Emerging From Your Pluto Transit

After spending what seemed like an eternity in Hades ripped away from all you previously held dear and stripped naked of any pretense or false assumption about who you truly are at your core, you emerge from this prolonged Dark Period newly reborn.  The haters and those who once sought to subjugate you now crushed like dirt under your shoe as you come into your own and claim your power. Congratulations, you’ve just made it through hell and back – as the last vestiges of flame lick at your back, take a moment to fully appreciate the newfound strength this Razing has stoked within you.  Arise; you have just received the ultimate in astrological empowerment!


Pluto’s Spider Medicine

I have a rather naturalistic view of astrology and the animistic perspective is something I always enjoy providing for clients when they are open to exploring this angle of interpretation. There is so much interconnectedness between zodiac symbolism and the natural world – Heavenly archetypes have their Earthly counterparts and there is much we can gain by exploring their resonance with each other.

To this end, I find myself musing about spiders and their connection to Pluto energy. Plutonic people are sensitive to the intangible matrix that surrounds everyone/everything; the etheric “web” of invisible energy currents that envelops us all. In a figurative sense, Plutonic peeps have the same kind of radar for vibration that arachnids do; not necessarily for the purposes of pouncing on prey (although lower life form variants of this species certainly do use it this way), but for reading the subtle signs that allow them to size people and situations up accurately and get an overall impression. Plutonic individuals read into things like body language, mannerisms, intonation, and even what’s *not* being spoken to “see” your energy signature on a deeper level and know what you’re really about.

They also have a fabulous “sixth sense” for danger – if you’ve ever seen a kid poke a stick into a spider’s web, you’ll note the spider always knows the difference between this vs. a meal arriving at its doorstep. Whereas an ant or fly’s thrashings will trigger it to pounce, bigger objects exerting their force upon its gossamer net elicit a “flight” response where it will actually run away; perhaps sensing the amount of power being used is vastly greater than anything it has encountered before. If you’re a Scorpio (or have a concentration of celestial bodies in this sign), have a plethora of 8th House planets, and/or have Pluto wired to many personal planets/pinned to the angles of your chart (say, contacting your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, and/or Chart Ruler), embrace the gifts of Spider Medicine as it has much to offer you.


Pluto In Capricorn Reminder: (Governmental) Corruption Has Corporate Sponsorship

…and it is impacting global leadership. Surely we all know this by now; especially in the wake of the 2008 Big Bank Bailout? Executives surreptitiously making out like bandits as their companies imploded within; the cost of which was financed by government tax dollars. This whole ugly ball of wax kicked off back when Pluto first entered Capricorn, the sign of Big Business. But the most sinister part of all of it is how these corporations play Master of Puppets – it’s positively Machiavellian. Raping and pillaging wherever they go, and then turning around and use these ill-gotten funds to install sponsor our leaders.

Here we are halfway through Pluto’s transit of Capricorn, and most of us acknowledge the existence of this very real corruption. Yet we still don’t have campaign finance reform laws in place to prevent this kind of thing from continuing. How can any candidate claim to be “for the people” when beholden to Big Business to fund their election? In this writer’s humble opinion, it is a pretty jacked up state of affairs here in the USA as we prepare for our Pluto Return…we’re veering dangerously close to a plutocracy, which is something one might expect when a nation has Pluto in Capricorn nation occupying its astrological second house of money and resources. Money is power, and it’s being wielded by companies to get their dirty little hooks into government – when those running for office are heavily indebted to their evil corporate overlords, it effectively means the rest of us are, too.

So what do we do about it? Campaign finance reform laws are a great place to start, but realistically speaking no politician is likely to vote for such a thing because it would mean biting the hand that feeds. My proposal, then, is to figure out a way to defund the current power structure, and I think we can do this over time. It won’t be overnight, but when Pluto is in Capricorn the transformation is never overnight, as it’s a marker that things have been in a long, slow, steady state of deterioration for some time.

The first part of this strategy – since we’re acknowledging the world is, in fact, run by corporate interests – is to look at the energy behind the products we use. If we’re going to defund the current power structure, we have to look at how to eliminate our support of the companies that prop it up. For example, there is a reason Monsanto is colloquially referred to as MonSATAN for its global environmental fuckery – stop financing corrupt businesses and they won’t have the funds to keep installing candidates via campaign “donations”. Do a background check of your “brands” – it doesn’t have to be exhaustive, but put some energy into researching the companies you align yourself with and whenever possible divert resources instead toward supporting the companies whose energy and mission resonate with your own.

Secondly, there is a concept that has really started coming into its own ever since Pluto entered Capricorn, and specifically since 2012 when this planet started squaring revolutionary Uranus: Socially Responsible Investing (sometimes also called Sustainable, Responsible, and Impact Investing, or simply abbreviated SRI). The principle behind this is stands in stark contrast to the typical Wall Street slash-and-burn approach that creates wealth without considering the environmental and social implications of where and how the money is allocated – broadly speaking, SRI aims to align the return on an investment with ethical, social causes that create change; such as promoting investment in eco-friendly companies, for example.

