Your Scorpio Is Showing….

Bruce Lee may have been a Sagittarius Sun, but he had FOUR planets in Scorpio, including his Moon – think it shows much?

Scorpio is a sign that belongs to the Water element, and the intensity he projects in this little segment is oh-so-Scorp, including the sly “Be water, my friend….” at the end.  I was especially amused when I read his Wikipedia entry and found that his mother had originally given him the name “Small Phoenix”, as the Phoenix is a symbol strongly connected to this sign of death/rebirth/immortality.

Lee is a near perfect Scorpio/Pluto archetype in certain ways, compact in stature but powerful & unquestionably lethal. Unlike Aries, Scorpio doesn’t need a sword, a knife, or a gun to kill you – its deadliness lies in the fact that it often comes in a rather unassuming package and thus the danger is easily overlooked by the casual observer.  Like an arsenic-laced cup of coffee, you might not be able to see it, smell it, or taste it, but it will still do you in.  If Aries is the warrior/fighter and Captain Obvious, Scorpio is the stealthy ninja assassin and the Master of Subtlety, striking from the shadows with a one-shot kill.

Pluto is also the ruling planet of Scorpio  – Lee’s Sagittarius Sun enjoyed the benefit of a trine to Pluto in Leo, thus boosting his Scorpionic moxy and making him a worldwide star.  His legacy (a Scorpio keyword) lives on through the martial art style he created, Jeet Kune Do.  Bruce provides us with not only a great example of Scorpio energy, but also a good lesson on why considering the positions of ALL the planets in a chart is so very important.  We see him resonate much more closely with all that Scorpio energy in a way that almost overshadows his Sagittarius Sun.  Almost, but not quite – Sagittarius done right promotes open-mindedness and tolerance of other cultures, and Lee was credited for helping to break down Asian stereotypes in Hollywood and for broadening the roles available to those of Asian descent.  In contrast to the Scorpionic intensity of the first soundbite, we can also see his philosophical nature and good humor shining through in this longer cut of the interview – these are all Sagittarian hallmarks!



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