Mercury Square Neptune: Message In A Bottle

MessageInABottleCommunication always gets weird when Mercury squares Neptune, but just fuggedaboutit when Mercury is also retrograde on top of this! You’ve got about as much of a chance of getting your message across as Sting did when he was marooned on that desert island, LOL! Now I have the unfair advantage of always having the lay of the astrological land 24/7 – I know what astro-energies are in play at any given point in time so am generally able to avoid many of the problematic manifestations of a particular vibe. But I am not infallible, and sometimes there are things that just cannot be avoided despite performing your due diligence.

It goes without saying this is generally a screwed-up time for getting communiqes across (barring assistance via Divine Intervention of course, LOL), but I still chuckle and shake my head whenever something goes awry.

Exhibit A: My spam filter randomly decided to act up on me and hold an important message hostage in a place where I couldn’t immediately see it. Thankfully, I’m pretty good about checking these things – especially during Mercury Rx – so it’s not as if it was lost and left floating around in the ethers indefinitely.

Exhibit B: I had to send an item out in the mail during this square – it needed service and I couldn’t wait the 6+ weeks it was going to take for Mercury to be A) direct and B) free of this square with Neptune. I had a feeling The Trickster was going to screw with me on this one, naturally, so I double checked that I was copying down the mailing address correctly, got insurance, delivery confirmation, made sure I had proper postage, took extra precautions to ensure it was packaged properly so it wouldn’t be damaged in transit, and made sure my penmanship was über legible (not usually a problem anyway when you write in BLOCK CAPS, LOL). I then decided that I couldn’t be too careful, so on top of all this I invoked Mercury’s blessing with a brief litany to Hermes. And what do you think happened?? The $%^&*!# thing came back to me anyway, LOL – sort of like that damn yellow cat! Apparently, somehow the address I had gotten for their service department was an old one, so my package couldn’t be delivered. Arg!

Whenever Mercury is retrograde, it is for sure a test of our flexibility. We have to learn to relax and let that which does not matter truly slide – the devil may be in the details when this planet backtracks, but sometimes you can make every attempt possible to cover all your bases and it still won’t matter.  Sometimes Mercury is just going to thumb his nose at you and you’re far better off just laughing *with* him than thinking you’re going to outsmart him. Either that, or figure out how to perfect telepathy, LOL! :-p


More Mercury Square Neptune Messages

For those who grieve over troubled sibling relationships under Mercury square Neptune – a perfectly fitting and possibly cathartic listening/viewing experience:

Mercury represents our brothers and sisters, Neptune can signify the dissolution of this bond; the sadness and suffering connected to a brother or sister becoming “lost” to us. Perhaps there is an estrangement, or heartache caused by a substance abuse issue, for example. But if this is indeed a source of sorrow, I think it important to retain an elastic heart. Stretch the heart center; keep it open and allow yourself to feel the softer emotions like grief and compassion that are often hiding behind feelings like anger and frustration, even while acknowledging What Is and giving the situation over to The Universe/Divinity to handle. Sometimes the state of things just cannot be helped – we are often powerless in situations where someone dear to us chooses a path that hurts themselves and/or others. But it is still possible to connect to unconditional love for a sibling on the spiritual plane and wish them healing and wholeness, even as you do what is necessary to love and protect yourself on a physical/emotional level. Finding forgiveness in our hearts to bless and release the situation can at least help us to accept the things we cannot change and reach some measure of serenity.


Mercury Square Neptune’s Jedi Mind Tricks

Remember that when Mercury in Gemini squares Neptune Pisces, words can (and usually do) have two meanings.  Is ambiguity a subtle form of trickery?
Remember that when Mercury in Gemini squares Neptune Pisces, words can (and usually do) have two meanings. Ambiguity may be a subtle form of trickery – read the fine print and don’t ignore. Especially if you’re buying a cell phone, LOL.

