Venus/Pluto On: Love

In honor of the approaching square between Venus & Pluto, here is the crux of about 90% of the issues that Venus/Pluto peeps (Pluto in Libra generation, pay attention!) typically encounter in partnerships:

People with this energy signature present in their nativity (and it can come in many different forms – Venus in Scorpio, Pluto in Libra, Venus in aspect to Pluto, Venus in the 8th House, Pluto in the 7th House) tend to attract power struggles in relationships. This happens because deep down individuals with this energetic “stamp” often feel threatened by a loss of control in relationships and do not yet possess the insight to see that real intimacy entails placing total trust in your partner; thus making oneself scary-vulnerable and “naked” in every sense of the word.

Frequently this may be the result of some kind of trauma attached to the word “love”; perhaps on an instinctual level we’ve had reason not to feel safe enough to metaphorically “disrobe” like this because trust was violated somewhere along the way. So we then become determined to always make sure we have the upper hand/ace up our sleeve/dagger in our boot that will keep us from being totally disempowered in the event that things go bad. Consequently what can happen in such instances is a subconscious attraction toward relationships where we’re not equally matched with a partner, because on a superficial level our psyche thinks this will allow us to stay in power.

Now it doesn’t always manifest this way; sometimes we’re forced to confront this “power differential” theme in other ways. And the reverse can certainly be true where we may be magnetized toward relationships where we tend to give our power away to a Significant Other and become submissive rather than dominant. But unless we look deeper and leave no internal stone unturned in understanding the propensity for this kind of dynamic and healing it, eventually one or both of the parties comes to resent this and the relationship sours; resulting in a negative feedback loop that affirms our suspicions regarding vulnerability and validates a subconscious desire to gain or keep control/power. In situations where there has been a major trust violation that deeply affected our ability to “expose & disclose”, it can be scary for the psyche to feel like it risks being subsumed by another via intimacy.

But the Hi-Fi version of Venus/Pluto love is about viewing relationships on a more psychological level so we can become truly empowered. Every relationship, no matter how bad, puts us directly in contact with our own “Shadow” one way or the other via involvement with a Significant Other so we can heal any dysfunction within that leads to be attracted to partnerships with built-in power differentials. The x-ray vision this energetic combination affords one when it comes love and partnership is second to none – once we let our eyes adjust to the darkness, we can see the layered subtext going on behind the scenes to get to the bottom of the issue(s). It’s a complex process and there are hidden entanglements to tease out, but Venus/Pluto natives come factory-wired with invisible illuminated mining helmets precisely for this kind of job.

In healing, what we might aim for in the future is to be intimidated by a partner in a *good* way. I don’t mean creeped out, LOL – that kind of thing happens all the time when you’re a Venus/Pluto person. But finding someone who puts us in our un-comfort zone in a positive sense; who has gone just as deep (or deeper) into themselves and mined their own love life just as intensely for insights, self-healing, and personal transformation to gain profound acumen. This energy signature is about learning – on a soul-level – how to figure out the balance of power in close intimate relationships; neither hoarding it nor giving it all away. The trick is we have to share it.


Emerging From Your Pluto Transit

After spending what seemed like an eternity in Hades ripped away from all you previously held dear and stripped naked of any pretense or false assumption about who you truly are at your core, you emerge from this prolonged Dark Period newly reborn.  The haters and those who once sought to subjugate you now crushed like dirt under your shoe as you come into your own and claim your power. Congratulations, you’ve just made it through hell and back – as the last vestiges of flame lick at your back, take a moment to fully appreciate the newfound strength this Razing has stoked within you.  Arise; you have just received the ultimate in astrological empowerment!


Pluto’s Spider Medicine

I have a rather naturalistic view of astrology and the animistic perspective is something I always enjoy providing for clients when they are open to exploring this angle of interpretation. There is so much interconnectedness between zodiac symbolism and the natural world – Heavenly archetypes have their Earthly counterparts and there is much we can gain by exploring their resonance with each other.

To this end, I find myself musing about spiders and their connection to Pluto energy. Plutonic people are sensitive to the intangible matrix that surrounds everyone/everything; the etheric “web” of invisible energy currents that envelops us all. In a figurative sense, Plutonic peeps have the same kind of radar for vibration that arachnids do; not necessarily for the purposes of pouncing on prey (although lower life form variants of this species certainly do use it this way), but for reading the subtle signs that allow them to size people and situations up accurately and get an overall impression. Plutonic individuals read into things like body language, mannerisms, intonation, and even what’s *not* being spoken to “see” your energy signature on a deeper level and know what you’re really about.

