You Know It’s Scorpio Season When….

🦂 You can’t make this stuff up; scorpions making headlines during peak Scorpio season….!  Apparently, heavy rains in an area known for its desert climate – Aswan, Egypt – have brought scorpions out in droves; enough to sting and hospitalize several hundred people per this article :

Even more interesting?  The rains also flushed out snakes along with the scorpions – this happened right as the Scorpio Sun came within proximity of Fixed Star Unukalhai (AKA Cor Serpentis); the Heart of the Serpent. 🐍   Stabby Mars and newsworthy Mercury were just coming off a conjunction in stinging Scorpio to boot – it’s little wonder this event made the presses. 

Astrology does not lie.


Aries Takes Everything At Face Value

Ignoring for a moment other potentially mitigating factors in an individual chart (say, having a strong Scorpio signature or a preponderance of Plutonic energies, for example) the above astrological statement holds quite true in my experience. It rarely occurs to Aries to dig deeper and/or that someone may be talking out their ass, outright lying, or harboring some kind of hidden agenda – there is something straightforward and uncomplicated about this sign where the default assumption is that everything must be quite simple, even when it isn’t. WYSIWYG is, like, their unofficial mantra or something.

I don’t know if that makes Aries naïve or gullible, but there you have it.

Yet with Aries’ ruling planet – Mars – now traversing intricate Scorpio more or less until August 2016, it behooves our Ram to realize that sometimes things are considerably more complex than they initially seem. For roughly the next 6 months, Aries gets a tactical immersion in covert or even psychological ops maneuvers which may or may not include: reconnaissance, surveillance, honing (metaphorical) sniper skillz, and/or baiting an adversary in order to draw out a negative reaction. It’s always warfare to Aries, but now it shifts over to more subtle methods…forget fistfights; it’s picking an opponent off with a strike-and-move gambit from the concealment of the shadows. Unsophisticated components of the persona can now be ditched to add an enriching layer of intrigue where Aries gets to go all “Secret Agent Man” for half a year.
Think: Less Archer, more Ethan Hunt.


All of that aside, there is yet another facet of Mars’ passage through Scorpio that is particularly important for Aries to be exploring now. Quite possibly one of the the highest-functioning uses of this energy, the theme in question is one of “Confronting the shadow within”. Since our brave Aries (and Scorpio) brethren do in particular take their cues from this planet, it looks as if they will definitely want to take note because there is a good chance they may find themselves imbued with the guts to do a little conquering of their Inner Demons sometime during this transit. This, however, is going to have to be a topic for another post…


A Saturn In Scorpio Reminder!

SaturnInScorpioOne potential manifestation of this placement can be staying locked into a screwed-up situation because we fear letting go. Maybe we think we’ll be obliterated if we do, and left with nothing. But Saturn in Scorpio has been challenging many of us to know when to cut our losses. It may be time to acknowledge the reality that we have to fold – even if we think we stand to lose a lot – rather than keep on throwing in more time, energy, effort, etc, into a situation that has kept on degrading. This can apply to relationships, jobs, friendships – anything, really – in addition to literal financial situations. The Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) have been getting the brunt of this energy since late 2012, and if you have planets or angles in any of these signs, you definitely know what I mean even though we’re all seeing this theme playing out somewhere in our lives to a greater or lesser degree.

The alternative to this, as I have said before in my newsletter, is that we wind up in a metaphorical “moneypit” scenario where we continue throwing in good money after bad despite their being no chance of a Return-On-Investment. Sometimes the best you can manage is to pull out before you’re sunk, and protecting ourselves from situations that are unduly taxing is a far wiser use of this energy. It takes a lot of maturity to be able to look at a situation and admit “This is not working for me” and then steel ourselves to take the hit. But some do not know when to quit – if this is you, time is running out. Saturn will be leaving Scorpio for good next year, and when that happens you definitely don’t want to find yourself with an “F” for this particular life lesson. Saturn is the Cosmic Taskmaster, and when we don’t make the grade by failing to do the right-but-hard thing, it means we wind up paying for it in spades and living with the consequences for a very long time. As always, the choice is ours. This may seem harsh, but it’s really not – Saturn is actually quite fair. We’ve had almost 2 years (so far) to straighten this out, and Saturn’s mission is to teach us there are consequences to every choice we make. This is an important part of being an adult – we gain valuable life experience whenever we deal with the ramifications that come from our decisions, hopefully resulting in an increased level of maturity and wisdom as we age.