So if you’ve been paying attention to the astro-climate lately, you know that mental Mercury has been squaring illusionary Neptune since the beginning of May and this will continue to be the case through most of June. Mercury is associated with sleight-of-hand, while Neptune’s penchant for smoke and mirrors makes it all too easy to be fooled by the information our eyes and ears provide now, especially given the fact that Mercury just turned retrograde yesterday. There is something akin to a hypnotic suggestion inherent in this energetic pairing, not unlike Obi-Wan’s famous incantation, “These are not the droids you are looking for”.

Indeed, we have to filter information more carefully than ever now to avoid either being deceived OR deceiving ourselves. There is something about this energetic coupling that can tend see data as a buzzkill, so it doesn’t ask because it would prefer *not* have anything hard to go off of. Sometimes, it would rather just not know and it’s this kind of voluntary ignorance that has the ability to be quite harmful now. It’s far from bliss and more like an opiate (or perhaps “glue fumes” is the better analogy, LOL) that impairs cognitive function and maybe even kills a few brain cells.

Mercury is naturally curious – that’s what it does; it asks questions. Neptune’s soft edges, however, may tend to dissolve any inclination to help us fact check in this manner so we can be sure our stories are straight. What if we found out important information was being hidden from us? Or that someone has pulled fraudulent figures from their ass in an attempted ruse?  What if gossip were literally “unbelievable” and turned out to be total BS?  Could we be deliberately handwaving pertinent facts away because our sympathies are aroused and/or we’re idealistic about a “cause”? We can only stick our heads in the sand for so long before it comes back to bite us, ya know, even if we think we are being a sucker charitable. And with a total of 3 exact squares hitting between these planets by the time June ends, it might be a good idea to do a little more research before aligning ourselves with something/someone we *think* is for The Greater Good. Because that’s exactly the kind of guise deception is apt to come cloaked in with this astro. All is not as it seems, and making decisions based upon what we *want* to believe could possibly leave us hoodwinked – remember that Lo-Fi Neptune can be quite the greaseball. So don’t succumb by drinking any mind-numbing Kool-Aid, kids – stay sharp, stay sober, and definitely read my tips for how to find your way to clarity under this influence.

If we *have* been in denial about key details or had material facts obscured by somebody else, expect to have news or knowledge of this around the 3rd week of June, if not sooner. And if it’s something *really* big, it’s wholly possible this could even drag out until later this year or even 2016 when King Of Clarity and Reality Check Supreme Saturn reactivates the echoes of this square. Methinks there may be some hard truths coming out around the holidays this year, and if we don’t want to run the risk of having the magic of the holiday season dampened, best get a jump on finding lucidity now just in case, yes?


Of “Pollen Tsunamis” & Mercury Square Neptune!


Jeez, I guess I called that one…! While watching the local news and waiting for the weather forecast to come on, I overheard a story about a so-called “pollen tsunami” hitting this year and started chuckling to myself. Basically, medical experts are saying this is a particularly bad allergy season and that even people who don’t normally suffer from the affliction are dealing with it for the first time – here’s a related article about it.

Now allergies certainly *aren’t* funny so that wasn’t at all what I was laughing at, but what I did find amusing was the fact that I had just addressed this very subject in my May newsletter (published on May 1st)! See the following excerpt:

If you’re a seasonal allergy sufferer, I feel like this could possibly be an especially touchy month for hay fever with Mercury squaring Neptune for the majority of it. Though you’ll read about one facet of this energy in the May editorial, on a physical level Mercury-Neptune energy also has to do with environmental sensitivities that could disturb the immune system, so this would be a really good time to minimize contact with things like VOC’s, mold, dust, pollen, etc. with the use of a good air filtration system. If your home’s heating & cooling system is equipped with a filter, maybe think about changing it. Or think about getting a portable HEPA air purifier you can stick on your headboard or nightstand to clean the air while you snooze. Also think about your pets – even if you are not allergic to pet dander, if they are indoor/outdoor critters there is a good possibility their fur could trap pollen, so maybe think about giving Fido or Fluffy a few extra baths this month to cut down on sneezing and wheezing? You might want to wash their bedding, too.”

