When Mercury Retrograde Hits…


LOL, a live look at an error message I received when logging in to do some work today – it looks like the Mercury Retrograde gremlins have been let out to play:

We all know the Mercury Retro drill; gadgets get glitchy, software slows down, hardware hiccups, updates may get upended, meetings get mixed-up, tongues (and texts) can get twisted,  anxiety tends to amp up, schedules can get squirrely, public transport plods, and/or your car might get crotchety.  Phew!  This Mercury retrograde seems to be feeling particularly punchy with its proximity to Fixed Star Aldebaran; like it has a forceful point to make.  In recent days leading up to this Rx, I watched the “Nervous Nelly” implications of Mercury turning Retrograde lead to days in which there were both substantial losses on Wall Street – with the Dow losing 1000 points, Nasdaq having its worst day in 2 years, & then the S&P hit its lowest level in a year  – and a crypto crash as Bitcoin dipped below 30K and triggered a wave of panic.  People get skittish when Mercury changes direction; it’s a thing! The world could use a deep, centering breath when Mercury makes moves like this; logic leaves while the limbic Lizard Brain often takes the wheel.

Indecision and vacillation also tend to be more commonplace during Mercury Retrogrades as we rethink things – this is often a good thing, as taking time to mull something over (again) may make us less inclined to act in haste based on faulty information.  We can frequently make wrong assumptions, or frankly just might not have all the facts of a matter whenever this planetary messenger’s motion is a little “off”.  It’s like a bad 90’s talk show; before going off half-cocked, wait for those DNA test results to come in!

For this specific Mercury Retrograde, there seems to be a theme of “severance” in the air; both literal and metaphorical.  Careful around machinery (including cars and household appliances) that you could have an accident (digits or limbs getting caught and cut) with, and be mindful of sharp things in general; Mercury bounces back-and-forth between Fixed Stars Aldebaran – associated with a sword-wielding Archangel Micheal – and Algol in Medusa’s severed head.  In a less literal sense, words can both cut and lead to a cutting off (of communications) with Mercury ping-ponging between these two powerful stars. Do not engage in gossip, and be mindful of what you say and/or write (on yet another Mercury Rx-related note, look at the leaked Supreme Court opinion on overturning Roe v. Wade that happened last week as evidence of this).  So be safe out there, take a big calming breath,  choose words wisely, and avoid distractions when around a sharp or otherwise potentially dangerous object.


When Mercury Retrograde Starts EARLY!

🙃 It’s that time of year again; we’re gearing up for our quarterly Mercury Retrograde and this one looks like it’s going to be a doozy!  On a personal level the last week or two seemed populated with minor annoyances like random phone glitchiness, TV quirks, and – more recently – email login wonkiness, but yesterday’s large-scale half day mini-meltdown of multiple social media platforms (FB, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)  had me fully convinced “The Trickster” (that would be Mercury, FYI) was indeed in full effect if there was even a shred of doubt left in my mind.

Many folks are inclined to focus solely on the period that Mercury is actually retrograde (in this particular case, from July 7 – 31, 2019) as the segment of time when wacky things tend to happen with our technology (and oh so much more!), but the weeks before and after the retrograde can be just as funky; usually moreso before as Mercury’s kinks have been mostly  worked out by the time it turns Direct.  This time frame is often referred to as the “shadow”, and it’s a madcap stretch because Mercury is already traversing a patch of the zodiac it will have to cover again in a few weeks or it will have already covered that same spot twice in the last month in a half.  Mercury doesn’t seem too keen on this review/redo, so to keep things interesting it releases a few krakens gremlins because if it has to suffer, we might as well suffer too, LOL – that’s *my* theory, anyway!  😂 Mercury has always been a rather impish figure with a notoriously low threshold for boredom so perhaps it’s just how this planet gets its jollies; by screwing with our phones, gadgets, communications, cars, and whatever else it can get its hot little hands on for ha-has. 

I’m not an astrologer who advocates canceling everything during Mercury Retrograde, but we do need to bear some extra things in mind.  Back up your data prior to the Rx.  Don’t even think about applying non-mandatory software updates or doing something wack like picking now to switch to a different OS.  No, don’t buy a new phone or car and do take extra care with the ones you currently have.  Pick your words more thoughtfully; think twice about what you write or say. Don’t put yourself in the position to have to “sign on the dotted line” if you don’t absolutely have to.  Try to avoid travel if possible, or if not be patient and account for the possibilities of SNAFUs or delays.  And last but not least – and this is coming directly from personal experience – don’t accept or start a job when Mercury is retrograde.