I’m grossly oversimplifying this, of course – by no stretch of the imagination am I a finance guru nor do I wish to delve into a lengthy explanation of this practice on an astrology blog as my readers’ eyes would likely glaze over, LOL. If you’d like to know more, you can start here and here.  But suffice to say that I believe this is another way to start pulling money away from big business we don’t want to support and certainly don’t want anywhere near our government and start redirecting energy and resources toward companies that actually give a crap about something besides making as much money as possible, however possible; consequences be damned. Call me quaint, but I don’t feel good about investing in a company (regardless of however many millions I might stand to make off the deal) that engages in the practice of using things like child labor sweatshops, for example – I’d rather put it in a company dedicated to paying its workers fair, decent, and honest wages and that give the health and safety of their workers priority over corporate greed.

I think these are two very good places to start in this Pluto in Capricorn Era, which lasts until 2024. We really do have to be mindful of the “Faustian Bargain” now; specifically with respect to corporate sponsorship.

Images courtesy of the RWS tarot. "Judgement" is astrologically correlated to Pluto, while "The Devil" is connected to the sign of Capricorn - if this doesn't pictorially represent the neccessity of heeding the call to raise our consciousness surrounding how we have become enslaved by the Capricorn structures in life (of which corporations and government both belong), I'm not sure what does!
Images courtesy of the RWS Tarot. “Judgement” is astrologically correlated to Pluto, while “The Devil” is connected to the sign of Capricorn – if this doesn’t pictorially represent the necessity of heeding the call to raise our consciousness surrounding how we have become enslaved by the Capricorn structures in life (corporations and government both fall under this same umbrella, BTW), I’m not sure what does!



Venus/Pluto Thought Of The Day

We are only as beautiful as we are in our ugliest moments.

The true measure of beauty is nothing external; it is something found deep within our core and is determined by how gracefully and lovingly we handle ourselves when in the midst of messy, screwed-up scenarios where it would otherwise be all too easy to revert to a more base level of operating.  Can we override our more dysfunctional responses and connect with the love in our hearts by displaying softness and kindness in these kinds of situations?  Will we bring Beauty to bear when faced with The Beast?  This is the mark of true loveliness on a soul-level – everything else is superficial.



Pluto & Bioluminescence

BioluminescentI know a thing or two about (metaphorical) journeys into the Underworld – it’s something comes with the territory of having a decent Pluto punch in your chart; whether this is innately wired into your makeup via your nativity or simply result of a protracted or pronounced encounter with this energy by transit or progression. Whenever we are dealing with Plutonic resonance we always seem to hear about the old “butterfly” cliché;  the euphemism designed to make us feel better about the massive life-altering metamorphoses we typically experience in conjunction with this planet. But in my own subjective experience (read: long and storied history) with this astrological energy, I must say in all honesty that I have found this to be a rather inadequate comparison. Why? Because once the chrysalis stage of the caterpillar’s life cycle ends, it is somewhat implied this new feather-light carefree creature simply spreads its resplendent wings and flies off into some golden summer sunset as if this were the end of story. That has not been consistent with my own personal experience of this planet, as in my view this would seem to trivialize the depth and magnitude of the Plutonic darkness that can swallow us before the actual rebirth occurs. Yes, there is a massive transformation, but a butterfly is far too delicate and ephemeral a creature to survive the fires of Hades.

On a personal level I can say that have been though periods of such prolonged and profound darkness that, instead of the butterfly, I legitimately wondered whether I would wind up some blind cave-dwelling species of salamander that hadn’t seen the light of day in so long it no longer even had eyes. Unsettling as this may sound at first, I actually don’t see it that way as our other senses do have a way of (over?)compensating in this sort of scenario – besides, I quite like the idea of Al Pacino as Lt. Col. Frank Slade in “Scent of a Woman” as my empowering muse in this regard!  Blind and yet nonetheless skillfully doing the tango in the middle of a crowded restaurant – now that’s something worth going for! I suppose it all boils down to whether or not we are comfortable with the idea of trading in our sight if we knew it meant we could develop near superhuman use of our other faculties. Because the Ferryman must be paid somehow, after all…

Much as I prefer this musing to the “butterfly” metaphor, it still feels somewhat lacking and doesn’t seem to tell the whole story. The dissonance for me comes via the assumption our troglobite friend remains in this blackened underground environ indefinitely, which simply isn’t the case with Pluto. We may indeed descend into The Abyss, but the law of Pluto also says we must rise again to experience resurrection – this is its promise. There are no guarantees regarding how deep down we will go, but a general guideline is the depth will at least be enough to make us squirm uncomfortably. Nor is there any kind of assurance regarding how long the resultant climb back up to the surface will take, but we can rest assured it *will* happen.

Pluto’s most powerful function is indeed to take us way down into the cavernous recesses of our souls/psyches – it is through this planet’s influence that we learn what we are really made of on a core level when everything else is stripped away. No other astrological body gives us the kind of enriching insights that Pluto can. But its treasures are not given up lightly – first we have to illuminate the unconscious and come face the darkness within in order to claim that “gold in the shadow”. It can be a scary experience if we fear the dark, but it can also be a tremendously empowering one. For when we spend enough time in this pitch black space, eventually we figure out how to become bioluminescent and generate our OWN light; one that isn’t the least bit externally dependent. It is something that radiates entirely from within. Once we’ve borne this mark of Pluto, we carry this internal luminosity with us forever wherever we go and can use it to be a light for others. And if we are truly fortunate, every so often this glow allows us to recognize others who have made this very same journey so we can connect on a soul-level.


