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I always encourage clients to get a feel for the interpretational style of an astrologer before utilizing their services, as each has their own unique “flavor” and techniques they utilize to pull information from a chart.  There are many different schools of astrology as this is an Art that is thousands of years old, practiced in many different regions of the world where each culture and tradition developed its own methodologies for interpretation.  Ergo, I am of the philosophy there is no “wrong” or “right” method of practicing this “Cosmic Science”; however there certainly are varying levels of proficiency among astrologers regardless of the niche they occupy.

Just as you would select any other service provider, it is important to establish some kind of basic rapport with your astrologer so you know whether or not their style is compatible with what you’re looking to get out of a reading.  Astrology is not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing – the energetic connection between practitioner and client has to be the right fit in order for a reading to be effective.  Like picking a hairstylist, you want someone who is going to listen to your needs, make appropriate recommendations, and then nail the execution!

Please consider why it is you are seeking a reading as well. This may seem like an obvious factor, but some can get so excited by the prospect of getting “read”, they’re not clear about what is they hope to receive from the experience.  The clearer you are with yourself, the better your chances are of having a good reading.

Even if you’ve “had your chart done” before, you should also be advised that one person’s take on a chart will not necessarily be the same as another’s.  This is an interpretational Art, and although there may certainly be some common threads, I most definitely bring to the table a point of view that is very uniquely my own.  Add to this the fact there are a variety of different charts an astrologer can prepare based on the kind of information a client is looking for, and it is unlikely you would have the same experience twice.  See my Services Page for more details on the types of charts I commonly use in my work.


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