GreenWave2Now I typically write my newsletter content (at least, the editorial portion) weeks or sometimes even months in advance, but I’ve found it easiest to actually publish it and send it out on the first of each month for consistency’s sake, so it’s not like I had any kind of head’s up about this big pollen wave coming other than by looking at the astro. Astrological students will probably get the same kick out of this I did in noting how this phenomenon is being labeled a “tsunami” and it’s The Lord of the Seas (Neptune) we have involved in this 7 week long square with Mercury! It’s definitely not a coincidence, that’s for sure!

So those with seasonal allergies should prepare to strap in as this energy unfortunately won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.  Consider the above-mentioned tips to help alleviate symptoms caused by this Green Wave and remember this square will hang around until after the Summer Solstice, so we have a while to go yet.  You could also try something like a nettles tincture or tea to see if this helps your symptoms, visit with an acupuncturist, or see a naturopath to help you figure out other strategies to keep your head above water during this peak time for hay fever.


Mercury Square Neptune

Some tips & tricks for surviving & thriving under Mercury square Neptune. With this energy in play through June 23rd, be aware of literal (as in, while driving) and metaphorical “blind spots”!


Enjoying The Silence Of The Mercury/Saturn/Neptune T-Square

OffTheHookAs a writer, it’s always interesting for me to watch how my energy shifts as Mercury finds itself in contact with the other planets. In case you hadn’t noticed I’ve been a bit quieter than usual on the blogging front, though behind the scenes I’ve been strategically toiling away at astro-forecasts, getting hardcore tuned-in to the incoming Mercury-Neptune energy so prevalent this month & next and using it as fuel for an enlightening newsletter article, and generally just staying on-task and minimizing distractions while in this “zone”. This has meant allowing some time off from blogging, which is actually good practice for the astrology we currently have in play. You see, Mercury has just passed an opposition to shut-your-mouth Saturn and edges ever-closer to a square with dissipating Neptune, so there is certainly no sense for any of us in prattling on (whether that’s writing, texting, or talking) just to fill space now. There must be a purpose to what we say and it must be meaningful, otherwise what’s the point?

I think it’s interesting how so-called “dead-air” seems to make us, as a species, rather anxious these days. What’s wrong with a little silence now and again – especially if/when our focus is lacking and maybe we don’t have a clear idea of exactly what we want to say? At what point does chatter just become white noise that only fills the mind with static? I say it’s far better to be deliberate with what we say under this kind of sky and even erring toward laconic rather than babble on distractingly about nothing substantial! And with Mercury in Gemini squaring Neptune for most of May, maybe a (temporary) retreat from the information overload and/or gossip fest that Mercury in Gem can sometimes be is in order. We could always brush up on our mindfulness practice, meditate in order to quiet our Monkey Minds, get lost in a fantastic work of fiction, reconfigure our brainwaves with the use of some binaural beats or even hypnotic/subliminal messages….the key is using tools or techniques that unlock the more intuitive right hemisphere of our mind so the overstimulated left hemisphere calms and allows information to flow in from non-rational, non-linear sources.

Once this occurs, you may be surprised at the amount of magic and synchronicity that can be found in the everyday. Consider keeping a dream diary, paying attention to songs on the radio for any hidden messages, and generally just being receptive to what your intuition has to say, because Mercury wired to Neptune is apt to be nonverbal and prefers speaking to us in symbols or via music. Listening is an important part of communication too, you know – it’s skill every bit as critical as being able to articulate out thoughts. Because whenever we’re motor mouths, we’re essentially jamming the receiver and sending The Universe a “busy” signal – how can its messages possibly reach us if we’re too busy talking to listen? How can we expect it to get a word in edgewise? Ebb and flow, ebb and flow…allow the tide to recede and then watch what shows up on the beach.

It’s a Sign From God, LOL – a hilariously apt message for this Mercury/Saturn/Neptune T-Square!