The Internet During The Age Of Aquarius

While listening to those around me divulging tales of the latest FB flap, my gears began turning.  I thought about the state of the internet in general nowadays, shaking my head as if to ward off the bad taste these stories had left in my mouth.  Now l firmly believe that everybody is entitled to “a moment” now and again, but for whatever reason, I’ve just found the FB environment can make “having a moment” a way of life for some folks.  Perhaps this is why I’ve felt disinclined to join in all the social networking brujaja despite this being the dawn of the digital Aquarian Age and all.  I think I owe this reticence largely to the fact that I try to actively engage in activities that restore my faith in mankind, not erode it – the former is life-affirming; the latter, an energy sink. So for the time being, I think I will continue to sit this one out.

Mulling this all over and putting it within in an astrological context (as I am inclined to do), I thought it worth noting how the current astro generally facilitates people popping off.  We have some of the most challenging energy we’ve seen in decades out there right now, and some need a release valve for all this pressure/tension. Facebook dust-ups aside,  digital, social Uranus inhabiting in-your-face Aries hots up the internet (and our social networks!) fo’ sho’, and we’ve got a long way to go before Uranus leaves this sign for good in 2019!

Aside from there being the occasional Uranus-in-Aries firebrands to avoid in our social groups & on our journey across the internet highway, I’m using a wider angle lens to look at ALL the longer-running astrological influences we currently have in play to evaluate the state of the world wide web.  On this note, another standout in this mix is the influence of stealthy, sometimes dysfunctional & toxic Pluto.  Pluto’s currently doing a long stint in Capricorn, where he is presently strengthened by an ongoing relationship with Saturn thru 2015.  This offers him protection via secrecy despite possible underhanded maneuvers – for a perfect case in point of how this symbiotic planetary relationship works, see the NSA scandal in the USA.  Hmmmm…spying on your own citizens in the name of protecting national security?  Yep, that sounds about right for a Pluto-Saturn mutual reception!

Geo-political references aside, the above example is meant to illustrate how the energy of Pluto is operating – under the protection of his helm of invisibility, as per usual.  But when we put the Pluto-in-Capricorn PLUS Uranus-in-Aries energies together & have them square off (as is happening thru 2015), things start getting REALLY interesting!  Due these two energies interacting, manifestations certainly include situations wherein somebody online gets a little hot under the collar or gets off on raising hell & creating internet chaos, and then it subsequently becomes very difficult to hold them accountable because they can just lurk back into the protective shadow of anonymity. The internet can be a great playground sometimes, but it can also be no-holds-barred jungle. And when you have an astrological climate like this, the freaks can start to come out en masse.

But it’s the Aquarius’ Era we’re on the threshold of, and we’re going to have to figure it all out – how to disengage/de-personalize when faceless internet trolls decide to create random conflict, or how to work our social networks with an air of friendly detachment.  This era demands it, and the larger lesson of this age will also be realizing that “Freedom without [personal] responsibility is license, not liberty”.**  Because we have to reconcile this drive to connect with others with the recognition that certain frameworks are going to make this a constructive experience while others are not.  We are tasked with figuring out how to wrangle the internet, without it turning around and kicking our ass….and make no mistake that it can, with the astrology we have in play.

The trick is that each of us has to learn the greater lesson of self-accountability – Man’s desire to live in a free society where he can DO what he wants, WHEN he wants is strong; however his willingness to embrace the enormous personal responsibility to his Fellow Man that comes along with this is somewhat questionable.   How many times have we seen somebody post something intentionally abrasive on Facebook or the internet in general, then hide behind the free speech card?  In contrast, how many times have we seen someone become irate on the web, taking no responsibility for their own triggers whatsoever & going off the deep end?  We have to realize that each of us, as individuals, bears a responsibility toward society as a whole by exercising a greater level of self-accountability in the Age of Aquarius.  It seems a reasonable price to pay for the freedom that we so desire, doesn’t it?

Mastering this era depends upon how well each of us can embrace this concept, because in true Uranus-in-Aries style, it has to start with the individual before it can ripple outward into the collective.  In the digital Aquarian Age, figuring out how to stay socially connected while remaining detached enough to be able to de-personalize is key; otherwise conflicts can ensue/escalate.  It all starts with the individual, in “being the change we wish to see”, as Gandhi would say!

** original quote source unknown, however I first became acquainted with it through the works of astrologer Isabel Hickey and have loved it ever since!



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