President Orcus


Note: The information contained in this post is derived from astrologer Jeremy Neal’s excellent book on Orcus.  In my opinion all astrologers and serious astrological students should consider this book required reading, as despite its small size this energy packs an incredibly powerful punch.  Read on to understand why I say this…

There’s a big new player on the astro-scene, and its name is Orcus.  Orcus is a relatively recent discovery; a Trans-Neptunian Object found in the Kuiper Belt back in 2004.  It is a very close cousin to Pluto as it has a similar size, elliptical orbit, and orbital period but the two remain locked in opposite orbital phases; visually forming a sort of Venn diagram with Neptune’s orbit representing the overlap between the two.  When Orcus is closest to the Sun, Pluto is furthest away and vice versa – this has sometimes caused it to be referred to as the “anti-Pluto”.

Orcus first grabbed my attention a few years ago – I was reading Jeremy Neal’s treatise on the subject; specifically the section on its ties to McCarthyism and the witch hunts that later became synonymous with the Republican senator from Wisconsin. Something about Neal’s description immediately caused bells and whistles to go off in my head; so loudly that I actually had to stop reading mid-chapter in order to pull a chart.

Hmm, now where had I sensed this energy signature before?  This M.O. just seemed so familiar…ah, yes – Donald Trump!  Donald J. Trump first made it onto my radar back when he was spearheading the whole “Birther Movement” hoopla against Obama.  Sure I had seen him on TV here and there throughout the 80’s & 90’s and later had an awareness of his mid-2000’s reality TV series “The Apprentice” in which he was famous for playing the role of judge/executioner as he coldly issued forth the tagline “You’re fired” from the head of chair a shadowy boardroom conference table, but Trump never made much of a blip for me until after this point in his career. Keep in mind all of this was long before his White House bid ever happened – it wasn’t until he started getting very political circa 2011 that I began to formulate any kind of real opinion on the man at all.

As I watched Donald devolve from a multimillionaire celebrity I was fairly indifferent about to arguably one of *the* most vociferous, belligerent, and frankly contemptible voices among the (IMO largely xenophobic and/or racist) Birther Movement ranks (hellooo, remember the monkey meme?!) , my disgust began to balloon to immeasurable proportions.  It wasn’t just how he went about demanding Obama produce a birth certificate; it was listening to him talk out of turn about his (obviously very limited) understanding of the differences between “Birth Certificate” vs. “Certificate of Live Birth”. Listen buddy, I’m an astrologer – I deal with birth record issues all day long.  I can assure you that just because a document says “Certificate of Life Birth” instead of “Birth Certificate”, this is not at all suspicious!  But so convinced of his righteousness was he that he just continued along doing what he does so well, which as far as I can surmise at this juncture appears to be talking out of his ass. The real icing on the cake, though, was watching him subsequently be proven wrong only to turn around and give himself a self-congratulatory pat on the back that he was “proud [he] could do what no one else could” and get Obama to produce a birth certificate.

It was right then and there he showed me the true measure of his character. If you can’t even admit you were wrong or offer up an apology when you tried to ruin someone’s life/career/reputation erroneously and have not one single drop of remorse over the McCarthy-like witch hunt you were leading, this in my opinion smacks of narcissism and at the very least should serve as a red-flag indicator that something is indeed very wrong.  So long story short you can see why – when years later when I was reading this book on Orcus and its ties to the McCarthy era – my mind would immediately say “Huh – all of this sounds very familiar. Better go look at Donald’s chart to see if we have Orcus Bingo.”  And lo and behold, look what I found…!

Donald Trump is a veritable Orcus-Palooza – Orcus is less than 3 degrees away from his Sun while being conjunct his North Node by less than 1 degree, too; a strong astrological marker the energy of this celestial body is indelibly entwined in his DNA for better or worse. But that’s not the whole of it – Trump was born on an eclipse; making Orcus simultaneously opposite his Moon and South Node.  As he is a Leo Rising he gets triple bonus points for having Orcus conjunct his chart ruler (the Sun) as well – this combination of factors serves as an astrological trifecta that denotes Orcus’ energy as very prominent in his personality. The Sun, Moon, and ASC/chart ruler provide clues as to the dominant notes of our character and when they are all tied up with the same celestial body that planet’s energy will loom large in our life.  Add in the fated Nodes to the equation and that cosmic energy will align with your destiny; again, for better or for worse.