They also have a fabulous “sixth sense” for danger – if you’ve ever seen a kid poke a stick into a spider’s web, you’ll note the spider always knows the difference between this vs. a meal arriving at its doorstep. Whereas an ant or fly’s thrashings will trigger it to pounce, bigger objects exerting their force upon its gossamer net elicit a “flight” response where it will actually run away; perhaps sensing the amount of power being used is vastly greater than anything it has encountered before. If you’re a Scorpio (or have a concentration of celestial bodies in this sign), have a plethora of 8th House planets, and/or have Pluto wired to many personal planets/pinned to the angles of your chart (say, contacting your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, and/or Chart Ruler), embrace the gifts of Spider Medicine as it has much to offer you.


Venus In Taurus Trine Pluto In Capricorn

For those moments (i.e. NOW) when the astro has a modern-day “Orpheus & Eurydice” kind of feel and you need an appropriate melody: U2’s “The Ground Beneath Her Feet”

“All my life, I worshiped her
Her golden voice, her beauty’s beat
How she made us feel
How she made me real
And the ground beneath her feet
And the ground beneath her feet

And now I can’t be sure of anything
Black is white, and cold is heat
For what I worshiped stole my love away
It was the ground beneath her feet
It was the ground beneath her feet

Go lightly down your darkened way
Go lightly underground
I’ll be down there in another day
I won’t rest until you’re found…”


Venus In Aries Square Pluto In Capricorn, Part 2

Building upon my last post regarding Venus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn,

When you’re wondering what the counterpart male ”voice” of this energy might sound like and you get an answer in the form of another song:


“Come break me down
Bury me, bury me
I am finished with you

Look in my eyes
You’re killing me, killing me
All I wanted was you

I tried to be someone else
But nothing seemed to change
I know now, this is who I really am inside.
Finally found myself
Fighting for a chance…”


I am forever and always saying that ultimately we are our own lowest common denominator in relationships. Sometimes it takes the breakdown of a union to strip it all bare and put us in touch with our core Self, the Shadow within, and what it is that we truly want out of a partner/partnership. Nothing gives us potent clarity surrounding the Good, Bad, and the Ugly of our love nature quite like having to face ourselves in the mirror of relationship. Power/control dynamics, possessiveness, jealousy…if we don’t like what we see reflected back, it’s time to nut up, do something about it, and dig down deep to heal/transform the heart and provide a more psychologically constructive underpinning.

Sometimes we are tempted to simply kill time in a defunct, non-compatible relationship because underneath we are afraid to face devastation (whether this be material, psychological, etc). Over time, this eats away at a union from the inside – when we stay wrongly matched with someone *period* or for the particular place we are at in our psychological development, emptiness can set in during this long, slow, steady process of deterioration. This includes partnerships that may have had a lot of initial “spark” but that in the longer-term had little actual compatibility – hot sex is a poor stand-in for real intimacy. But when Venus in Aries squares Pluto, this provides  the impulse and the bravery to break new relationship ground – when we hit that “stick a fork in it; it’s done” point in a union, a post-mortem autopsy is always useful. Strip it all down and look at the roots – what was the “seed” that bore this “fruit”?


Venus In Aries Square Pluto in Capricorn

NB: The literary voice I’ve adopted for this particular post is pointedly edgy – apologies in advance if you were looking for something fluffier and less gritty, but it’s important that I set the tone correctly in order to convey an accurate portrayal of a particular facet of this energy. Let’s set the stage then, shall we? Music please, maestro!

“Go on take everything, take everything, I want you to!
Go on take everything, take everything, I dare you to!

I told you from the start just how this would end;
When I get what I want, then I’ll never want it again…”

Venus in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn gives me the sense of a contentious divorce; people fighting over who gets what while pathologically trying to cling to tattered remnants of material security. Personally, I favor the Courtney Love approach above, as in “Go ahead and have it all” – this is a Spartan Venus we’re dealing with and as such sometimes the best “fuck you” isn’t hitting them in the wallet but proactively deciding for our own inner peace we don’t want the energy attached to their money or their things. It’s a “Get out of my life and take your shit with you!” kind of vibe; a purgative influence rather than one that chooses prolonged, messy, complicated (financial/material) entanglement.

Within the astrological community Venus/Pluto is all too often given the bad rap of being a “gold digger” or for being “vindictive in a divorce”. While this *can* be true in its Lo-Fi capacity, the higher functioning version wants nothing at all to do with “dirty money” or physical possessions that have any kind of bad energy attached to them and would much rather just do without. In an ugly relationship situation, the best cut Venus/Pluto can make is one that is as clean and virtuous as possible – nobody does a coup de grâce better than Hi-Fi Venus/Pluto. It’s a shame that in an astrological sense we so seldom see this pairing being given balanced credit for the kindness and fairness that it can also convey when dealing with endings and loss, and divorce is always a loss even in the best of circumstances. With Venus currently in Aries (the sign of Venus’s detriment), granted this will considerably less graceful than it would otherwise be, so in this particular instance the Courtney Love treatment does seem much more apropos.