Pluto In Capricorn Transits, Part 4

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Continuing our contemplation of Pluto in Capricorn transits, there is yet another invaluable angle to consider if this body contacts a planet or point in our personal astrological chart.  In addition to being deeply interior, Plutonic energies also represent a kind of breaking down process so that healthy renewal might take place.  When we pause to reflect upon Capricorn’s association with protection and defenses, we see how this energy can relate to the beneficial destruction of psychological  walls, barriers, etc. that we may have knowingly or unconsciously put up to keep people at a safe distance.  I will explain –

Whenever we endure some kind of trauma or negative experience in life, sometimes it’s possible to harden over and develop this self-protective “crust”.  The psyche develops this shell to function like shield or armor; to guard us from something that on some level may have seemed to threaten our very existence.  While originally intended as a sort fail-safe mechanism to limit the level of devastation we experience, sometimes the perimeter wall becomes a bit extreme, as in a “No trespassing: Intruders will be shot” kind of thing. What once triggered a “normal” survival instinct actually becomes pathological, where we become afraid of real intimacy.

I believe one function of transiting Pluto in Capricorn touching a natal planet or point may be to show us how this kind of exoskeleton is obsolete; that a transit from Pluto in Capricorn can actually illuminate any kind of PTSD-like response so that we can learn to control it and let time and experience serve as a guide in determining when and with whom it’s safe to drop our defenses a bit and expose what we would otherwise be inclined to keep hidden under lock & key.  It’s about learning to parse “normal” survival instincts that serve a legitimate function and that keep us safe from the ones that have – through no particular fault of our own – become twisted.

There is always strong resurrection potential whenever we are dealing with Pluto energy.  But first we have to be willing to burn off all the dross….


Pluto In Capricorn Transits, Part 3

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I’ve been musing about Pluto’s long transit through Capricorn (until 2023) and its effects upon an individual chart; especially when we have personal planets or points being contacted by this astrological heavy hitter.  One thing that occurred to me is the importance of metaphorical “deco stops” throughout our (individual and collective) Pluto in Capricorn journey.   Deco stops – scuba diving slang for “decompression stops” – are a technique  utilized by divers who descend to great depths. The further down a diver swims, the more intense the pressure exerted upon their bodies. This pressure causes the gasses they breathe through their air tanks to expand as they ascend, and if they try to rise to the surface too quickly and aren’t careful, this abrupt change in pressure can cause the gasses to create tiny bubbles in the bloodstream; a potentially life-threatening condition known as decompression sickness or “The Bends”.

To avert this, divers deliberately slow down their ascent and pause at marked depth intervals for a specified period of time, waiting until their body gradually decompresses at each stop as they return to more normal pressures.  The body needs time to acclimate to this transition, for it is not naturally designed to withstand these kinds of forces and then just bob right back up to the surface; no – it needs time to assimilate the intensity of this experience before it can return to operating as normal.

From my own deep dives with Pluto: A bioluminescent jellyfish! A message about learning to make your own Light – even when surrounded by Darkness – while floating through the currents of life. ©EmpoweredDestiny.com 2016

This is not unlike dealing with Pluto in Capricorn…if we think of a Pluto transit as a symbolic journey to our Center – all the way down to the very core of our souls – we can start to see how this metaphor has resonance.  When we experience Pluto in Capricorn contacting a planet or personal point in our chart, what we are dealing with is some heavy-duty, industrial-strength transformation somewhere in our lives.  The changes and challenges we encounter along the way can be profound – often, an old “life” or old way of being “dies” in some way.   Our physical, emotional, psychological, and energetic bodies therefore require time to process the intense experiences that are part and parcel of this metamorphosis; we need metaphorical “deco stops” as we make our preparations to ascend back into the Light.

It is understandable that when one spends a prolonged period of time in the Underworld, one might then find themselves in a rush to return to the surface and feel sunlight upon their face, for Pluto in Capricorn is the epitome of dense and heavy…at times its energy can feel like concrete cinder blocks that may threaten to drag us toward a cold, dark, bottom.   Proper integration is essential for this reason; especially on a psychological level.  We must therefore begin our ascent slowly and carefully, periodically checking our watches to ensure that we are spending enough time at each and every stop (hmmm…perhaps this entails processing loss to a degree,  à la the Kubler-Ross 5 stages of grieving) on the journey upward.  These pauses should be thought of as a time to take stock, gradually releasing as we go the weight – the ballast – associated with such a serious transformational process.

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The Pluto/Uranus Square’s Curtain Call

David Bowie has just passed over to The Other Side, folks – a sad day for all of Rock n Roll indeed! Bowie was a 17 degree Capricorn Sun and thus strongly affected by the current curtain call of the Pluto/Uranus square; very literally manifesting as his shocking (Uranus) death (Pluto). I would wager, though, with Pluto making its excruciating slow march toward his Sun that he had probably seen that freight train coming on the horizon a looooong time ago, even though it seemed sudden to all of us here on the outside. Pluto transits are like that, though…they are very private and interior. But we can even see the Plutonic themes very strongly in the title of his swan song work, “Lazarus”; the Uranian edge coming in as he sings about being “free”.

May he find true liberation in death…his work will always and forever remain immortal, which I think is about the highest honor any Capricorn could ever hope to achieve.  ❤


Knowing Your Own (Astrological) Kind

Every now and again, I like to play a little game that’s kind of like the astrological version of “Name That Tune” – with as minimal a series of clues as possible, I try to figure out somebody’s Sun sign or another dominant astrological signature in their chart.

