it can spur us to SPEND money just as fast as we make it – it could figuratively burn a hole in our pockets for sure! Insta-Thing Lust is a very real hazard of this pairing, and covetousness should definitely be viewed as a Deadly Sin. If you want something BAD, spend the Venus retrograde fiendishly acquiring the funds to make it yours but stop short of actually buying the thing until Venus reaches her home turf of Taurus in June – especially if it’s a beauty product/treatment, any kind of “luxury” purchase, or major clothing/apparel expenditure. This will ensure it’s not an impulse buy and by then that moneymaking heat-seeking missile you’ve been developing/training for the last 4 months should have netted you more than enough cash to burn!

This planetary pairing is also great for attracting a comrade in arms to fight the good fight alongside you, or for charming/disarming a rival. Flirtations also flare up MEGA fast with this energy, but just be aware that chemistry ≠ compatibility. You can be insanely physically attracted to someone, have sensational sex, but might find them incredibly annoying as an actual partner so rushing into a romance is not a great idea. Lovers may wind up being be conquests more than anything, due in part to the fair amount of selfishness this vibe can generate where each may look to their own “wants”. The other thing to note is “traditional” gender role reversals may become more commonplace under this vibe, with women being more inclined to make the first move/be the pursuer/wear the pants in the relationship while men become more passive. Broadly speaking, Mars in Taurus can tend to feminize men while Venus in Aries may be inclined to butch up broads – throw a mutual reception into the mix and it’s a bit of a gender-bender!


The Mars/Uranus Mutual Reception

changeandnewTalk about your Rude (Mars) Awakenings (Uranus)…! A mutual reception kicked in between Mars & Uranus beginning at 12:51am EST on November 9th when Mars busted into radical Aquarius like a lunatic making a jailbreak from the asylum. This date should ring a bell for American readers – it was the wee hours of the morning immediately after Election Day, and many might have felt like they were literally awakened by a sucker punch as they turned on their televisions to view the results of the presidential race. Results of this aside (because we certainly can’t control those), I want to re-orient focus to talk about what we *can* do with the energy of this mutual reception!

The very first thing we must consider about Uranus and Mars working in concert with one another is that it unequivocally is some high-test rocket fuel. Like nitroglycerine, it may not be the most stable of compounds, but if you use it consciously it can certainly be one hell of a propellant. Mars is a hot-blooded, passionate, even angry kind of planet you see, and we sometimes forget what a vastly effective motivational tool this kind of fire can be when we want to make a change of some kind – think à la “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!“; a rebel yell that urges us to action. Social activism is indeed a huge theme of a Mars/Uranus mutual reception, so if you’re angry and appalled about what you see going down, the first thing to do is get connected. Begin seeking like-minded people and band together, for there is strength in the collective now. There may be factions out there whose ideals conflict with your own, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start your own group and fight back; particularly against anything that flies in the face of the egalitarian energies symbolized by Uranus.

Please do not be fooled by the misguided notion that anger is not a “constructive” emotion – all feelings have their place and it’s what we choose *do* with them that ultimately determines whether they are positive or negative in expression. It is one thing to allow them to control us; another to acknowledge their presence and harness them in a way that truly serves us. If we become aware of our anger and opt to honor it, we can make conscious choices as to where and how we might turn this into fuel for actions that actually liberate us. The trick, though, is to be able to detach from it to a certain degree; to depersonalize our ire to an extent where it cools *just enough* for us to handle so we don’t burn ourselves or others. We must look at this almost clinically, in a somewhat scientific and observational manner, otherwise we’ll just wind up ranting and raving like a mad(wo)man or acting like a nutcase. But if we can observe the feeling and disassociate from it enough to where we’re “once removed”, we can see there may in fact be a Higher Order at work behind it. In this way, we can use it to prompt much-needed change without being part of the chaos – cooler heads must prevail in any “fight”. This is cerebral warfare we’re dealing with – you don’t fight fire with fire; you fight it with ice in your blood like some kind of Top Gun pilot. In this war for the future, it is absolutely critical that we maintain Air superiority by soaring above any belligerent bullshit to be the change we want to see.

This mutual reception will remain in play until December 19th, and a vibe of general social unrest will remain high at least until then. But this is not itself a bad thing, because things may change if we can band together and push for reform. In the meantime, make it a point to disconnect from social irritants, avoid fighting with “friends” (online or IRL) when you would be better off just detaching, and maybe even get some NEW friends. And be active in your community, because none of us battle alone under this vibe – we are all in this together! ❤


The Venus/Jupiter Mutual Reception

venusjupitermutualreceptionWith the ongoing energy exchange between Venus in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Libra reaching a peak this week (on 10/26/2016), now is certainly a good time to discuss some of the energetic implications of this mutual reception!