Honoring The Rain(bow)

longfellowAgainst my better judgement, I stepped out into the rain.

It was cold and windy, but my run wasn’t going to do itself – it was either this or the treadmill at the gym. I don’t like the idea of running and not getting anywhere – at least this way I would have a change of scenery even if the weather was less than pleasant.

I ran down the familiar path as the rain picked up and dampened my hair. The path turned to mud and upon my descent and subsequent ascent up a steep hill I noticed the Sun was low on the horizon; fervently trying to clear the clouds even while aggressive droplets poured forth from the sky to stain my coat. Struck by how these elements were combining to create a perfect storm, I petitioned the heavens and asked to see a rainbow.

And my goodness, did Divinity deliver!

Seconds after my silent request, I crested the hill to seek refuge under the overhang of a neighbor’s small roadside shed – I turned my back and spanning end-to-end was an incredibly vibrant double rainbow! The backdrop of sky behind it was slate grey, making the colors explode in contrast. Gratitude swelled in my heart for the privilege of witnessing such a miraculous sight – I wish I had my phone on me to take a picture, but as it was raining when I left my house I thought better of it. It was not just one, but TWO rainbows – Ask And Ye Shall Receive!

But the icing on the cake was on the return trip: As I neared home, the sky opened up on me once again. I was within sight of my abode when trailing through the trees I spied the multi-hued arc of another giant rainbow encircling my home -TWICE blessed was I! Such a fortunate omen at the start of a New Year!

Though this story is a literal retelling of events, I was thinking about how it is also very metaphorical. There is beauty and value in exposing ourselves to the elements and venturing out into inclement weather. In submitting to the storm, we bless ourselves – how else would be come to know the special kind of beauty that can only be revealed to our eyes under such adverse conditions? Spiritually speaking, many focus on Light to the exclusion of Shadow – this approach has never resonated with me; the idea that we can Ascend without first Descending. That positivity is the only Way and that it must equal the absolute denial of negativity.

I believe in balance. And I believe this with all of my soul: There is value in seeing the gathering storm on the horizon of life and choosing to go out into it anyway. I didn’t pretend I was going to be warm, comfortable, and dry – I knew that I would be uncomfortable but that it was also ultimately going to be good for me; body AND soul.

Boy, was I right.

My interpretation of my own spiritual Path involves soaring directly into the tempest with hopes the powerful air currents therein propel me aloft; particularly so that I may lift others up with the strength born of wings that have weathered many a storm. I will not preach down from upon high like some Buddha-on-the-mountain; I will be right in the thick of it *with* you. I do not seek to invalidate others’ feelings or experiences through lecturing/shaming them about “darkness” or “negativity” – I honor the Rain as much as I honor the Sun.



Being Venus/Pluto

phoenixheartOne of the more difficult facets, I think, of being a Venus/Pluto native has to be the fact that there are so many layers to our love nature. A person or relationship that once suited us during a particular point in our emotional/psychological/spiritual development will often need to be molted over the course of our lives as our level of self-awareness intensifies and we gain insight into the very core of our love nature. As this happens, it can frequently mean that we have to let go of others, as love and loss are intrinsically linked with this pairing. This is the “curse” of Plutonic self-awareness, and even as we gain inner illumination it can make relationships incredibly difficult at times…especially when they have grown stagnant.

It is always sad whenever we love someone and they can’t or don’t want to develop a deeper connection, or practice the same level of insight into their inner workings to heal dysfunctional patterns of relating. But the only one we ever have control over is ourselves, and so we must honor where a loved one is at even as we grieve having to leave them behind while we move forward alone. Such is life with Pluto; its journeys often require isolation as we descend to the deepest reaches of our soul in order to heal and transform.

When the alternative means staying stuck in a non-functional union, it is so important to realize when we have indeed reached a relationship’s “expiration date”. Some simply don’t want to immerse themselves into a deeper level of relating and deal with all the intricacies this entails. Some are uncomfortable with the self-awareness that makes true intimacy possible in a relationship, because this would mean having to look at their shadow. Not everyone necessarily has the stomach for this, and this is something I’ve historically had a very difficult time relating to/accepting on a personal level – if there has been one constant in my life (a laughable concept if you only knew my history or my chart, LOL) it has been an unquenchable thirst to try and better myself and to transform all the psychological lead that I started out with in life into gold. Plutonians are all alchemists at their core, after all – this is the magick we possess. We’re happy to share it with you, but you have to be willing and able to get down to our level and become similarly enriched by all the psychological uncovering that happens during the process of relating.