Instead, try and use this period to get caught up on some (re-?)reading. Tweak your nutrition or daily routine.  Have a conversation you need to have again.  Write yourself good old-fashioned memos; preferably on paper (careful with putting them on your phone/computer in case of technology hiccups). Review and revise things.  Pick up the phone and call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while to reconnect (be cautious if this is with an ex or anyone you suspect you might later change your mind about ).  Redo your resume.  Unplug more & make it a point to be more alone with your thoughts so you can hear your inner voice more clearly.  Simplify your schedule and minimize distractions.  Diversions are allowed, but be conscious instead of mindless about them.  De-stress.  Take a trip down Memory Lane and uncover a blast from the past while also appreciating where/who you are now – sometimes it’s nice to dust things off and sit with them for a spell, but not everything/one from the past necessarily has ongoing relevance in *this* era.  Clean and reorganize.  Tend to your mental health.


A Mercury Retrograde Re-Take, Part 3

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A little something on Mercury Retrograde and numerology….


A Mercury Retrograde Re-Take, Part 2

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Mercury Square Neptune: Message In A Bottle

MessageInABottleCommunication always gets weird when Mercury squares Neptune, but just fuggedaboutit when Mercury is also retrograde on top of this! You’ve got about as much of a chance of getting your message across as Sting did when he was marooned on that desert island, LOL! Now I have the unfair advantage of always having the lay of the astrological land 24/7 – I know what astro-energies are in play at any given point in time so am generally able to avoid many of the problematic manifestations of a particular vibe. But I am not infallible, and sometimes there are things that just cannot be avoided despite performing your due diligence.

It goes without saying this is generally a screwed-up time for getting communiqes across (barring assistance via Divine Intervention of course, LOL), but I still chuckle and shake my head whenever something goes awry.

Exhibit A: My spam filter randomly decided to act up on me and hold an important message hostage in a place where I couldn’t immediately see it. Thankfully, I’m pretty good about checking these things – especially during Mercury Rx – so it’s not as if it was lost and left floating around in the ethers indefinitely.

Exhibit B: I had to send an item out in the mail during this square – it needed service and I couldn’t wait the 6+ weeks it was going to take for Mercury to be A) direct and B) free of this square with Neptune. I had a feeling The Trickster was going to screw with me on this one, naturally, so I double checked that I was copying down the mailing address correctly, got insurance, delivery confirmation, made sure I had proper postage, took extra precautions to ensure it was packaged properly so it wouldn’t be damaged in transit, and made sure my penmanship was über legible (not usually a problem anyway when you write in BLOCK CAPS, LOL). I then decided that I couldn’t be too careful, so on top of all this I invoked Mercury’s blessing with a brief litany to Hermes. And what do you think happened?? The $%^&*!# thing came back to me anyway, LOL – sort of like that damn yellow cat! Apparently, somehow the address I had gotten for their service department was an old one, so my package couldn’t be delivered. Arg!

Whenever Mercury is retrograde, it is for sure a test of our flexibility. We have to learn to relax and let that which does not matter truly slide – the devil may be in the details when this planet backtracks, but sometimes you can make every attempt possible to cover all your bases and it still won’t matter.  Sometimes Mercury is just going to thumb his nose at you and you’re far better off just laughing *with* him than thinking you’re going to outsmart him. Either that, or figure out how to perfect telepathy, LOL! :-p


Mercury Square Neptune

Some tips & tricks for surviving & thriving under Mercury square Neptune. With this energy in play through June 23rd, be aware of literal (as in, while driving) and metaphorical “blind spots”!


Begone, Mercury Retrograde!

MercRxIf everyone followed astrology, I’m firmly convinced the world would run a whole lot better! Major telecommunications providers would know better than to schedule a buyout of another competing telecom co. during a Mercury retrograde phase – ESPECIALLY on the days when Mercury transitions from direct movement to retrograde motion or vice versa (called the “stations” in astro-lingo) if they want things to go smoothly! Why? Telecommunications is a field completely under Mercury’s dominion and thus is heavily affected by this planet’s movements, and all kinds of technology & communications-related mayhem can ensue on these days. Now obviously if a telecom company is trying to break into a new market area, they would want to start off on a good note and *not* have any major service outages or issues on the phone, TV, & internet services they’re providing to their brand new customers. In fact, if one was to consult an astrologer expressly for this purpose and say “Hey, I own this telecommunications company and am looking for an ideal day to seal the deal on the buyout of this other company – what would be a good date for me to do this?”, rest assured the very LAST day an astrologer would EVER recommend for this purpose would be a day where Mercury was stationing!

