I offer a variety of services to fit your unique needs and am more than happy to listen to your concerns to provide a recommendation as to which chart will be the most helpful to your situation, because sometimes there is nuance to a question and one type of chart may be more helpful than another.  Please feel free to use the Contact or Schedule An Appointment pages to outline what you’re looking for and we’ll go from there!

***Please be sure to have complete birth information when scheduling a consultation – this includes DOB (mm/dd/yyyy), exact time (as listed on birth certificate), and the location of birth (city/state/country).  It’s best to refer to your official paperwork for this info rather than guess or rely on memory, however I can still prepare a chart in situations where time of birth is unknown.  Even a difference of just a few minutes can significantly change a chart, so it’s worth making an effort to hunt down the original documentation whenever possible.  I want to give you the best information possible, and your preparation/diligence will help ensure that I am able to do this – thanks!

Natal Chart – This is your personal astrological “signature”, sometimes also referred to as a Birth Chart.  It shows the positions of the Sun, Moon, and planets  at the exact moment of your birth and acts like a cosmic “blueprint” of who you are and what you’re all about. It outlines our basic personality traits, general dispositions, life experiences, and can be an effective tool in helping us to know and be our best selves.  This isn’t about predetermination; rather it’s a tool that can help us express the highest potential we are each capable of.  Each planet in the chart produces a resonant frequency that we can tap into – there’s the high expression, the mid-level expression, and the lower-end vibration.  At all times, we get to choose which end of this range we want to manifest, so how are you doing your planets?  Hi-Fi, Lo-Fi, or somewhere in the middle? Having your Natal Chart read can help you understand yourself better so that you can cultivate/capitalize on opportunities while steering clear of the pitfalls that come from doing the low-end expression of your planets.  Natal astrology helps us realize that despite certain basic parameters we may be given, we DO have options!

Transit Chart – This is a technique that overlays the current (or future) motions of the planets against the backdrop of your Natal Chart to see how these celestial energies are impacting your life today and in the months ahead.  You can see broad themes being activated in the various arenas of your life and so can get a better idea of what’s likely to be coming around the bend.  This chart is helpful for getting an overview of the longer-running, more significant energies you’ll be dealing with in the present and future, which can help you create a game plan for how to squeeze the most out of them!  When I do a transit reading for a client, I’m looking at the MAJOR astrological impacts during a one year period to identify the longer-running themes that serve as a pervasive energetic backdrop in their life.  When I look at your transits for the year, I’ll also give you an approximate time-frame for how long you’ll be dealing with a given planetary influence.  Some transits last YEARS, others are much shorter in their duration, so it behooves you to know exactly what you are dealing with.

Progressed Chart – This technique advances your Natal Chart one day for every year of your life you’ve lived.  So if you’re 45 years old and want to look at your progressions for this year of your life, your Natal Chart gets recalculated for 45 days after your actual date of birth and a new chart is generated.  Progressions show how we advance through life, how our personalities and experiences change in different ways and become updated.  None of us are the same person at age 5 that we are at age 50, and the Progressed Chart shows us these changes.  Looking at our progressions can be helpful for identifying major life changes, nailing down the timing of significant life events, and for increasing awareness of the “us” that we are in the process of becoming over time.  This is used as a compliment to – not a substitute for – the Natal Chart.

Electional Chart – These charts are used for the planning of events – just as people can have charts, events can have charts, too!  If you’re trying to plan an endeavor like launching a business, you’re getting married, or trying to execute any venture that’s important to you & want to maximize chances for a successful outcome, you’ll find this technique invaluable!  You’ve heard of “setting an intention”? This is intention-setting on steroids, baby!  Basically, you’re aligning your Will with the Cosmos in order to increase the likelihood of having the best result possible for your event.  I work within the basic parameters you establish (for example, you want to get married on a Friday or Saturday in the summertime, or need to schedule an important business meeting sometime in April during the workweek) and will help you select a date and time that harmonizes with your intention from an astrological point of view.  This technique is also useful for the scheduling of (non-emergency) surgeries, like C-section (Caesarean) births where we’re given a general time frame by our physician but have some say over when it gets done.

**Please note that electional astrology is only appropriate for instances where we have an actual choice in the matter – if we’re not permitted any input by The Powers That Be, please trust that all will unfold as it’s meant to.   It does us no practical good to fret over anything we don’t have a hand in!

Synastry Chart – In most cases, this is my preferred method for looking at relationships between individuals.  This doesn’t  have to involve a romantic relationship per se  (though it certainly can) – it can be a parent, a friend, a child, a sibling, and so on.  Synastry takes your Natal Chart and compares/contrasts it against the other party’s for the purposes of sorting out potential points of compatibility/incompatibility.  Through synastry, we can parse out things like similarities/differences in communication styles, how we handle conflict, our basic personalities, core needs, values, etc. – this allows us to see what common ground exists for the purposes of coming together or where adjustments may need to be made for the sake of achieving harmony.