What are some key themes of Orcus energy?  Per Jeremy Neal, some keywords include (but are not limited to): “Integrity, authenticity, implacability, ruthlessness, loneliness, isolation, ‘dark night of the soul’, alienation, meditation and prayer, spiritual depth, determination, diehard, unbreakable, detached, merciless, inhumane, cruel.”  He makes a point of saying that constructive expressions of this energy *are* possible, but they are also extraordinarily difficult for a human of ordinary consciousness to manifest and require a strong spiritual slant in order to do so.  Intriguingly, Neal also mentioned Orcus’ capacity for immense wealth; something that may be sought in lieu of the incredible spiritual wealth it does seem to offer the potential for on the other side of the coin.  Since we already know DJT clearly is *not* an ascetic, I do have some concerns about his ability to express the higher potential of Orcan energy – especially when combined with that troublesome word “integrity”.  On p.98 of his book, Neal points out that “A consistency of integrity is based upon applying a rigorous standard of behavior, even to one’s own detriment.” – I have not seen this from Trump; a man who vociferously calls someone else out to produce a birth certificate and yet won’t produce his own tax returns when called upon to do so during his very own presidential bid.  To say this is a troubling sign would be an understatement.

But wait; there’s more.  It gets better, because if you read the book on Orcus you will also note Neal draws ties between Orcus and Nazi Germany – in light of this information, I don’t think those who are alarmed about Trump having white nationalists in his cabinet are overreacting in the slightest.  Again, please keep in mind this book was written long before DJT ever threw his hat in the American presidential ring and Neal himself does not make this association; he merely objectively states what his (very thorough) research has unearthed about Orcus. It was my own personal feelings and connection to this archetypal energy that had me making the link and I certainly have no wish at all for it to appear as if I were putting words in his mouth!  Personally I have yet to come across anyone else in the astrological community covering the Orcus angle of Donald Trump, and I only made the connection as a result of Neal’s incredibly insightful and impeccably-researched magnum opus. I’m not saying that no one else has made this correlation; rather what I merely attempt to convey is that from what I’ve seen to date most astrologers appear to be focusing instead on Trump’s Uranus, which is two degrees further away from his Sun/Nodes than Orcus and thus not as strong an influence.  On a fundamental level, Astrology 101 tells us the closer to exact an astrological aspect is, the louder it “talks”.  Therefore it is my opinion that excluding Orcus from consideration and interpretation would prove a grave mistake in this case.

I also found it interesting to read about Orcus’ ties to crime & punishment, now finding it an eerie “coincidence” the name of Trump’s VP is Mike Pence, which sounds an awful lot to me like the word “penance”.  Peas and carrots, it would seem.

The cherry on top of all of this, though, is the fact Donald Trump’s presidency coincides (not surprisingly) with America’s Orcus Return. I came to this realization upon reading p.154 of “Orcus” wherein Neal cited the USA’s Orcus as being at 9 degrees Virgo.  Currently, transiting Orcus is just about on top of it as we speak.  The translation: If anyone wants a good astrological view of Orcan energy and how it works/what it is all about, they need look no further than the USA over the next 4 years; specifically at the Trump Administration and its behaviors/policies.  America may indeed be on the threshold of its much-publicized Pluto Return, but first it has to get through Orcus.


PS: And for goodness sake, even if you aren’t an astrologer go buy the book and just skip over the technical parts!  Especially if you are American or just want to better understand the energetic essence of what the USA is dealing with for the foreseeable (political) future, this is a must-read!

16 thoughts on “President Orcus

  1. I loved this Alethea. I’m very hopeful that this aspect or transit or whatever it’s actually called is short-lived. Not sure I’d be happy with Pence as president either but I can’t imagine Trump sticking around for four years. Seems like the type that would walk away when it’s not fun anymore, or maybe be impeached when genuine illegalities arise.