Case in point: I recently attended a viewing of the new Star Wars movie, and while I though the rest of the main cast did a perfectly satisfactory job in their roles, the standout performer for me was Adam Driver as the evil Kylo Ren. Which is not all that surprising, as I am fairly Plutonic so like a good villain now and again and do tend to have a pretty good radar for spotting the energy of the Dark Side in others.

It wasn’t until I was waiting in line with another fellow moviegoer to exit the theater and chatting casually with her that I caught the actor’s name since I wasn’t familiar with his body of work, and it was also at this juncture she informed me offhand that he was a former Marine.

Hmmm…played an über villain AND was a Marine IRL, you say? I sense some Plutonic energy there…sounds like Scorpio to me, I thought. I pulled out my phone in order to either confirmKyloRen or refute my initial suspicion when a cursory search of the intewebz revealed that Mr. Driver is indeed Plutonic; a Scorpio Sun ruled by an extra-powerful Pluto in Scorpio and with Pluto loosely conjunct career-making Saturn!

Yup, I can smell the Dark Side from about a mile away, apparently…I can Name That Sign in just two clues, LOL!

Laughingly, I thought to myself with THAT astrological signature, the dear boy will certainly have to watch out for the possibility of being typecast, as the “Plutonian as Villain” shtick would indeed tend to be a natural fit for him – looks like we have a professional villain on our hands, folks! But perhaps in his next big role, he’ll decide to take on more of an anti-hero role…who knows?

All that aside, I’m thinking the trait of being able to suss out others’ (astrological) energies like this could well be the work of a sharpened Venus/Pluto influence. Plutonic peeps are by nature investigative and energy-responsive anyway, but when I contemplate the quality of Venus added to this I can’t help but think that – on an inner level – we may be particularly able to sense energetic “sameness” in others….what say you?

**Walks away humming “You’re one of my kind…”**


Pluto In Capricorn Transits, Part 2

In part 1 of this series, I spoke of how Pluto in Capricorn represents the concept of something deteriorating over time. When a planet or personal point in our chart is touched by this placement, things don’t just fall apart on us “all of the sudden” –  it’s gradual and slow; ostensibly because of the gravitas attached to this transformational process. When a termination occurs under Pluto in Capricorn, it’s not uncommon for it to be a drawn-out, prolonged sort of demise – the blessing in this is we have ample time during this transitional state to put our ducks in a row and prepare for the new reality or “new normal” that awaits us on The Other Side so it’s less of a shock to the system. A planned ending or extraction may indeed come into play; possibly one that runs on a delay while all the proper elements/steps are calculated, organized, and then systematically executed. For the transformation of Pluto in Capricorn isn’t likely to be quick or easy; it is hard, time-consuming work that is often fraught with obstacles, so we may need to take our time. If we are spiritually inclined, this may be an instance where petitioning Ganesha – the tusked pachyderm deity known as the Remover of Obstacles in the Hindu pantheon – may come in handy.

A statuette of Ganesha courtesy of the Walters Art Museum.
A statuette of Ganesha courtesy of the Walters Art Museum.

I should also speak to another important facet of Pluto-in-Capricorn endings, as they’re apt to be very matter-of-fact. Capricorn’s energy has the effect of minimizing the potential trauma attached to this ordeal so it’s more of an “Alright, let’s get on with it” kind of thing where we handle the situation an adult manner instead of kicking and screaming about it. Anything that dies on Pluto in Capricorn’s watch should be looked at as legitimately non-functional, and while a post-mortem autopsy as to the cause(s) may prove useful, the expiration may have been more or less anticipated for some time thus dialing down the drama-factor considerably. When we’ve seen it coming and/or know that normal life expectancy has more or less been reached in a situation, it can be considerably less upsetting/tragic. The Hi-Fi use of this energy handles endings maturely; seeing no practical good in making them any harder than they need to be and preferring instead to conserve energy for rebuilding.

On that note, picking up where I left off re: this placement’s capacity for “constructive destruction”, I think of it as a “controlled implosion” similar to the demolition of the old hotels and casinos along the Vegas Strip. Capricorn is the Architect and Master Builder, and if the metaphorical footings are rotten or a structure is obsolete in our lives, building code dictates that it’s going to have to come completely down if a new skeleton is to be erected in the footprints of What Once Stood Before. We cannot simply piecemeal things together – we have to scrap it and rebuild, but the RIGHT way! As I alluded to earlier, it is a systematic overhaul, and these kinds of things are never overnight.

When Pluto in Capricorn touches a planet or point in the nativity, sometimes instead we are able to salvage something that is still useful to us or that can be repurposed…this may simply be the “life lessons” we’ve distilled by experiencing this process of disintegration. But in cases where a full razing isn’t required, it is important to take our time reinforcing the weak areas that have been degrading in order to build them up from the inside out – consider this metaphor in a psychological context as well. I would say that in certain cases, the destruction of Pluto in Capricorn may indeed be preventable, but the problem is preventative maintenance is often let go with this placement so that whatever has fallen into disrepair eventually goes off the rails completely. A failure to hit the brakes before this point-of-no-return can absolutely prove fatal, so when we see fissures appearing in the walls the keynote is to stop and address them because they’re not just cosmetic and more than likely indicate a severe underlying issue.

