Mutual Reception: Venus In Scorpio, Mars in Libra

With Venus now settled into Scorpio for the next 3 ½ weeks, we now have a mutual reception between Venus and Mars in place! Mars is the Traditional ruler of Scorpio and with the Red Planet currently traversing Venus’s Libra kingdom while Venus herself occupies his Scorpio domain, this creates an energy exchange even though the two planets aren’t otherwise linked.

What might we expect from this Venus/Mars mutual reception? Well this energy can be a bit problematic for both sexes since “men are from Mars/women are from Venus” and both planets are debilitated in the signs they’re currently occupying. Very generally speaking, men are apt to be more acquiescing while women adopt a more “take no prisoners” approach. Overall this vibe can have a rather “genderbent” kind of feel to it and reversals of stereotypical gender roles in relationships may become more common. This mutual reception can also evoke a “War of the Roses” vibe so do remember this if in the midst of a contentious split and divvying up possessions/assets.

That’s not all, though – the current mutual reception between Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Libra may elicit power struggles in relationships. For best results, focus energy instead on sharing/taking turns/mutual compromise. This duo is also quite lusty and amps up amorous attraction between individuals; while passionate, there is a hazard of leading into a relationship with sex because of this. And as I am fond of saying, chemistry does not necessarily equal compatibility; sometimes it’s like oil and water! More broadly, turbulence in partnerships may be denoted by this pairing; be this for business or pleasure.

The takeaway is to tread a bit more lightly in relationships than we otherwise would for the next few weeks. Thankfully this mutual reception doesn’t last too long and once it’s gone Mars will be in a powerhouse position while Venus receives a lighter, more uplifting boost. And it’s not as if the *entire* mutual reception period is problematic; the trickiest days will be circa Nov 19th as Mars squares Pluto and at the very end of the month near Nov 30th as Mars opposes Uranus just as this mutual reception comes to a close. Think of it more as prevailing scenery that sometimes interacts with us; like the apple-throwing trees in The Wizard of Oz.  😝


Relational Friction Under Mars In Libra

There’s definitely something in the air…an electric sort of twinge that feels awfully familiar.  What we are sensing are the energetic effects of Mars in Libra triggering Pluto & Uranus.  Every single time Mars has agitated this duo over the last few years, it is a predictable shit storm (yes, that’s a technical term, LOL) – with Mars in Libra, this tends to dredge up its fair share of conflict in relationships, and from those heightened fight-or-flight responses being triggered, it can certainly generate adrenal fatigue as well. I’ve had 3 consults alone in the last 24 hours that were all dealing with the subject of some pretty major relationship upheaval of one stripe or another, so the planets don’t lie.

The resonant theme I keep seeing running throughout, though, is of people not wanting to be alone – how very Mars in Libra.  If there’s one thing this placement is desirous of, it’s a companion, but sometimes we can’t fight ultimately going our separate ways – our individual evolutionary journey may in fact depend upon it.   Uranus & Pluto are very powerful transpersonal forces, and any time Libra planets get drawn into a T-square with these two it can put a lot of pressure on unions…they either learn how to adapt and move forward, or get stuck in the tar pits of the status quo and wind up extinct. But Mars in Libra’s involvement tends to foretell the individual breaking away from/breaking out of the partnership…our identity as a couple may be inclined to fracture and break when under this kind of strain; especially with Black Moon Lilith nearby and Venus about to submerge into Scorpio, the sign of her detriment.

As I was mulling all of this over, this song suddenly made a very conspicuous appearance out of nowhere; perhaps as if to reinforce my thought process on the matter:


“I am leaving
This is starting
To feel like
It’s right before my eyes
And I can taste it;
It’s my sweet beginning

And I can tell just what you want:
You don’t to be alone
You don’t want to be alone…”

The Universe never ceases to amuse me…! But it is a beginning, even if it’s an end – we must not lose courage! In my 2016 astro-overview (published in my December newsletter), I wrote of Jupiter going into Libra which is kind of A Big Deal for unions. As I said therein, sometimes to be better together, we must grow separately as individuals – if you want to reap the benefits of a better relationship when Jupiter enters this sign next year, better to clear the decks and be alone to do some hardcore self-development if you know what you have 1) isn’t what you want or 2) isn’t working and is legitimately beyond repair.

I know it can be scary. I know it takes bravery. It is a loss, and loss is never easy. But I will relate a personal anecdote here in saying that something I learned about myself some time ago is that I’d rather be alone than “settle for half a loaf”, as a very wise and kindly Grandmother figure once put it to me. I cried so hard when I heard those words…not because I knew it was over at that exact moment, but because it was so utterly validating to hear that someone completely understood what a massive struggle it had been, and – more importantly – assured me that I wasn’t meant to do this to myself. I also want to say that being alone is not a death sentence – it is an opportunity for us to develop a more intimate relationship with ourselves so that when love does find us again, we are able to have a fuller, more complete understanding of our love nature to have a better, happier partnership.

So who can relate?