  2. Thank you for the lovely compliment, Meg! America’s Orcus Return lasts for roughly a three year period where Orcus rolls back and forth (due periodic retrograde movement) over the USA’s own Orcus. It won’t clear the spot it keeps grinding over until June 2019, and even then the residue will linger because this is a really slow-moving celestial body. After this it will come to square to our nation’s ASC/DC axis from our 9th house, making a large and lasting impact on foreign relations. The duration of approximately one presidential term would seem about right in my book, with a sort of residual ripple effect going on.

    Much like a Pluto transit there is the potential for transformation with Orcus…I’m just hoping this doesn’t come as the result of solitary confinement -style reformation as we slowly alienate ourselves from the rest of the world à la North Korea. IMO, DJT is the personification of “The Ugly American” stereotype other nations have come to loathe us for; the embodiment of obnoxiousness, capitalist greed, and the tendency to selfishly think the world revolves around us. This statement may be controversial, but from a spiritual point of view I do believe there is a bigger plan and that we will get exactly what we need to get to where we need to go in the end. He is the president we need in order to provoke a deep and lasting self-reflection as to what got us to this point. With the USA’s Orcus in Virgo, I would be looking specifically at healthcare and the alienation/marginalization of the working-class; particularly the blue-collar.

  3. I too love Jeremy Neal’s Orcus book – he is an unusual writer with a lot of depth. I wish he had time to research some more asteroids!! I had not made the connection with DT and am still digesting it!!

  4. Thanks for stopping by Angie! I’d say brilliant rather than unusual 😉 Neal is an excellent astrologer and writer and I have a high degree of respect for his work. Fingers crossed that he does indeed get the opportunity to research and write about some lesser-explored astrological topics – his work is a credit to the profession for sure. What he’s put forth about Orcus most certainly bears out – do you know not coincidentally several months ago I was chatting with another astrologer friend re: the Trump/Orcus connection and when I mentioned how Neal tied Orcus to McCarthyism specifically, my friend subsequently dropped my jaw in revealing that one of Trump’s lawyers was in fact none other than Roy Cohn; Sr. advisor to Senator Joseph McCarthy! Astrology does not lie.

    Here is a link to an article in The New York Times about it if you are interested in reading:

  5. Jeremy Neal, yes I agree he is absolutely brilliant!!! I read Orcus and would read anything written by Jeremy.

  6. My goodness; if it isn’t The Master himself…! 😳 🤯 I’m truly honored & humbled that you would take the time to read & comment, Jeremy – your research & writing was so clear & precise that it immediately brought the image of DJT to mind, so I couldn’t help but follow the train of thought. Thank you for your work; both on Orcus & regarding all of your contributions to the field of astrology. I’ve found deep resonance with your insightful POV on numerous occasions & personally consider you to be the best in the business – as such, I find myself at a loss for how to adequately express what it means to receive a kind note from someone I so admire. 🙏

  7. Bless you! I will try to remember to share this around when I get home next week. Have a great weekend.

  8. I was just reading Neal’s Orcus book last night and immediately made the connections to DJT, which sparked my curiosity about any Orcus placements. And here I find you have sussed out those placements! Thank you for sharing this — curiosity satisfied! Back to the Orcus book…

  9. Thanks for reading! Neal’s writing forms a very definite impression in the mind and it would be curious to see if we were both prompted to draw this same connection based upon a particular passage. It was the section on McCarthyism that did it for me due DJT’s obsessive fixation re: “witch hunts” – one can scarcely hear the term without thinking of the Red Scare era and McCarthy. Indeed this Administration employs very similar tactics; only now the targets are the “Socialist!” policies of Sanders et al – a funny thing really, since DJT and his cronies seem to have nothing at all against corporate socialism.

  10. I made the connection in the discussion of the use of archetypes by Nazi leadership to manipulate the public. Specifically the deliberate association of Hitler with the Messiah archetype. Hitler comparing himself to Jesus. DJT comparing himself to Jesus. Oh so familiar.