Whether we start over on more solid underpinnings or are able to arrest the process of deterioration in its tracks with the aid of some heavy restructuring, it’s important that any demo work be done carefully and respectfully. Something *has* to come down when Pluto in Capricorn touches our chart, but by handling the teardown process responsibly and with honor, we set the right energetic precedent for the “rebuilding” part of the equation. In some respects the moment we stop resisting the letting go process the reconstruction can already be considered underway, because it’s all about eliminating stale, locked-up energy; especially that which has somehow become ingrained in the status quo. And holding space for this to unfold in due time is important, because a quality restoration matters.

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Planetary Archetypes In Nature, Part 2

My shaman friend Deana once told me that my line of work and hers weren’t all that different; astrology deals with the energy of heavenly archetypes (i.e. the sun/moon/planets/stars) while shamanism works with the earthly manifestations of these archetypes via animal symbolism. I have always been an animal lover, but my relationship to the animal kingdom experienced a huge shift after that conversation, as now I saw them more as living, breathing symbols in their own right and finally understood that all those dreams I’d been having of various critters almost nightly all my life weren’t simply neat oddities spawned by my abiding love for fauna. No, the critters themselves actually carried messages, so I started pondering and/or researching their symbolism whenever I would come upon them in my dreams or in real life.

Why the preface, you ask? Because yesterday when I was in the garden harvesting some stray heirloom tomatoes and preparing to pull up a few beets to roast in this chilly autumn weather, I had quite an interesting encounter in the carrot row. Gathering the small pile of tomatoes into my arms, I turned to bring them inside before focusing my attention on the selection of beets when I heard something rustling in the leaves below. My gaze fell toward my feet and the black landscape fabric beneath that was radiating heat garnered from the absorption of afternoon rays, when I suddenly spied a small snake – he must have been trying to warm himself up when my movements startled him and sent him into hiding beneath the tangled mass of carrot fronds nearby!

A living, breathing terrestrial manifestation of Pluto energy!
A living, breathing terrestrial manifestation of Pluto energy!

Naturally, I quickly placed my bounty on the ground and moved closer to inspect – he darted from my grasp and even tried to strike at me a few times before I was finally able to pick him up and have a good look at him. I told him aloud that I wasn’t going to hurt him – he responded by repeatedly flicking a red and black forked tongue over in my direction, as if suspicious of my stated intent.  He was a juvenile Eastern Brown Snake about a foot long and no wider than my pinky, and by the look of his milky eyes it seemed he was getting ready to molt.

Now you may recall from a previous post how snakes are linked to Pluto energy – would it surprise you then to know I caught this little fella basking in the Sun just as the Sun and Pluto were approaching a square to one another? I always love it when life/nature imitates astrology…! So as not to cause the snake further distress, I placed him back where I had found him and he wasted absolutely no time in slithering deep into the carrots to make himself invisible. But this story is an excellent example of the old “As Above, So Below” axiom in action – if you see it in the sky, look closer because you’ll see it on the ground, too. There is no real division between Heaven and Earth  – it’s just an illusion if the spiritual and material worlds seem separate because the reality is it’s all intertwined…


Pluto’s Snakeskin

Image of Pluto’s “snakeskin” surface comes courtesy of the New Horizons Spacecraft @ NASA.

Wow, this Pluto thing just keeps getting better & better, doesn’t it? Now NASA has revealed that Pluto appears to have a surface reminiscent of snakeskin, something that definitely comes as no surprise to both astrologers & Plutonians alike! In astrological lore, Pluto energy has long been analogous to a snake shedding its skin – I’m not kidding; pick up pretty much any beginner’s book on astrology or perform a cursory internet search using these terms and you’re virtually guaranteed to come across this metaphor.

Boy, for or a bunch of pseudoscience kooks, we astrologers sure do seem amazingly clued in sometimes, don’t you think? 😉 As I once remarked elsewhere, someday science will catch up with the things astrology already knows. It’s all part of the joys of this being a Uranian art – people think you’re crazy when actually you’re just way ahead of the times. Like, apparently decades ahead in this case…!

And one better?  The sign of Capricorn is associated with (among many other things) the skin, so how fitting with Pluto currently traversing Capricorn that we’re getting a good look at Pluto’s epidermis!


Pluto In Capricorn Transits, Part 1

DeterioratingOverTimeThere are many layers of interpretation regarding Pluto’s passage through Capricorn, but for the purposes of this particular post, right now I want to discuss one key concept of this placement…that is the idea of something deteriorating over time. It’s not as if a situation, a relationship, etc. immediately falls apart if/when touched by Pluto in Capricorn; rather it takes its time unraveling. Think: a controlled collapse, or a brick-by-brick demolition. Pluto in Capricorn’s passage through a specific house of our chart or contact to a planet or personal point in our nativity signifies that something is very likely undergoing a process of being gradually – perhaps even carefully and deliberately – deconstructed.

Because nothing touched by Pluto’s hand can ever stay the same, it is highly unlikely that Humpty Dumpty will ever be put back together again in exactly the same way. However, there is also an equally good chance that whatever it is may yet live on in another, more solid or mature form after that Limit Break has been reached and the non-functional status quo subsequently flushed down the tubes. There is usually a razing involved with Pluto transits, but while this planet traverses Capricorn this will take its time in happening and we will see it coming (read: have ample warning) quite possibly YEARS before whatever it is actually dies – we’ll hear that freight train coming looooong before it actually hits. It’s not as fatalistic as it sounds, I assure you – the process of destruction can actually be quite constructive with Pluto in Capricorn….more on that later.

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Pluto Calling!