Pluto As The Anti-Hero

We often hear about Plutonians (those with Pluto, the 8th house, or the sign of Scorpio dominantly emphasized in the chart) cast in the role of “villain” by their detractors. It’s not a new story and the whole “Plutonian as evil-doer” astro-aphorism certainly is a tired old trope that could benefit from a revamping of sorts. While it’s true that Plutonians do look good in black, I’d like to put a slightly different spin on this energy and talk instead about the Plutonian as The Anti-Hero.

My perspective on this topic was spawned from once hearing someone utter the words “Be a hero”, as if it were a call to arms meant to inspire us toward superhuman feats of goodness & purity. Now any Plutonian reading here is probably having some sort of bile-inducing reaction to this proposal right about now, LOL, as this is probably about the worst thing you could say to one of this ilk. You see, Plutonians are not the sort to portray the image of the gleaming White Knight – their version of the best possible lead is usually much more reminiscent of an anti-hero than any of that Sir Galahad business! The Plutonic star is considerably darker, possessing strength of character as well as considerable depth & complexity but often a certain moral ambiguity that make them richer and more compelling as protagonists. Now it’s possible these character traits may stem from some sort of trauma or they may not, but for those who don’t see the world entirely in black & white and who appreciate grayscale and nuance, the Plutonian anti-hero provides something to really sink your teeth into. We might consider the original Dark Knight himself, Batman, as a muse of sorts – particularly as portrayed in the recent Christian Bale -era reboot of this series. Or perhaps if the whole “fighting crime” thing still lands him a bit too far in the “goody-two-shoes” category for your personal liking, consider some of these other fictional characters that also resonate strongly with this archetype:

Captain Jack Sparrow, Jason Bourne,“V” in V for Vendetta, Tony Soprano, The Bride in the Kill Bill series, John Constantine, or – from TV – Don Draper, Cullen Bohannon, or Gregory House, M.D. just to name a few.

Now one could argue these characters are villains in their own right, as we have liars and thieves, vigilantes, killers, and those looking to sate a burning vengeance among this cast of characters. But such an attempt to boil it all down to a common denominator amounts to painting with a very broad – and very black – brush that completely disregards how popular the anti-hero archetype has become and why it’s so resonant to our collective consciousness. Many find a bona fide “hero” challenging to relate to, and although we may still cheer when we see one, the squeaky-clean persona this entails often denies the reality that life is messy and that it’s real easy to get your hands dirty somewhere along the way. The anti-hero seems more relatable, as they make no bones about their shadow – they own it and it is precisely this kind of self-possessed authenticity that makes this archetype so appealing. Few are willing to gaze at their own grimy underbelly, and as a viewer/reader it’s particularly intriguing to watch when an anti-hero struggles against their darkness or wrestles with scenarios where they have to make the ends justify the means….


The Beauty Of A Void: Dealing w/ Pluto/Scorpio/8th House Energies

Image credit: Ute Kraus via Wikimedia Commons, Physics education group Kraus, Universität Hildesheim, Space Time Travel, (background image of the milky way: Axel Mellinger)
Image credit: Physics education group Kraus, Universität Hildesheim, Space Time Travel (background image of the milky way: Axel Mellinger)

I’ve found the subject of “voids” tends to evoke a certain amount of discomfiture in the general populace when contemplated or discussed. Sometimes the response is one of fear, other times outright loathing, as many equate the word “void” with a loss. While that’s certainly true to a degree when you boil it all down, I think it’s a far more rich & complex issue worth exploring. Such a simplistic viewpoint seems rather shortsighted to me, as it fails to take into account the deeper layers of what’s really at work when we’re dealing with this kind of negative space, which is – essentially – just an energetic vacuum of sorts.

A void is like a giant energetic “VACANCY” sign flashing out into the ethers. It has a way of attracting people/things into its orbit in order to fill that empty space, much along the vein of Aristotle’s postulation that “nature abhors a vacuum”. Whether a void forms by chance or by design, it’s natural that we initially focus on what’s *not* there any longer as we process ….Read more…

Your Scorpio Is Showing….

Bruce Lee may have been a Sagittarius Sun, but he had FOUR planets in Scorpio, including his Moon – think it shows much?

Scorpio is a sign that belongs to the Water element, and the intensity he projects in this little segment is oh-so-Scorp, including the sly “Be water, my friend….” at the end.  I was especially amused when I read his Wikipedia entry and found that his mother had originally given him the name “Small Phoenix”, as the Phoenix is a symbol strongly connected to this sign of death/rebirth/immortality.

Lee is a near perfect Scorpio/Pluto archetype in certain ways, compact in stature but powerful & unquestionably lethal. Unlike Aries, Scorpio doesn’t need a sword, a knife, or a gun to kill you – its deadliness lies in the fact that ….Read more…