Pluto & Bioluminescence

BioluminescentI know a thing or two about (metaphorical) journeys into the Underworld – it’s something comes with the territory of having a decent Pluto punch in your chart; whether this is innately wired into your makeup via your nativity or simply result of a protracted or pronounced encounter with this energy by transit or progression. Whenever we are dealing with Plutonic resonance we always seem to hear about the old “butterfly” cliché;  the euphemism designed to make us feel better about the massive life-altering metamorphoses we typically experience in conjunction with this planet. But in my own subjective experience (read: long and storied history) with this astrological energy, I must say in all honesty that I have found this to be a rather inadequate comparison. Why? Because once the chrysalis stage of the caterpillar’s life cycle ends, it is somewhat implied this new feather-light carefree creature simply spreads its resplendent wings and flies off into some golden summer sunset as if this were the end of story. That has not been consistent with my own personal experience of this planet, as in my view this would seem to trivialize the depth and magnitude of the Plutonic darkness that can swallow us before the actual rebirth occurs. Yes, there is a massive transformation, but a butterfly is far too delicate and ephemeral a creature to survive the fires of Hades.

On a personal level I can say that have been though periods of such prolonged and profound darkness that, instead of the butterfly, I legitimately wondered whether I would wind up some blind cave-dwelling species of salamander that hadn’t seen the light of day in so long it no longer even had eyes. Unsettling as this may sound at first, I actually don’t see it that way as our other senses do have a way of (over?)compensating in this sort of scenario – besides, I quite like the idea of Al Pacino as Lt. Col. Frank Slade in “Scent of a Woman” as my empowering muse in this regard!  Blind and yet nonetheless skillfully doing the tango in the middle of a crowded restaurant – now that’s something worth going for! I suppose it all boils down to whether or not we are comfortable with the idea of trading in our sight if we knew it meant we could develop near superhuman use of our other faculties. Because the Ferryman must be paid somehow, after all…

Much as I prefer this musing to the “butterfly” metaphor, it still feels somewhat lacking and doesn’t seem to tell the whole story. The dissonance for me comes via the assumption our troglobite friend remains in this blackened underground environ indefinitely, which simply isn’t the case with Pluto. We may indeed descend into The Abyss, but the law of Pluto also says we must rise again to experience resurrection – this is its promise. There are no guarantees regarding how deep down we will go, but a general guideline is the depth will at least be enough to make us squirm uncomfortably. Nor is there any kind of assurance regarding how long the resultant climb back up to the surface will take, but we can rest assured it *will* happen.

Pluto’s most powerful function is indeed to take us way down into the cavernous recesses of our souls/psyches – it is through this planet’s influence that we learn what we are really made of on a core level when everything else is stripped away. No other astrological body gives us the kind of enriching insights that Pluto can. But its treasures are not given up lightly – first we have to illuminate the unconscious and come face the darkness within in order to claim that “gold in the shadow”. It can be a scary experience if we fear the dark, but it can also be a tremendously empowering one. For when we spend enough time in this pitch black space, eventually we figure out how to become bioluminescent and generate our OWN light; one that isn’t the least bit externally dependent. It is something that radiates entirely from within. Once we’ve borne this mark of Pluto, we carry this internal luminosity with us forever wherever we go and can use it to be a light for others. And if we are truly fortunate, every so often this glow allows us to recognize others who have made this very same journey so we can connect on a soul-level.


Pluto In Capricorn Transits, Part 3

**You can get caught up on parts 1 & 2 of this series here: Pluto In Capricorn Transits, Part 1    Pluto In Capricorn Transits, Part 2

I’ve been musing about Pluto’s long transit through Capricorn (until 2023) and its effects upon an individual chart; especially when we have personal planets or points being contacted by this astrological heavy hitter.  One thing that occurred to me is the importance of metaphorical “deco stops” throughout our (individual and collective) Pluto in Capricorn journey.   Deco stops – scuba diving slang for “decompression stops” – are a technique  utilized by divers who descend to great depths. The further down a diver swims, the more intense the pressure exerted upon their bodies. This pressure causes the gasses they breathe through their air tanks to expand as they ascend, and if they try to rise to the surface too quickly and aren’t careful, this abrupt change in pressure can cause the gasses to create tiny bubbles in the bloodstream; a potentially life-threatening condition known as decompression sickness or “The Bends”.

To avert this, divers deliberately slow down their ascent and pause at marked depth intervals for a specified period of time, waiting until their body gradually decompresses at each stop as they return to more normal pressures.  The body needs time to acclimate to this transition, for it is not naturally designed to withstand these kinds of forces and then just bob right back up to the surface; no – it needs time to assimilate the intensity of this experience before it can return to operating as normal.