LOL, if you change up the lyrics a bit, this song is actually totally apropos for Mercury square Pluto, which is exact as I post.

Pluto has been calling me quite a bit lately, actually – I’ve had many Platinum Plutonians emerging from the woodwork and getting in touch in recent months. Most recently, it was a Scorpio girlfriend from 20 years ago texting me from out of the clear blue sky. Now I am a Plutonian as well, and usually when contact between myself and another dies off, I tend to just leave it wherever it lies and am not prone to reconnecting with people once the line has gone silent for whatever reason. But she has always been an exception to this general rule and I have thought of her fondly over the years – we were separated when she moved halfway across the country and lost touch during the tumultuous upheaval that was my youth…somewhere during my many changes of residence, I had lost her contact info. We were mutually jazzed to reconnect with one another and spent some time chatting on the phone and catching up – she is actually living in (of all places!) Sin City – I can’t think of a more hilariously apt locale for Scorpio!

I’ve also re-established contact with a Moon-Pluto woman whom I’ve always seen as sort of a surrogate mother figure. Tragically, she lost her home in a fire earlier this year…she had no idea she was a Moon conjunct Pluto gal, and yet for some reason has been inexplicably (well, unless you know astrology, LOL) drawn to Phoenix symbols to adorn her home, which is in the process of being rebuilt from the ashes as we speak (better than ever)! Truly, the stories she has about this are freakishly cool – I will save them for another time as this makes a very interesting astro-post all on its own.

There have been at least a half dozen instances of Plutonians connecting or re-connecting with me since this Pluto transit of mine kicked in. I do love & appreciate the higher-flying versions of this breed and have said for eons there is always room for another at my table. I don’t voluntarily orbit in the company of the Lo-Fi variants, though, and have theorized it might be because I scare them off…a bright light in a room will tend to send all the cockroaches scuttling for cover, LOL!

I do love and appreciate good Plutonians, though….they are a rarer breed by nature because Pluto energy can so easily corrupt, but there is none better than a Hi-Fi Plutonian ally. It would seem life appears to be sending them my way in droves and when you’re right in the midst of a major Pluto transit, lemme tell ya, there is no one else you would want supporting you! It’s a bit of funny role reversal for me as I have spent decades of my life always being the go-to (Plutonian) person for others during times of crisis and loss; the proverbial Ferryman across the river Styx shepherding lost souls through major transition.  Now I am on the receiving end.

BatSignalPerhaps since I spent so many years as an agent in his service, Pluto felt some small recompense was due and decided to bust out the Bat Signal on my behalf; psychically or subliminally communicating with his minions and giving them the impetus get in touch with me en masse. Regardless if this was the case or not, they have all proved to be invaluable resources for which I am very grateful. On a personal growth level, one other thing I can say is these contacts have all allowed me to strip away a protective shell of guardedness so people can communicate with and meet me at deeper, more authentic level, and I truly do treasure this. So if your BatPhone starts ringing off the hook, definitely don’t be afraid to pick it up and see if it’s Pluto calling….


Pluto Transits To Venus: Vulture Love!

Meet my new buddy, the Turkey Vulture!

Ever since this Pluto transit kicked in, I have experienced some pretty wild encounters on the Vulture Medicine front. One of the most memorable was the time I came upon a flock of about 20-25 ominously large Turkey Vultures perched upon the lower boughs of a decaying old sugar maple one evening during a run. They were probably only about 30 feet away from me and didn’t even startle as I passed…it was surreal and made the hair on the back of my neck stand straight up in a combination of awe and also a vague sense of foreboding – I knew that life wasn’t likely to be the same after an encounter like that, as that’s some Big Medicine!

Vultures are an earthly manifestation of Plutonic energy, you see, and may appear to us at times when an old way of life is passing as harbingers of this transition. They are carrion feeders, so there is an element of learning how to spiritually sustain ourselves from the decay that surrounds us. Fortunately (LOL, that’s my gallows humor, folks!) I am well-versed in the practice of finding gold in the shadow…

So on a recent sunny summer day I …Read More…

Quantifying An “Omen”

Omen (n) : a prophetic sign; something that happens that is regarded as a sign of how somebody or something will fare in the future. See also “portent”.

As fairly Plutonic person, I find that am perpetually seeing “signs” everywhere – it is somewhat of an occupational hazard, you might say, when this planet is active in your nativity. Things that might otherwise remain invisible to others tend to stand out to me as if they’ve been bathed in Luminol, LOL.

However, I realize that it can be challenging for many to work out exactly how to know if something is indeed an omen. That’s a tad hard for me to put into words, actually – when you’re naturally inclined to latch onto even the smallest of details and follow them like a proverbial breadcrumb trail and don’t believe that anything in life is a mere coincidence, synchronicity is found EVERYWHERE. Yet for the sake of this post, I will try anyway so that readers may understand – beyond a shadow of a doubt – exactly how to identify an omen.

So here is a related anecdote for you: Tonight on my way home from the gym, I saw one of these:

© EmpoweredDestiny.com 2015. All rights reserved.
© EmpoweredDestiny.com 2015. All rights reserved.

Cool, right?

But just two weeks (to the day) earlier, I had seen another:

© EmpoweredDestiny.com 2015.  All rights reserved.
© EmpoweredDestiny.com 2015. All rights reserved.

Ok, a little weird, but still pretty cool.

