Aries Takes Everything At Face Value

Ignoring for a moment other potentially mitigating factors in an individual chart (say, having a strong Scorpio signature or a preponderance of Plutonic energies, for example) the above astrological statement holds quite true in my experience. It rarely occurs to Aries to dig deeper and/or that someone may be talking out their ass, outright lying, or harboring some kind of hidden agenda – there is something straightforward and uncomplicated about this sign where the default assumption is that everything must be quite simple, even when it isn’t. WYSIWYG is, like, their unofficial mantra or something.

I don’t know if that makes Aries naïve or gullible, but there you have it.

Yet with Aries’ ruling planet – Mars – now traversing intricate Scorpio more or less until August 2016, it behooves our Ram to realize that sometimes things are considerably more complex than they initially seem. For roughly the next 6 months, Aries gets a tactical immersion in covert or even psychological ops maneuvers which may or may not include: reconnaissance, surveillance, honing (metaphorical) sniper skillz, and/or baiting an adversary in order to draw out a negative reaction. It’s always warfare to Aries, but now it shifts over to more subtle methods…forget fistfights; it’s picking an opponent off with a strike-and-move gambit from the concealment of the shadows. Unsophisticated components of the persona can now be ditched to add an enriching layer of intrigue where Aries gets to go all “Secret Agent Man” for half a year.
Think: Less Archer, more Ethan Hunt.


All of that aside, there is yet another facet of Mars’ passage through Scorpio that is particularly important for Aries to be exploring now. Quite possibly one of the the highest-functioning uses of this energy, the theme in question is one of “Confronting the shadow within”. Since our brave Aries (and Scorpio) brethren do in particular take their cues from this planet, it looks as if they will definitely want to take note because there is a good chance they may find themselves imbued with the guts to do a little conquering of their Inner Demons sometime during this transit. This, however, is going to have to be a topic for another post…



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