Let’s begin by appreciating all the different forms “beautiful” can take, as the Hi-Fi side of this energy values diversity and finds that Good Things can come in an abundance of packages…including Love.  This mutual reception opens our eyes up to the fact that “attractive” exists in so many shapes/sizes/colors and helps us realize that mutual affinity surpasses all cultural, political, and/or racial bounds to become an all-encompassing Higher Principle.  When this vibe is done well, we do not “judge a book by its cover” and prefer instead to perceive the loveliness and goodness residing in Others on a greater level.  We become open-minded, peaceful, and tolerant regarding our differences while bonding over the positive qualities we share in common with those from other nations, religions, ethnicities, and/or philosophical beliefs – if relationships are said to be the mirrors of the soul, perhaps then our ability to do so is merely a reflection of the goodness and beauty within!

On a physical level, an appreciation for ethnic beauty is especially highlighted by this energetic pairing and this vibe generally gives a liking for the more exotic. Love your nationality, skin tone, or anything about your features or “look” that might distinguish you as hailing from a different background or part of the world because it is GORGEOUS!  ❤   There is no one-size-fits-all cookie cutter when it comes to “beautiful”, after all!

It should be noted that on a mundane level this energy favors linking up with a partner for the purposes of travel, or for any scenario that entails mutual growth and benefit. Companionship fosters exploration and understanding, and can be very, VERY good for us now!  How do others enhance your life, and how can you best enhance theirs?  Reciprocal blessings are certainly a keynote of the current Venus/Jupiter atmosphere.

On a more spiritual level, we may find ourselves attracted to different faiths, social customs, or philosophies during this mutual reception – if so, it’s definitely something to explore because there may be something we learn that aligns/harmonizes with our own viewpoint and becomes hugely beneficial to us.

The motto: Keep your eyes, mind, and heart open  ❤


Mercury/Venus Mutual Reception: People Say The Nicest Things

June's Mercury/Venus mutual reception: Mercury in Taurus, Venus in Gemini!
June’s Mercury/Venus mutual reception: Mercury in Taurus, Venus in Gemini!

It sure is lovely to have this mutual reception between Venus in Gemini & Mercury in Taurus helping to smooth some of the edges off the Mutable Madness generated by the current Saturn/Neptune/Jupiter T-Square. It’s amazing what a kind word can do; how it can light someone up and leave them positively glowing. Sure there is the potential for flattery or mere sweet talk, but as we approach Saturday’s Gemini New Moon (which is blessed by Venus), never underestimate the power of a heartfelt sweet, loving, complimentary, or appreciative word – the world needs it now.  ❤ ❤


Repost: Mercury/Venus Mutual Reception

NB: The following is an updated repost that is valid for the next 2 1/2 weeks while this energy plays out!

Material Girl Venus has just entered Gemini while Mercury remains in Taurus (sign of moo-lah) until June 12th, and this means we have a mutual reception between Mercury and Venus in effect until then! This pairing puts our minds on our money and our money on our minds, to riff on a lyric from urban poet laureate Snoop Dogg, LOL. Tap this mojo to generate ideas for revenue, and definitely use your Gift of Gab to get commercial transactions flowing. Be polite, polished, and affable in all conversations because the easier you are to talk to, the easier it will be to ask for (and be granted) favors. For some this energy could correlate to joining with a co-worker, sibling, or other relation for the purposes of commerce – even for those that don’t, know that partnering up with someone to bounce your thoughts off one another may prove particularly fruitful/lucrative now. Also, if you have to engage in diplomatic negotiations of any kind, generally speaking this is going to be the astrology to do it under because the chances of everyone being able to reach an accord are higher than normal.

The Mercury and Venus-ruled signs – Gemini, Virgo, Taurus, & Libra – capitalize on this vibe most, but ANYONE can use it to their advantage. Raising our consciousness and being aware these energies are, in fact, out there for us all to access and doing our best to embody this energy in positive ways is all that is required to help the more desirable manifestations along. Along this vein, the main pitfalls to watch out for with this mutual reception may involve a tendency to be a bit too agreeable to the point that it can veer into “yes-man/woman” territory and mental laziness. While this is a light and sociable pairing, the tendency may be to seek social distractions so the intellect doesn’t have to work too hard – allowing mental inertia to take over potentially squanders the more tangible benefits this pairing has to offer us. Also, this energy does like to talk but instead of chatting aimlessly about superficialities, dialog should instead serve as a vehicle for true connectedness and bonding – try using this mojo to tell someone you value/appreciate/like/love them, for example.