Paging Captain Virgo

LOL, check out this Google Doodle celebrating the 308th birthday of Samuel Johnson; a Virgo – it may be the most Virgo thing I’ve ever seen:

😀  The description of him as a “harmless drudge that busies himself in tracing the original and detailing the signification of words” is what really sealed the deal – I just about died laughing! This is so Virgo, it hurts LOL; way to live up to your astrological archetype, fella! Keep calm and Virgo on!


A Mercury Retrograde Re-Take, Part 2

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North Node In Virgo, South Node In Pisces

“Cultivating discernment on the spiritual path” – this is both a fitting motto for the current placement of the Moon’s Nodes (North Node in Virgo, South Node in Pisces, respectively) and the (sub)title of an actual book by Mariana Caplan.   As soon as I heard this, I sat bolt upright and instantly thought to myself it should be required reading for everybody during the passage of the Moon’s Nodes through these signs (until May 2017), as this is a very resonant concept indeed….particularly for those born with the North Node in Virgo/South Node in Pisces and who are thus currently experiencing (or about to experience) a Nodal Return.   And with Mars traversing psychologically-oriented Scorpio for an extended period this year urging us to confront our shadow material, this would seem to be “just what the doctor ordered”  😉   (Sorry, couldn’t help the Virgo pun there, LOL!)

The full title, if you are interested, is Eyes Wide Open: Cultivating Discernment on the Spiritual Path. And no, in case you were wondering, this is not in any way a paid endorsement; just a correlation that serendipitously appeared to me at the right place and time for me to make the correct astrological association.  I have not read it yet, but it is now on my list strictly *because* of this connection!


Under The Virgo Stellium: The Health Of Your Feet

Virgo – the sign of health and wellness – has been quite supercharged lately! Jupiter arrived in this sign for a year-long tour (see excerpt from my newsletter) back in August, but more recently the planet has also been joined by asteroid Hygiea, Mars, and even Venus! The long and short of it = our wellbeing is (and had been) a pretty big running theme as of late, and with Jupiter’s energy anchoring this whole collection of planets I think it important to take a macro, more holistic view of things rather than just focus on the typical Virgo nuts-and-bolts of diet, nutrition, and exercise alone. Things get a little more “woo-woo” anyway with these planets making oppositions to both Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, so our viewpoint on health matters benefits from looking at health in a more spiritual context as well. Pisces, as the polarity of Virgo, is a more restorative energy than its busy bee counterpart, and we bring our bodies into better balance byWhatIfIToldYou also incorporating complimentary practices for healing and wellness that are more reflective and still in nature. Solitude, meditation, yoga, cultivating a connection with The Divine, focusing on good quality sleep, and even reflexology (which deals with the feet; a Pisces keynote) are favored at this time.

On that note, I decided to make a reflexology appointment the other day. In conversing with my reflexologist, I found myself quite intrigued by how the feet serve as a map for the body’s various systems and internal organs, from the pituitary gland to the spine, liver, and even the lymphatic system. There are corresponding “points” in the feet for EVERYTHING, and her gentle touch served to both relax and to also stimulate all the internal mechanisms of my body that nutrition and exercise alone couldn’t reach.

RainbowFootprintsThe health of our feet can say so much – in Western society, we tend to get hung up on aesthetics rather than look at their appearance as possibly being a helpful diagnostic tool in assessing the potential for certain imbalances within the body. For example, if you have calluses, what points in the body do they correspond to on a reflexology chart? Your spine? Your parathyroid? Maybe it’s not just your shoes or your gait that are causing them…perhaps your body is trying to “protect” these areas with extra skin because the organs they correspond to in the body might be weak or injured for some reason? What about the dreaded cracked heels – do we possibly have some lower back issues and/or are we potentially deficient in Fatty Acids? If we REALLY want to get woo-woo with it, could those cracked heels actually be a sign of a Root Chakra issue? Perhaps some underlying security fears exist and may need to be addressed and there might be some asanas we could also do to help out on that front.

Now I’m obviously neither a doctor, nor a reflexologist, nor do I specialize in medical astrology. But I always find it interesting to examine the subject of health in a more holistic multi-dimensional sense, even if this includes using a more abstract point of view from time to time. So why not use the energy of this Virgo stellium to take a look at YOUR tootsies? Non-judgmentally reflect upon their condition and try to figure out if there’s something they might be trying to tell you about the state of your health?


Jupiter In Virgo


LOL, the above was something I used to tell a Virgo stellium girlfriend of mine once upon a time – I almost got it printed on a workout T-shirt for her to wear to yoga or at the gym, but you know how…particular…Virgo can sometimes be and so I thought better of it in the end! It probably would’ve had to been made of unbleached organic cotton or some other very specific hypoallergenic all-natural fiber, or maybe the font wouldn’t have been quite right, or she might have preferred a v-neck to a crewneck…by now, you are probably getting the picture as to why I ultimately refrained. 😉

But with Jupiter about to enter Virgo for a year-long stay on August 11th, “Keep calm & Virgo on” could well become our new mantra for the next 365+ days! If you’re not subbed to my free monthly newsletter, now would be a good time to do so because the August edition (which will come out on or around the 1st) is featuring an editorial on the subject in question. In this issue I discuss some vital considerations and key themes for this placement, and although I will build on this via some supplemental blog posts on the topic, you are totally missing out if you’re not on the list. Not only is this where I share some of my more insightful musings, but subbing also gets you insider-only access to special promos. You can always unsubscribe at any time if you change your mind later, so what are you waiting for?