From my own deep dives with Pluto: A bioluminescent jellyfish! A message about learning to make your own Light – even when surrounded by Darkness – while floating through the currents of life. © 2016

This is not unlike dealing with Pluto in Capricorn…if we think of a Pluto transit as a symbolic journey to our Center – all the way down to the very core of our souls – we can start to see how this metaphor has resonance.  When we experience Pluto in Capricorn contacting a planet or personal point in our chart, what we are dealing with is some heavy-duty, industrial-strength transformation somewhere in our lives.  The changes and challenges we encounter along the way can be profound – often, an old “life” or old way of being “dies” in some way.   Our physical, emotional, psychological, and energetic bodies therefore require time to process the intense experiences that are part and parcel of this metamorphosis; we need metaphorical “deco stops” as we make our preparations to ascend back into the Light.

It is understandable that when one spends a prolonged period of time in the Underworld, one might then find themselves in a rush to return to the surface and feel sunlight upon their face, for Pluto in Capricorn is the epitome of dense and heavy…at times its energy can feel like concrete cinder blocks that may threaten to drag us toward a cold, dark, bottom.   Proper integration is essential for this reason; especially on a psychological level.  We must therefore begin our ascent slowly and carefully, periodically checking our watches to ensure that we are spending enough time at each and every stop (hmmm…perhaps this entails processing loss to a degree,  à la the Kubler-Ross 5 stages of grieving) on the journey upward.  These pauses should be thought of as a time to take stock, gradually releasing as we go the weight – the ballast – associated with such a serious transformational process.

***See also: Pluto in Capricorn Transits, Part 4


Knowing Your Own (Astrological) Kind

Every now and again, I like to play a little game that’s kind of like the astrological version of “Name That Tune” – with as minimal a series of clues as possible, I try to figure out somebody’s Sun sign or another dominant astrological signature in their chart.

Case in point: I recently attended a viewing of the new Star Wars movie, and while I though the rest of the main cast did a perfectly satisfactory job in their roles, the standout performer for me was Adam Driver as the evil Kylo Ren. Which is not all that surprising, as I am fairly Plutonic so like a good villain now and again and do tend to have a pretty good radar for spotting the energy of the Dark Side in others.

It wasn’t until I was waiting in line with another fellow moviegoer to exit the theater and chatting casually with her that I caught the actor’s name since I wasn’t familiar with his body of work, and it was also at this juncture she informed me offhand that he was a former Marine.

Hmmm…played an über villain AND was a Marine IRL, you say? I sense some Plutonic energy there…sounds like Scorpio to me, I thought. I pulled out my phone in order to either confirmKyloRen or refute my initial suspicion when a cursory search of the intewebz revealed that Mr. Driver is indeed Plutonic; a Scorpio Sun ruled by an extra-powerful Pluto in Scorpio and with Pluto loosely conjunct career-making Saturn!

Yup, I can smell the Dark Side from about a mile away, apparently…I can Name That Sign in just two clues, LOL!

Laughingly, I thought to myself with THAT astrological signature, the dear boy will certainly have to watch out for the possibility of being typecast, as the “Plutonian as Villain” shtick would indeed tend to be a natural fit for him – looks like we have a professional villain on our hands, folks! But perhaps in his next big role, he’ll decide to take on more of an anti-hero role…who knows?

All that aside, I’m thinking the trait of being able to suss out others’ (astrological) energies like this could well be the work of a sharpened Venus/Pluto influence. Plutonic peeps are by nature investigative and energy-responsive anyway, but when I contemplate the quality of Venus added to this I can’t help but think that – on an inner level – we may be particularly able to sense energetic “sameness” in others….what say you?

**Walks away humming “You’re one of my kind…”**


Pluto Has A Heart….

Pluto's Heart
Proof that Pluto does indeed have a heart! Image comes courtesy of the New Horizons Spacecraft @ NASA, which made a close approach to Pluto on 7/14/2015.

Well this news certainly comes as no surprise to any Venus/Pluto native, LOL!

The high-functioning Venus/Pluto heart beats powerfully – its love goes deeper than even the most yawning of subterranean chasms. For it has been consecrated many times over by offerings made upon on a funeral pyre; these dying rites serving to transform the love nature into a truly supernatural force.  The Venusian Phoenix has made multiple journeys within to illuminate and vanquish its relationship demons, these acts serving to consecrate a heart that may have previously resided in the shadow of ignorance, or that might have even committed a multitude of sins.  Venus/Pluto love swallows you whole with its intensity – it will drag you through the territory of obsession and compulsion, force you to get “down in it”, suck you into the undertow of dysfunction…until you arrive at the threshold where decide you’ve had enough loss and strip it all away to look at the darkness found reflected back to you in the mirror of Another.  It is there that you will unearth a treasure trove of insight about the very nature of love itself that will lead you out The Other Side; what it is, what it isn’t, and also how it can be damaged, renewed, or uncovered.

(Hint: it is always found within!)

