When Mercury Retrograde Hits…


LOL, a live look at an error message I received when logging in to do some work today – it looks like the Mercury Retrograde gremlins have been let out to play:

We all know the Mercury Retro drill; gadgets get glitchy, software slows down, hardware hiccups, updates may get upended, meetings get mixed-up, tongues (and texts) can get twisted,  anxiety tends to amp up, schedules can get squirrely, public transport plods, and/or your car might get crotchety.  Phew!  This Mercury retrograde seems to be feeling particularly punchy with its proximity to Fixed Star Aldebaran; like it has a forceful point to make.  In recent days leading up to this Rx, I watched the “Nervous Nelly” implications of Mercury turning Retrograde lead to days in which there were both substantial losses on Wall Street – with the Dow losing 1000 points, Nasdaq having its worst day in 2 years, & then the S&P hit its lowest level in a year  – and a crypto crash as Bitcoin dipped below 30K and triggered a wave of panic.  People get skittish when Mercury changes direction; it’s a thing! The world could use a deep, centering breath when Mercury makes moves like this; logic leaves while the limbic Lizard Brain often takes the wheel.

Indecision and vacillation also tend to be more commonplace during Mercury Retrogrades as we rethink things – this is often a good thing, as taking time to mull something over (again) may make us less inclined to act in haste based on faulty information.  We can frequently make wrong assumptions, or frankly just might not have all the facts of a matter whenever this planetary messenger’s motion is a little “off”.  It’s like a bad 90’s talk show; before going off half-cocked, wait for those DNA test results to come in!

For this specific Mercury Retrograde, there seems to be a theme of “severance” in the air; both literal and metaphorical.  Careful around machinery (including cars and household appliances) that you could have an accident (digits or limbs getting caught and cut) with, and be mindful of sharp things in general; Mercury bounces back-and-forth between Fixed Stars Aldebaran – associated with a sword-wielding Archangel Micheal – and Algol in Medusa’s severed head.  In a less literal sense, words can both cut and lead to a cutting off (of communications) with Mercury ping-ponging between these two powerful stars. Do not engage in gossip, and be mindful of what you say and/or write (on yet another Mercury Rx-related note, look at the leaked Supreme Court opinion on overturning Roe v. Wade that happened last week as evidence of this).  So be safe out there, take a big calming breath,  choose words wisely, and avoid distractions when around a sharp or otherwise potentially dangerous object.



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