Composite Chart – When two people come together, a third entity – a relationship – is born with its own unique energy signature.  The Composite Chart shows a relationship as a living, breathing thing and is useful for understanding what that partnership is all about.  For example, if the Composite has a 4th House Aries Sun, it’s likely to be a relationship where we set up house together and do things around the home. Perhaps we are family or maybe we *start* a family – the rest of the chart will tell the story.  We’re also likely to spar quite a bit as a relationship with a Composite Aries Sun usually involves its fair share of headbutting, but the 4th House emphasis usually manages to keep internal conflicts out of the public eye since this is a private sector of the chart.   This type of chart isn’t used for looking at compatibility so much as revealing the effects a relationship has upon us and showing both its potentials and limitations.  The Composite represents the merger of two individuals’ energies into something that takes on a life of its own, and shows us why some relationships can profoundly alter how we appear or act when we are immersed in them.  That junk food junkie who suddenly becomes a fitness enthusiast and starts being more proactive about their diet after hooking up with Mr./Ms. Right?  Might be the influence of a Composite Mars in Virgo at work!  The other important thing to understand is that a nice looking Composite Chart can’t override challenging synastry – the Composite only comes into play once a relationship has been established and doesn’t reveal affinity (or lack thereof) between the parties in question.

Astrological Holistic Wellness Consultation –  The symbolic language of astrology can give great insight into the holistic mind/body/emotion/spirit connection, revealing where there may be imbalance and suggesting possible routes toward equilibrium.  An astrological holistic wellness consultation begins with a discussion of the client’s concerns and then explores potential causes from an astrological point of view while incorporating suggestions for complimentary modalities that may support the individual. The natal chart, transits, and/or progressions of the client are utilized to procure these insights.  Please note: This consultation is NOT a substitute for proper medical advice!  Any information provided is strictly for reference purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  Please follow up by doing your own thorough research and consulting with a qualified healthcare practitioner, as I am NOT a medical professional – my goal is simply to empower you to enhance your own wellbeing.

Get To Know Your Astrological “Power Animals” – Astrology has always been animistic, and via the lens of the Natal Chart each of us has resonance with specific animal archetypes.  However, these cosmic critters often like to hide beyond the confines of the zodiac wheel and to discover them you have to know their celestial “habitats” – it takes a different way of looking at the chart and a skilled eye to find them.  Think of this consultation as an “interstellar safari” where you’ll form a more intimate connection between yourself, the stars, and the heavenly animal archetypes woven into your astrological DNA.  In this session you will uncover your own personal astrological “Power Animals”, get to know more about the archetypal energies they represent & what they have to symbolically offer you on a spiritual level, and we will also discuss methods to help you honor & strengthen this sacred connection.

***In the event that you should need to reschedule or cancel an appointment with me, kindly just provide a minimum of 24 hours notice so that I might fit someone else into the vacancy.  Appointments canceled or rescheduled without this notice are subject to the full fee for the session – your understanding is greatly appreciated!

2 thoughts on “Services

  1. I would like to be put on your newsletter mailing list. I am going threw so much right now and not sure where to turn…fight addiction daily homeless shitty men broken heart failure it money issues…seriously….long list….lol

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about all of your challenges – I’m happy to add you to my list of newsletter recipients and I hope you find information in there that will help alleviate some of your struggles. ❤ What I can offer you is this: Focusing on self-care and maintaining sobriety = bedrock upon which you can build under Saturn in Capricorn’s influence. Slowly work to steady yourself; it may not be easy and may take some time, but if you continue committing to showing up for yourself in this way it *will* pay off. Saturn and Neptune are both very strong at the moment and Jupiter will also be starting in November. This is a tricky mix of energies, as all 3 have their own agendas – Saturn in Capricorn wants us to have our sh*t together, Neptune in Pisces wants to numb everything out, and Jupiter in Sagittarius wants us to have faith. The combo of Neptune and Jupiter this year can have the capacity to do a number on us IF we’re not leaning hard on Saturn as an anchor; Neptune is exquisitely sensitive and may be overwhelmed with feelings of futility so it resorts to substance abuse/addiction/escapism to cope, while another facet of Jupiter = a penchant for excess can cause addiction issues to mushroom.

    The key to preventing this lies in radical self-honesty and a willingness to fully engage with Reality; take it one day/one Step at a time and make sobriety your mantra even when it’s hard. Getting a handle on the addiction-related stuff first will set you up for success in all the other areas. Try to avoid any detours from your Journey to Sobriety, while also understanding that realistically you may stumble at times – it’s OK; rather than give up, try to have self-compassion and just keep working at it. And don’t be afraid to pray for help with all of this; Jupiter & Neptune are super spiritual in their respective signs and “Operators are standing by” – believe in not only yourself, but in the beneficence and infinite mercy of Divinity/The Universe. If you’ve tried programs like AA but feel they’re not resonating, I’d also encourage you to investigate other options/approaches – perhaps something else like will click for you. Blessings to you and I hope things get easier ❤


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