I have also found, through my own journeys with Venus/Pluto, there is something to the concept of a graceful exit; being able to let go kindly when the time has come. To be fair and loving when you know in your soul that a relationship has hit a point of no return so you both might let go and find love again.  Many times when a relationship meets an end, instead of blessing and releasing it can be all too easy to blight.  We cannot truly let go if we still hold onto things like anger, bitterness, resentment, or other sundry negative emotion, and I believe the prominent heart-shaped stamp on Pluto’s face can serve as a reminder that even in death it is all about love.


Life With Venus/Pluto

A half-humorous, quick-and-dirty way of determining whether or not you have this energy signature present in your chart – how many of these themes can YOU resonate with, huh?

  • You have at least one ex-friend/ex-partner who turned stalker on you at some point. Double bonus points awarded if you can claim both, LOL.
  • The words “It’s complicated” could probably best sum up your love life at any given point in time.
  • You describe yourself as a staunchly loyal ally – if you manage to make an enemy out of the loved one of someone with Venus/Pluto, for all intents and purposes you should probably consider yourself dead to the Venus/Pluto individual as well.
  • You’ve had at least one significant relationship that you would classify as “pretty screwed up”. On the plus side, though, going through relationship hell can give a deep level of insight that heals dysfunctional patterns of relating – especially as it relates to self-worth.
  • Affinity and animosity do seem intrinsically tied to one another with this pairing, and sometimes the line between the two is very thin. Some who initially found themselves put-off by your energy (for whatever reason) may one day turn around and become your closest allies, while those you once held an alliance with may at some point come to develop enmity for you. Love can easily turn to hate or vice versa with this pairing – whether this is within the context of close personal friendships, romantic unions, or a business partnership – and people may seem polarized as to whether they adore or detest you.YouHadMeAt
  • You’ve ever bonded with someone else over your mutual dislike for another person, LOL.
  • You’re inclined to intimidate would-be suitors who might be inclined to describe you as “pretty, but a little bitchy”.
  • Intimacy is a must for you in your closest associations – cut the superficial B.S., cause we’re goin’ in DEEP!  For you, loving someone means you can bare it all – the good, the bad, and the ugly – and trust them to keep your secrets.
  • Each major relationship has in some way significantly transformed how you love.

So how did you do? Are any of these past or current themes in your life? If so, you just might have some Venus/Pluto in you! 😉


Planets As Superheroes (Or Supervillains…)

Image credit: Rodney C Jacobsen
Image credit: Rodney C Jacobsen

I’m always entertained whenever Art imitates Astrology – case in point: Magneto of Marvel Comics fame! This world-class supervillain shares many characteristics of the archetypal Pluto, though he does range toward the darker expression of this planet’s energy overall. Magneto is known as the Master of Magnetism, and as any astrology 101 book will tell you, Pluto’s energy works on this very same metaphorical principle – the invisible power to draw, pull, compel, or fascinate. Plutonic energy exerts dense gravitational force much like a magnet – it enthralls and captivates; almost as if a spell or tractor beam were placed upon us. Now Magneto may exemplify the more literal side of Pluto energy with his supernatural power over magnetism, but there are plenty of other ways their characteristics appear strikingly similar.

In most storylines, Magneto is depicted as being bent on power and destruction – both qualities that resonate with the Lo-Fi expression of Pluto. Beyond surface appearances, though, his story is far more complex as befits his alignment with this planet. His underlying motivations in seeking power and repeated attempts to destroy humanity are to – in his point of view – save the mutant race from the prospect of extinction at the hands of mankind.

Why is this so? Check this shit out: His background includes …Read more…

A (Final?) Saturn In Scorpio Message

As Mercury – the messenger of the gods – joins with Saturn in the last degrees of Scorpio this evening, I thought it would be a perfect time to put out a possibly final Saturn in Scorpio memorandum. It deals with personal accountability (a Saturn fave) and why it’s especially important to own our shadows as Saturn prepares to weigh anchor and leave for Sagittarius in less than a month’s time. Scorpio deals with our so-called “shadow sides”; the dark, dysfunctional parts of our makeup that – once conquered – can serve as potent fertilizer for claiming our personal power. With Saturn in Scorpio since late 2012, we have all been collectively faced with repeated tests dealing with our ability to control the qualities, traits, and characteristics that may otherwise have the ability to enslave us to our lowest natures. The tests of power and resultant struggle to master the darkness within represents a true journey of self-mastery from the very cores of our beings. We won’t get many more chances to get these kinds of life lessons right, so tonight I want to reflect upon a subject that often surfaces when we talk about Plutonic energy (which is a catch-all umbrella term for planets found in the sign of Scorpio, located in the 8th House of a chart, or in contact with Pluto).

