Heeding Good Advice

When good advice comes to you, are you able to recognize it as such?  On a scale from 1 – 10 (1 = Never, 10 = Always), how often would you say that you listen to the advice of others?   I ask because with Mercury Retrograde incoming a little over a week from now, we should always pay attention to any messages we get more than once.  To wit, I’ll share something that bears repeating – it’s an excerpt from my March 1st newsletter referencing April’s Jupiter/Neptune Conjunction:

“…there is some major hermit energy inherent in this configuration, yet it is coupled with the paradox of there also being simultaneous restlessness regarding isolation. Much like everything else with this alignment, this begs perspective and the necessity of asking ourselves “How much is too much?” in any given context. There is value in self-isolation as a means for mitigating over-sensitivity and for soul-searching to find one’s own truth, though admittedly in recent years we have certainly had a surplus of opportunities for this due to world events. In fact, some are so exhausted by this prolonged “hermit mode” they are desperately wanting to move “onward and upward” regardless of the broader ripple effect this may cause for the world at large and for the course of this pandemic. We can certainly choose not to believe in the pandemic anymore, but unfortunately the pandemic still believes in us or – more specifically – in our ability to keep spreading illness because of this great weariness we have about it. In fact, the astro of this alignment very much cautions against such over-relaxation leading to the spread of increased illness. There is indeed a theme of self-induced harm via over-permissiveness that can generate just such a wake on a bigger scale w/ the conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. On the macro, there is most definitely a huge lather-rinse-repeat cycle that keeps going on with the premature eagerness to be “over” this virus leading to subsequent surges and more variants of concern emerging that are more, well, concerning than prior iterations.  For the time being, our energy is much better spent on finding ways to relax this restlessness before it balloons into a bigger problem for us.”

See also: The rise of multiple Omicron Covid-19 sub-variants –  BA 2.12.1, BA 4, & BA 5 – that all surfaced in the news right around the time of this conjunction.   I am publishing this excerpt again in the interest of public health because it was good advice then and it’s still good advice now; particularly with Mercury about to backtrack – remember, Mercury is a health planet too.  And in the physical body it governs the lungs & respiratory function (among other things).



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