What if I told you, though, that exactly three weeks before this instance – after emerging from a very profound healing session on the Gemini New Moon (that was conjunct Mars, BTW) – ANOTHER had appeared before me?

©EmpoweredDestiny.com 2015
© EmpoweredDestiny.com 2015. All rights reserved.

Yeah, that’s just SPOOKY! “Can you hear me NOW? Good!”

Always on a Tuesday, the day of the week ruled by Mars. And always lingering just long enough for me to get the shot before it literally vanished into thin air right in front of my eyes. Is it coincidence also that magical Neptune is currently affecting my (Plutonic-flavored) 8th House Mars, LOL? I don’t think you get much more magical than a rainbow, do you? Those are certainly neat correlations, but the primary takeaway for me lies in contemplating the symbolism of rainbows, which I always take as a harbinger of happiness after a difficult period (i.e. the preceding storm). Here is a quote from famed astrologer Isabel Hickey (rest her soul) regarding 8th house energies, taken directly from her fabulous book Astrology: A Cosmic Science – “Every 8th House operation is a celestial messenger in disguise and a challenge to penetrate this disguise and become the recipient of the blessing he bears. In the wake of an 8th House storm there is always a rainbow if we but lift our eyes to perceive it.

So what’s the moral of this story? You cannot go wrong if you abide by the old Rule Of Three regarding omens! There is no way – in this writer’s humble opinion – if you encounter something via three separate instances, that it’s NOT a sign! This is roughly the equivalent of being hit in the head with a Cosmic 2 x 4, in my estimation. So if all else fails and you’re not sure if something is a sign or not? Watch how many more times it manifests – you’ll have yourself a definitive answer!

Trips, bay-bee - read 'em and weep!
Trips, bay-bee – read ’em and weep!


Pluto Has A Heart….

Pluto's Heart
Proof that Pluto does indeed have a heart! Image comes courtesy of the New Horizons Spacecraft @ NASA, which made a close approach to Pluto on 7/14/2015.

Well this news certainly comes as no surprise to any Venus/Pluto native, LOL!

The high-functioning Venus/Pluto heart beats powerfully – its love goes deeper than even the most yawning of subterranean chasms. For it has been consecrated many times over by offerings made upon on a funeral pyre; these dying rites serving to transform the love nature into a truly supernatural force.  The Venusian Phoenix has made multiple journeys within to illuminate and vanquish its relationship demons, these acts serving to consecrate a heart that may have previously resided in the shadow of ignorance, or that might have even committed a multitude of sins.  Venus/Pluto love swallows you whole with its intensity – it will drag you through the territory of obsession and compulsion, force you to get “down in it”, suck you into the undertow of dysfunction…until you arrive at the threshold where decide you’ve had enough loss and strip it all away to look at the darkness found reflected back to you in the mirror of Another.  It is there that you will unearth a treasure trove of insight about the very nature of love itself that will lead you out The Other Side; what it is, what it isn’t, and also how it can be damaged, renewed, or uncovered.

(Hint: it is always found within!)

I have also found, through my own journeys with Venus/Pluto, there is something to the concept of a graceful exit; being able to let go kindly when the time has come. To be fair and loving when you know in your soul that a relationship has hit a point of no return so you both might let go and find love again.  Many times when a relationship meets an end, instead of blessing and releasing it can be all too easy to blight.  We cannot truly let go if we still hold onto things like anger, bitterness, resentment, or other sundry negative emotion, and I believe the prominent heart-shaped stamp on Pluto’s face can serve as a reminder that even in death it is all about love.


The Pluto/Saturn Mutual Reception, Revisited

Saturn is just about to dip back into Scorpio tomorrow for a final 3 month long foray before leaving this sign for good (well, the foreseeable future, anyway!) in September. This reignites a mutual reception between Saturn and Pluto, as both planets will once again come to reside in each other’s domicile. The vibe of this is heavy and intense, and one thing that has been a recurring theme for me in contemplating the co-mingling of these energies over the last 2 1/2 years is the concept of a power:weight ratio.

The power:weight ratio is something you hear about often within the context of auto racing circles. You want enough weight on your vehicle to keep the rubber on the road – this helps you to have better control and avoid doing a wheelie, as the most effective use of energy always involves a straight line since the least amount of waste occurs when this happens. But you also don’t want so much weight on your car that too much drag is created, as this would essentially render your horsepower ineffective.

If we were to take this premise and look at it in a more metaphorical sense, Saturn is an energy that we associate with weight; i.e. responsibility, burden, duty, etc.. Pluto, on the other hand, concerns our personal power and the ability to make major gear shifts (transformations) in life. It is the internal combustion powerplant that takes stored energy and transmutes it into kinetic energy in order to propel us forward.

It takes skillful management – and sometimes lots of trial and error – to get this ratio just right. We need to be grounded in reality and aware of the responsibilities we carry so that we use our personal power correctly and not corruptly. Doing so prevents us from the repercussion that would otherwise come from dumping them off somewhere they don’t belong. Conversely, we also need to be very aware of the weight of duty so that it doesn’t suck us down the tubes, because it does have a definite undertow now. Some time ago, I wrote in one of my newsletters about how this is an optimal time to cut losses – when we’ve invested a lot of time, money, energy, support, etc. in something or someone and it just hasn’t provided a concrete return for our efforts, we also need to know when it is time to fold. It is self-protective to do so and provides us a lesson in survival basics to cut the rope on any anchor we’ve been holding that would otherwise pull us under.