You may recall from a previous newsletter I did on the topic of Saturn in Scorpio, that one major keynote of this energy has involved being nuclear conscious of what we’re taking from vs. what we are contributing to the collective (read: others’) energy pool. And that a failure to do so during Saturn in Scorpio inevitably leads one to be deemed a “drain”, “leech”, or “energy sink” – in this situation, others are (rightfully) inclined to retract their investment in us, which makes sense because why keep the tap running when we’re being bled out? The self-protective inclination to conserve our energy – whether this be in the form of physical, emotional, or energetic resources – is extremely strong when this planet traverses Scorpio.

Now some on the receiving end of this treatment during the last 2+ years have no doubt cried foul over being cut off like this – and it’s precisely this phenomenon that I want to address tonight. Plutonic individuals – that is, those with a preponderance of Scorpio planets, an abundance of planets located in the 8th House of their chart, and/or contacts from Pluto to key planets in their nativities – are prone to having a reputation for cutting people off. While it’s true that a prevalence of these kinds of energies means we’re Read More….

Energy Cleansing, The Pluto Way!

Let me begin this tale by stating that Pluto thrives on renewal – its energy IS symbolic of The Phoenix after all; that mythical fire bird that was consumed in the flames of its old and dying self only to rise up from its ashes anew.  Pluto eliminates what’s stagnant or dead and vaporizes that stale energy in our life in order to make room for something vibrant and vital to take hold in that vacant space.  I was therefore tickled when – under a recent Pluto transit to my Venus (Venus being symbolic of money and earned income, of course) – I found myself burning old paycheck stubs from a former and unhappy profession as if they had been letters from an ex-lover.  There was no bitterness or resentment; just the recognition this was a part of my life that was (thankfully) over and incinerating the evidence was merely a symbolic gesture to The Universe that I had indeed moved on and cut ties.  I was quite surprised to find that I still had them – I found myself cleaning out a file cabinet when I unexpectedly came upon a file of years-old pay stubs that represented a time in my life where I felt disempowered and at the mercy of…well…assholes, LOL.  There really is no other way to say it, and besides, Pluto would frown upon any attempts to put a pretty face over it anyway.  😉   I’m sure many reading here can relate when I say there have been more than a few times during the course of my existence where I endured some screwy employment situations because I “needed the paycheck”.   Adding to this was the fact that, in this particular industry, sexism – if not outright misogyny – is the norm, so having a strong sense of self-worth made you somewhat of a liability if you were a woman, LOL. In retrospect, from the very beginning this was never quite a recipe for a “happy marriage”…

From the Robin Wood tarot - note the strong Pluto symbolism!
From the Robin Wood tarot – note the strong Pluto symbolism!

Needless to say, upon being faced with a tangible reminder of this period in my life, I was unable to shake the feeling that stack of paper probably had some pretty bad juju attached to it.  It was immediately after this realization that I was seized by a random impetus to burn the pile of check stubs, though not reactively so as there wasn’t really much emotion attached to the thought at all.  It was more along the lines of an immediate recognition that the burning would represent an energy cleansing of sorts – all the negativity attached to that time in my life would literally go *up in smoke*, and it wasn’t until I watched the hungry flames licking the papers’ edges and the printed numbers fading into blackness that it struck me this was indeed a *very* literal manifestation of the Pluto transit to my Venus!  I felt not only a palpable sense of closure at this symbolic act, but a sense of confidence in choosing to burn an energetic bridge that had led down a trail of financial enslavement; I would never again allow myself to be in a disadvantaged position like this where someone had financial leverage over me.  The warmth of the fire washing over me on such a chilly autumn night was comforting – I took a few deep breaths, inviting the heated air into my nasal passage and down my throat into my lungs to fully envelop me from within as well.  I smiled as the blaze cooled and the embers slowly died to ash, pausing to pick up a few pinches of the soot to scatter over my next deposit slip to the bank.  If it’s one thing about Pluto transits, it’s that the literal and figurative ash left in its wake makes one hell of a potent fertilizer for the seeds we plant with conscious intention.

For anyone else reading and who is dealing with a Pluto transit to their Venus, I highly recommend a ritual energetic cleanse similar to this if you’re looking to purge negativity and clear any funky or stagnant vibes that may still be lingering in the wake of this period.  If we’ve been through any situation where we’ve been “a slave to the money” or through relationship hell of one kind of another (because Venus represents love as well as cash), first we do well to invest lots of time & energy unraveling the layers of how this came to be the case.  We must go deep; be willing to look at any underlying dysfunction, address anything that affects our sense of self-worth, and fully investigate the “Hows” and “Whys” of what got us sucked into this undertow in the first place.  Then once we feel like we’ve hit the root of it (and I mean ALL of the various, spreading tendrils that tend to come attached to the complex situations symbolized by Pluto), it’s time to distill it down and level with ourselves so we can take our power back.  We may then consider a symbolic act of burning; an offering to The Universe that affirms we have indeed come out The Other Side of this energy. Most importantly, before doing so we must wait until we’re no longer raw about the situation anymore.  Emotions like resentment or bitterness have no place at such a ritual, as we cannot truly “let go” if we’re still holding on inside.  If it’s a bad relationship we’ve come through, maybe we burn photos, gifts, or love letters associated with that partnership.  If it’s a period of financial enslavement we’ve gotten out of instead, perhaps we burn old credit cards, past due notices, pay stubs, or anything else we no longer need to hold onto after this major transformation.  Clearing out the dead, negative energy in this manner can help to raise our own vibrations, and the void subsequently created by such an act allows us to hold space for the inevitable renewal that’s sure to follow ❤