So I chuckled heartily to myself and with more than a touch of underlying annoyance when just such a thing happened – a few moments after wondering what was going on with my internet service, it dawned on me this was exactly what had happened! OF COURSE this would happen today of all days, sheesh! Of course these companies decided to make this big transition on a day when Mercury was stationing – it was a textbook example of astro-ignorance at its very finest (or is that very worst, LOL?). At this moment, I should also take the time to mention there are other fields likely to be strongly affected by Mercury retrograde:

Publishing & printing – Whether you’re a sign maker, have a printing press company that produces tangible things like business cards & flyers, own a social media marketing firm, run an editing company, have a publishing company, or if you’re a blogger, note that Mercury has dominion over the written word. This means during a Mercury retrograde (particularly when this planet is stationing), we could be plagued by things like typos, layout issues, font problems, autocorrect fails, and random weird tech issues like hyperlinks not working the way they should. Mercury signifies the details and it may be little things we might not notice at first, so it pays to either come back later to take a second look at something we’re writing or else get a second pair of eyes to look it over.

I.T. – The I.T. field is very affected by Mercury retrograde as a whole and is likely to be hoppin’ during these phases – we’re much more likely to encounter computer issues such as viruses, corrupt data, our computers just plain freezing up or crapping out, etc.. Ahead of these periods, I always advise triple checking that we’ve backed up our data “just in case” – at least then if there’s an issue, it’s not likely to be catastrophic. Also: Unless you HAVE TO, Mercury retrogrades are NOT times to buy new computers or tech gadgets on a whim! If you have no other choice because your computer died, it’s one thing, but if it’s not an absolute necessity it’s better to wait until well after Mercury turns direct because the chances are higher that we’ll either have issues with this new machine as well or else have difficulty getting used to this new unit. This would especially not be a good time to do something like, say, transition from a PC to a Mac or vice versa because it’s likely to be headache city!

Media/journalism – Double and triple check the facts if we’re in these fields, because the tendency is to *not* have all the information when Mercury is retrograde. Rather than risk speaking out of turn, it’s important to perform our due diligence to make sure we have everything straight, because the tendency to speak without thinking is increased. These periods are when we’re likely to see things like newscasters so in a rush to get the hot scoop, that initial reports are often disproven, disputed, or not what they first appear. Sources might not be credible, something gets taken out of context, or misinformation is given, for example. It’s rather like a game of telephone – as the story goes along it can change and there’s a good possibility what’s initially reported is not what actually happened – this is why waiting & making sure we’re covering all the angles becomes so important.

Transportation – Whether we’re a cab driver, a mechanic, or a commuter, Mercury has dominion over our day-to-day modes of transport like cars, trains, subways, and busses. Traffic jams and travel delays are more common during Mercury retrograde, so it’s good to leave extra time to get where we’re going. Accidents – especially from distracted driving – are more commonplace as well, so definitely make it a point to put down those devices during the 3 weeks Mercury backtracks to help avert this possibility. Car problems can act up at this time as well (and it’s entirely possible to get a wrong diagnosis on whatever mechanical issues you’re experiencing at this time, which can be pricey!) – this is another one of those instances where it’s best to bring your car in for regular maintenance well before the retrograde phase, because if we don’t and have been neglecting our cars, the likelihood is higher that something will surface then.

Sales – Mercury is the wheeler-and-dealer of the zodiac since he has the gift of gab, so the sales field is where he shines! During Mercury retro, however, we may find ourselves tongue-tied, our prospective customers might not know what they’re looking for or later change their minds, and it’s harder to make handshake deals that work to everyone’s advantage where each party walks away from the deal satisfied. During Mercury Rx, we’re better served re-visiting old sales leads, calling up old accounts and seeing if there’s anything we can do to service them, and generally expending effort re-connecting with people rather than trying to use that gift of gab to bring in new customers – this also applies to advertising.

Healthcare – Aside from the normal hiccups that can occur from double-booking, over-booking, people forgetting about or otherwise missing their appointments entirely during Mercury retro, taking extra care to arrive at a correct diagnosis is important during this phase. Patients may be more inclined towards unusual presentations, there may be a piece of the diagnosis puzzle that’s missing, or it winds up being the proverbial “zebra” diagnosis, for example. Patients may also be inclined to do things like leave out pertinent info when describing their symptoms or think another issue they’re having is unrelated and thus not bring it up during consultation, or forget to disclose what other medications/supplements they’re taking – things like this. Also? If a paper script is given out, make sure the handwriting is legible and double check the pharmacy gives the correct medication AND dosage amount – mixups like this can happen during Mercury retrograde!

Customer service – This is a tough field during Mercury retrogrades, because people are more inclined to experience problems with products or services and thus more likely to have complaints. Long phone wait times (also due Mercury Rx) can obviously add to a disgruntled customer’s annoyance, so it’s important to let customers know their frustrations are heard & understood and to be able to think of outside-the-box solutions to remedy the problem if conventional means are not resolving the issue.

That’s a quick (but not exhaustive) list of fields highly impacted by Mercury retrogrades! Hopefully going forward, if we work in these fields or are involved in them for any reason we can refer back to this list to understand the possible implications the next time Mercury is retrogrades in order to help things run a little more smoothly – the next Mercury retrograde is January 21st, 2015, so let’s make it a point to get our ducks in a row well before then!