Jupiter In Libra Opposite Uranus In Aries, Part 2

jupiterinlibraoppositeuranusinariesWe recently discussed some implications of the current Jupiter/Uranus opposition in Part 1 of this series, but now I want to discuss an entirely different angle of this energy!  Yet another facet of  this vibe is the unrest it tends to generate for social paradigms. Under Jupiter in Libra we now seek similarity of beliefs/worldviews/politics, but with this planet repeatedly opposing Uranus in Aries we’re apt to run into clashes in this respect within our social networks (real life AND digital).  Suddenly people we thought we had a lot in common with out themselves (rather shockingly) with a view that seems…well, perhaps radical or even crazy to us.

Now let me first say that I am all for tolerance regarding a difference of perspective.  But what happens if you find out your crew is entertaining some rather lunatic fringe ideologies?  Say white nationalist (read: Neo-Nazi) views?  I’m cool with a lot of things – I *have* to be, as I’m an astrologer and thus fully aware that people look at a lot of the things *I* believe and think they’re wacky!  This is why I try not to judge.  But even I draw the line at philosophies that preach hate instead of love; prejudice over understanding.  And this is exactly the kind of astrological setup we have going on right now.  The first exact pass of Jupiter in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries just occurred on December 26, 2016 but we have two more hits to get through yet (March 2, 2017 & September 27, 2017) and as such this will be a significant energetic backdrop in the coming New Year.

So what happens when the group ideology abruptly loses resonance with us?  Well, we may seek out a new clique for one – this energy has a very polarizing feel to it initially; one that will tend to push us to find people with more harmonious philosophies.  It’s not that everybody else is crazy and we’re sane, either – in fact, it’s possible for any number or reasons (personally I blame the Mutable Madness that has so dominated 2016 – this year will forever go into the history books as the year the world collectively lost its mind!) that perhaps WE are changing our own beliefs.  Perhaps we’re shocked and upset, thus being inclined to shift our political or moral stance 180 degrees.  Maybe this even triggers more activism out of us.  But one thing is for sure: Our Truth (or at least our perception of it) will change if we’re affected by the opposition between Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries. And perhaps drastically so.  Whether it’s individual or collective, micro or macro, the more polite and balanced views are especially likely to be challenged so that we no longer sit on the fence.

For example: Harkening back to what I said earlier regarding the rise in Neo-Nazi ideologies that I think will occur under this opposition, do we continue to be polite about racism?

In a strictly neutral sense of these words, Uranus is Progressive and Liberal; Jupiter is Conservative.  Uranus can be evolutionary or it can be crazy – there is a reason for the old astrological Uranian axiom which states “Freedom without responsibility is license, not liberty”.  Jupiter can be open-minded or it can be a complete bigot.  Uranus is the group – it symbolically represents clubs, associations, fraternities, and organizations as well as our broader social cliques/communities in general.  Uranus can bring people who have nothing else in common together because they have a common cause/ideal. This can be positive, or it can be negative – what is the KKK but the Arya(ie)n Brotherhood, after all?  Uranus IS in Aries, is it not? Aries rules the head, and skinheads are most definitely a Lo-Fi example of how this fraternal vibe can manifest problematically.  Jupiter is the Promotor or Preacher – in Libra, it seeks to share and spread its Truth by attracting those with compatible views. Gone awry, it can also be incredibly looksist and very much inclined to judge a book by its cover.

Now we see how this series of oppositions can potentially create a fertile breeding ground for all kinds of crazy philosophies to take hold.  The overwhelming tendency for people to seek out a Tribe with whom they morally and politically align means it’s going to be very difficult and will require a lot of awareness to keep this all in check, because the default inclination will be for us to separate into these polarized factions instead of trying to understand the common ground we have with one another.  I’m not suggesting we hold hands and sing kumbaya with would-be members of the Fourth Reich – far from it!  But what we DO need is to stay woke about this dynamic while trying to connect to the greater Truth of Love, because when people are alienated they are far more vulnerable to this kind of radicalization. Instead of distancing ourselves from a friend who is starting to seem a little “out there” in their views, maybe we can try reeling them back in by engaging them around the ideologies we do share.

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