Of “Pollen Tsunamis” & Mercury Square Neptune!


Jeez, I guess I called that one…! While watching the local news and waiting for the weather forecast to come on, I overheard a story about a so-called “pollen tsunami” hitting this year and started chuckling to myself. Basically, medical experts are saying this is a particularly bad allergy season and that even people who don’t normally suffer from the affliction are dealing with it for the first time – here’s a related article about it.

Now allergies certainly *aren’t* funny so that wasn’t at all what I was laughing at, but what I did find amusing was the fact that I had just addressed this very subject in my May newsletter (published on May 1st)! See the following excerpt:

If you’re a seasonal allergy sufferer, I feel like this could possibly be an especially touchy month for hay fever with Mercury squaring Neptune for the majority of it. Though you’ll read about one facet of this energy in the May editorial, on a physical level Mercury-Neptune energy also has to do with environmental sensitivities that could disturb the immune system, so this would be a really good time to minimize contact with things like VOC’s, mold, dust, pollen, etc. with the use of a good air filtration system. If your home’s heating & cooling system is equipped with a filter, maybe think about changing it. Or think about getting a portable HEPA air purifier you can stick on your headboard or nightstand to clean the air while you snooze. Also think about your pets – even if you are not allergic to pet dander, if they are indoor/outdoor critters there is a good possibility their fur could trap pollen, so maybe think about giving Fido or Fluffy a few extra baths this month to cut down on sneezing and wheezing? You might want to wash their bedding, too.”

GreenWave2Now I typically write my newsletter content (at least, the editorial portion) weeks or sometimes even months in advance, but I’ve found it easiest to actually publish it and send it out on the first of each month for consistency’s sake, so it’s not like I had any kind of head’s up about this big pollen wave coming other than by looking at the astro. Astrological students will probably get the same kick out of this I did in noting how this phenomenon is being labeled a “tsunami” and it’s The Lord of the Seas (Neptune) we have involved in this 7 week long square with Mercury! It’s definitely not a coincidence, that’s for sure!

So those with seasonal allergies should prepare to strap in as this energy unfortunately won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.  Consider the above-mentioned tips to help alleviate symptoms caused by this Green Wave and remember this square will hang around until after the Summer Solstice, so we have a while to go yet.  You could also try something like a nettles tincture or tea to see if this helps your symptoms, visit with an acupuncturist, or see a naturopath to help you figure out other strategies to keep your head above water during this peak time for hay fever.



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