Pluto As The Anti-Hero

We often hear about Plutonians (those with Pluto, the 8th house, or the sign of Scorpio dominantly emphasized in the chart) cast in the role of “villain” by their detractors. It’s not a new story and the whole “Plutonian as evil-doer” astro-aphorism certainly is a tired old trope that could benefit from a revamping of sorts. While it’s true that Plutonians do look good in black, I’d like to put a slightly different spin on this energy and talk instead about the Plutonian as The Anti-Hero.

My perspective on this topic was spawned from once hearing someone utter the words “Be a hero”, as if it were a call to arms meant to inspire us toward superhuman feats of goodness & purity. Now any Plutonian reading here is probably having some sort of bile-inducing reaction to this proposal right about now, LOL, as this is probably about the worst thing you could say to one of this ilk. You see, Plutonians are not the sort to portray the image of the gleaming White Knight – their version of the best possible lead is usually much more reminiscent of an anti-hero than any of that Sir Galahad business! The Plutonic star is considerably darker, possessing strength of character as well as considerable depth & complexity but often a certain moral ambiguity that make them richer and more compelling as protagonists. Now it’s possible these character traits may stem from some sort of trauma or they may not, but for those who don’t see the world entirely in black & white and who appreciate grayscale and nuance, the Plutonian anti-hero provides something to really sink your teeth into. We might consider the original Dark Knight himself, Batman, as a muse of sorts – particularly as portrayed in the recent Christian Bale -era reboot of this series. Or perhaps if the whole “fighting crime” thing still lands him a bit too far in the “goody-two-shoes” category for your personal liking, consider some of these other fictional characters that also resonate strongly with this archetype:

Captain Jack Sparrow, Jason Bourne,“V” in V for Vendetta, Tony Soprano, The Bride in the Kill Bill series, John Constantine, or – from TV – Don Draper, Cullen Bohannon, or Gregory House, M.D. just to name a few.

Now one could argue these characters are villains in their own right, as we have liars and thieves, vigilantes, killers, and those looking to sate a burning vengeance among this cast of characters. But such an attempt to boil it all down to a common denominator amounts to painting with a very broad – and very black – brush that completely disregards how popular the anti-hero archetype has become and why it’s so resonant to our collective consciousness. Many find a bona fide “hero” challenging to relate to, and although we may still cheer when we see one, the squeaky-clean persona this entails often denies the reality that life is messy and that it’s real easy to get your hands dirty somewhere along the way. The anti-hero seems more relatable, as they make no bones about their shadow – they own it and it is precisely this kind of self-possessed authenticity that makes this archetype so appealing. Few are willing to gaze at their own grimy underbelly, and as a viewer/reader it’s particularly intriguing to watch when an anti-hero struggles against their darkness or wrestles with scenarios where they have to make the ends justify the means….


The Beauty Of A Void: Dealing w/ Pluto/Scorpio/8th House Energies

Image credit: Ute Kraus via Wikimedia Commons, Physics education group Kraus, Universität Hildesheim, Space Time Travel, (background image of the milky way: Axel Mellinger)
Image credit: Physics education group Kraus, Universität Hildesheim, Space Time Travel (background image of the milky way: Axel Mellinger)

I’ve found the subject of “voids” tends to evoke a certain amount of discomfiture in the general populace when contemplated or discussed. Sometimes the response is one of fear, other times outright loathing, as many equate the word “void” with a loss. While that’s certainly true to a degree when you boil it all down, I think it’s a far more rich & complex issue worth exploring. Such a simplistic viewpoint seems rather shortsighted to me, as it fails to take into account the deeper layers of what’s really at work when we’re dealing with this kind of negative space, which is – essentially – just an energetic vacuum of sorts.

A void is like a giant energetic “VACANCY” sign flashing out into the ethers. It has a way of attracting people/things into its orbit in order to fill that empty space, much along the vein of Aristotle’s postulation that “nature abhors a vacuum”. Whether a void forms by chance or by design, it’s natural that we initially focus on what’s *not* there any longer as we process ….Read more…