  11. A couple of years ago I discovered I have Orcus on my natal Uranus at my Gemini MC square my Virgo Asc., so I hunted around for something to read and found Jeremy’s book a while ago. I was very impressed. Alienation and isolation in the service of spiritual growth specifically resonated with me. When I was a single mother, I simply didn’t go out for long periods of time, and instead, spent my free time studying astrology. I don’t have an ounce of Fascism or McCarthyism in me.but I do focus on fighting it. Although hardly a life or death struggle – yet at least. Just a march every so often. Also, due to Jeremy’s book I discovered that I am one of a handful of post WWII souls born with Orcus conjunct Uranus – Trump is another. Bush and Bill Clinton and even Hillary would be others, but,of course, they have different chart rulers. Regarding isolation, Trump may be around a lot of people, but it is often noted that he has no true friends. A client of mine has Orcus at the midpoint of the Nodal Axis so I googled the subject and ended up scrolling through some of the comments on this site. Very, very interesting to see that the having an Orcus Return in Virgo, and reading what some writers on the thread predicted might be manifesting. Predicting is not an easy task when you haven’t access to the reality that humanity will be dealing with. The first entry says: “Much like a Pluto transit there is the potential for transformation with Orcus…I’m just hoping this doesn’t come as the result of solitary confinement -style reformation as we slowly alienate ourselves from the rest of the world à la North Korea.” Not exactly. Instead we are all either locked in our homes, staying away from others, or fighting about the concept. Virgo isolation in the extreme. Does it seem like this isolation and Fascism will be ending soon? Orcus moves slowly, so, yes, the Sibly Asc/Desc axis will be hit October 2020, February 2021, mid August 2021, through June 2022. I just don’t know. I was hoping Fascism and the Virus would disappear at the same time, That the Orcus square to the Sibley Asc/Desc. is yet to come is making me nervous. Hope that someone respondswith their thought son this.

  12. Hi Diana,

    Thanks for stopping by – as you know, both Uranus and Orcus are slow-movers so when they get within orb of each otherthey stay there for a while. I would wager there are probably more than a few of you out there 😉

    Re: Trump and isolation, I look at it more as him alienating his (would-be or actual) allies – he does that quite frequently in the political arena as well; all while cozying up to America’s enemies. The crazy thing is with those heavy-duty narcissistic traits he displays, I’m sure somewhere in his head he’s fancying himself some kind of master chess player in the political arena whilst everyone else is actually pointing, laughing, or just plain avoiding him. Grandiose thinking certainly is one of the hallmarks of this pathology, after all…

    I do not envy your client; seems like a tough incarnation meeting Orcus at The Crossroads like that! Hopefully your client focuses on that crucially important word “integrity” as Neal so masterfully points out.

    As far as America’s Orcus Return, yes, we are so very much North Korea in a different wrapping these days, I’m afraid…ruled by a cult of personality and the isolation brought about not only via our Dear – I mean, Fearless – Leader’s alienation of our allies, but also through becoming a pariah for our (read: his) complete mishandling of this pandemic. Virgo does rule health matters after all, and I said this would have a lasting impact on foreign relations – I would not be surprised if Americans are not permitted in many countries even long after the pandemic subsides. That healthcare workers, grocery store clerks, cashiers, food service workers, and so many other “essential WORKERS” have borne the brunt of this energy seems sadly apt for the aftermath of an Orcus Return in Virgo. I wish I could say that I see fascism ending, but if history is any teacher and we look back to the Great Depression and Uranus-Pluto Square that gave rise to fascism in the 1930’s and see how long that residue lingered, this may take a while coming off the heels of the GFC of 2008 and most recent Uranus/Pluto Square that only just passed us by from 2012-2015 :-/ The best way we can clean this up right now is to lean hard on Saturn in Aquarius and police our own communities on this and so many other issues. I say this as a White person, but my people failing to take out their own trash in this regard is what has allowed this rampant resurgence of White Nationalism to flourish under this Administration. Not on my watch; I am my brothers’ keeper! A firm understanding of the concept of social responsibility coupled with adherence to the moral obligation we have to protect with equality all within our communities – not *just* our cliques – is what will prevent us from repeating the horrors of the Holocaust.

  13. You continue to bless with the sharing of your insights and perspective, Jeremy – thank you again for all that you continue to do for the astrological community by providing your enlightening POV 🙏


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