I believe there is value in honoring our commitments even when the road seems treacherously difficult. But that said, when this moves to an extreme point that it actually on some level threatens to kill us (psychically, emotionally, energetically) with its crushing weight, this is something altogether different. Under this mutual reception, I have seen a lot of people learning the hard way to protect their energies by cutting certain ties – even when they have been previously afraid to do because of the prospect of loss (emotional, financial, etc.). I have also witnessed those who have had the weight of the world held up on their shoulders (either by circumstance or on a self-imposed basis) and cringed when this got to the point their knees eventually bucked under the strain and they were sent crashing to the ground. Being “the strong one” or “Man/Woman of Steel”, if you prefer, can carry its own shadow – it may actually be something that limits intimacy and the capacity for deep exchange on a soul level. If this sounds like a resonant theme in your life, definitely work on it, because this mutual reception is all about grinding out our psychological “baggage” so we can fortify ourselves from the very core of our being outward and reclaim our power.

This mutual reception says above all else: Learn exactly what you can (or can’t) let go of. If a debt is legitimately yours, make good on it because this will help keep Saturn’s karmic “wheels” (or perhaps that’s “rings” LOL?) planted firmly on the ground so they don’t come boomeranging back at you later. But don’t keep a death grip on a burden that is not yours (or entirely yours) to bear, either, because it can crate hellacious drag and under this energy others may be all too willing to try pawning theirs off on good old reliable, responsible You – shut that shit down! There is a higher likelihood of there being joint responsibilities (energetically, emotionally, fiscally) in a scenario that has broken down now – accept only your part in it and don’t take on somebody else’s shit on top of your own, because doing so robs them of the necessary lesson that they do indeed have to clean up their own messes.

If you are dealing with a situation in your own life where your energy is feeling sapped but you are unsure of whether or not the right thing to do is to suck it up or to stop and drop, consider putting a hard deadline on making a firm decision about whether to pull your chips out. Ideally, this would be before Sept 17th when Saturn leaves Scorpio for good and this mutual reception comes to a close.


Planets As Superheroes (Or Supervillains…)

Image credit: Rodney C Jacobsen
Image credit: Rodney C Jacobsen

I’m always entertained whenever Art imitates Astrology – case in point: Magneto of Marvel Comics fame! This world-class supervillain shares many characteristics of the archetypal Pluto, though he does range toward the darker expression of this planet’s energy overall. Magneto is known as the Master of Magnetism, and as any astrology 101 book will tell you, Pluto’s energy works on this very same metaphorical principle – the invisible power to draw, pull, compel, or fascinate. Plutonic energy exerts dense gravitational force much like a magnet – it enthralls and captivates; almost as if a spell or tractor beam were placed upon us. Now Magneto may exemplify the more literal side of Pluto energy with his supernatural power over magnetism, but there are plenty of other ways their characteristics appear strikingly similar.

In most storylines, Magneto is depicted as being bent on power and destruction – both qualities that resonate with the Lo-Fi expression of Pluto. Beyond surface appearances, though, his story is far more complex as befits his alignment with this planet. His underlying motivations in seeking power and repeated attempts to destroy humanity are to – in his point of view – save the mutant race from the prospect of extinction at the hands of mankind.

Why is this so? Check this shit out: His background includes …Read more…

A (Final?) Saturn In Scorpio Message

As Mercury – the messenger of the gods – joins with Saturn in the last degrees of Scorpio this evening, I thought it would be a perfect time to put out a possibly final Saturn in Scorpio memorandum. It deals with personal accountability (a Saturn fave) and why it’s especially important to own our shadows as Saturn prepares to weigh anchor and leave for Sagittarius in less than a month’s time. Scorpio deals with our so-called “shadow sides”; the dark, dysfunctional parts of our makeup that – once conquered – can serve as potent fertilizer for claiming our personal power. With Saturn in Scorpio since late 2012, we have all been collectively faced with repeated tests dealing with our ability to control the qualities, traits, and characteristics that may otherwise have the ability to enslave us to our lowest natures. The tests of power and resultant struggle to master the darkness within represents a true journey of self-mastery from the very cores of our beings. We won’t get many more chances to get these kinds of life lessons right, so tonight I want to reflect upon a subject that often surfaces when we talk about Plutonic energy (which is a catch-all umbrella term for planets found in the sign of Scorpio, located in the 8th House of a chart, or in contact with Pluto).

You may recall from a previous newsletter I did on the topic of Saturn in Scorpio, that one major keynote of this energy has involved being nuclear conscious of what we’re taking from vs. what we are contributing to the collective (read: others’) energy pool. And that a failure to do so during Saturn in Scorpio inevitably leads one to be deemed a “drain”, “leech”, or “energy sink” – in this situation, others are (rightfully) inclined to retract their investment in us, which makes sense because why keep the tap running when we’re being bled out? The self-protective inclination to conserve our energy – whether this be in the form of physical, emotional, or energetic resources – is extremely strong when this planet traverses Scorpio.

Now some on the receiving end of this treatment during the last 2+ years have no doubt cried foul over being cut off like this – and it’s precisely this phenomenon that I want to address tonight. Plutonic individuals – that is, those with a preponderance of Scorpio planets, an abundance of planets located in the 8th House of their chart, and/or contacts from Pluto to key planets in their nativities – are prone to having a reputation for cutting people off. While it’s true that a prevalence of these kinds of energies means we’re Read More….