Wrapping Up Mars In Libra

With Mars about to emerge from its pre-retrograde shadow zone, I thought this would be a good time to check in and do a little review of what we’ve been learning since Mars first entered this sign back in December of 2013.  Mars is wrapping up its nearly 8 month long trek through Libra and will dip into Scorpio’s waters on the 25th, so this is a great time to see what we’ve taken away from this time period so we’re prepared for the next leg of the journey!  During the last 8 months, have you:

  • Honed your social skills/manners, focusing on tact & diplomacy?
  • Learned who your comrades-in-arms are; those who will fight the good fight alongside you, even if you do wind up as sparring partners from time to time?
  • Re-balanced relationships; taken a stand when/where it was appropriate and acquiescing to foster cooperation and harmonious relations when it was needed?
  • Learned the way of the Peaceful Warrior – how to create mutual win scenarios and practice the balanced application of force to get what you want in life?
  • How to weigh both sides (pros and cons) of a course of action without allowing this process to hamstring you?
  • Become more considerate/aware of others’ desires?
  • Uncovered/discarded any “frenemies” in your orbit?
  • Learned to wrangle potentially hot social situations while maintaining grace under fire?
  • Practiced being polite but direct?
  • Examined/slowed down the impulse to partner, with the understanding that chemistry does not automatically equal compatibility?
  • Learned that actions speak for themselves in relationships?
  • Striven for reciprocity and become focused on cohesion, collaboration, and fair dealings?

Well, how did you do?  This is the Mars in Libra cumulative review, and taking stock of these important themes allows us to stay on top of Mars’ energy as it prepares to transition into a new sign.  If we’ve challenged ourselves in these ways and managed to rise to the occasion, we will be well-positioned for Mars-in-Scorpio season, which runs from July 25th – September 13th this year.  If, on the other hand, we failed to confront the above issues, the likelihood of resentment surfacing during Mars’ passage through Scorpio is quite high – things could get ugly.  This is a super-passionate, potent placement for The Red Planet – anger tends to seethe into resentment or bitterness when this energy is done in Lo-Fi, and we want to avoid the potential for this kind of toxic brew.  It’s not too late to correct any of the above Mars-in-Libra issues to help head this off at the pass, though – we still have another week to go!


Venus In Gemini + Mars In Libra

DoublemintTwinsDouble your pleasure, double your fun – that’s what you get when Venus in Gemini teams up in supportive aspect to another planet! In this case, we have Mars in Libra benefiting from Venus in Gemini’s gift of gab, so if you are looking to partner the next few days are a great time to get the dialog flowing and to be brave & make the first move in a relationship. If you do, you’ll get a +1 for initiative with Mars in Libra. Keep the conversation sweet & flirty, and also consider enlisting the aid of a good wingman/wingwoman because Venus in Gemini + Mars in Libra loves to tag-team when hunting for a mate. Others can help you get what you want with this astro-influence in play, and if you pair up w/ your BFF to form a dynamic duo, he/she may talk you up in a way that causes the object of your desire to look favorably upon you. There’s good astro-chemistry in the air right now, so get socializing and don’t be afraid to chat up a cutie (or two!) 😉


Mars Stationary Direct: Waiting In The Wings

Image: Degas, "Ballet Dancers In The Wings"
Image: Degas, “Ballet Dancers In The Wings”


Something is about to emerge – can you feel it?  Mars has just stationed direct in Libra, and it won’t be long now before a flurry of activity commences.  Watch for developments in relationships & alliances in particular.  But not *quite* yet, as Mars has to warm up his atrophied muscled first before making his grand re-entrance….be patient, but stand at the ready and be alert for the signal.  It’s almost “go time”…..


May’s Mars/Venus Mutual Reception

Some vital info for May: We have a mutual reception in effect between Mars & Venus for about 80% of the month! A mutual reception means that Venus will inhabit the sign Mars rules and vice versa, which creates a strongly resonant interplay between Martian & Venusian energies, bringing them out to the nth degree. In a nutshell, this means ….Read More…

Something Invaluable During Mars In Libra….

….A comrade-in-arms.  Someone who will “fight the good fight” alongside you.  Do you have someone in your life you can count on for this?  If not, it may be high time to get one!

Mars retrograding in Libra can help make us aware of who our allies are, as well as who they ARE NOT.  Dropping the frenemies & those who aren’t fighting on our side like hot potatoes before collateral damage can ensue may be in our best interest now.  April has some hot astrology and we’ll want to bring our “A” game to the table rather than squander energy mitigating potential brush fires caused by any faux alliances.


Mars In Libra Entertainment/Query

Loooooong ago in a galaxy far, far away, I once had a very Mars-y (ex)boyfriend who used to urge my Libran ass to “Make a decision, even if it’s a wrong one!” –  I find that hilariously funny in retrospect, because it perfectly and succinctly illustrates the difference between how these two energies operate. One pulls the trigger, the other deliberates to weigh the pros against the cons.

One of Libra’s nicknames is “The Fence-sitter of the Zodiac”, which is born partially of its desire to balance opposing forces (i.e. positives vs. negatives) and partially due its consideration for others.  Libra doesn’t just think about how a decision or course of action impacts itself; rather it looks around to see how other people may be affected as well because its natural orientation is toward facilitating harmonious relations, and this can’t be had if we ignore others.

So how ya doin’ out there, Libras?  Ya’ll feelin’ a bit more decisive these days since Mars saddled into your sign back in December?  I know I am!  Let’s see if we waffle during Mars’ retrograde from March to May….!


Mars Retrograde In The News

Let’s break this down first – retrogrades are a cyclical phenomenon caused by differences in orbital speed between Earth & the other planets wherein a planet appears to move backwards in the sky from our perspective here on Earth.  The days when the planet in question (in this case, Mars) appears to halt movement and then change direction is called the “station” and  it’s said to be the time where the energy of a planet is at its most potent and palpable.

Case in point: Mars stationed (turned) retrograde on March 1, 2014.  Mars is the planet of war, and not coincidentally this astrological event coincided with Russia’s “occupation” of the Crimea region of Ukraine in the wake of civil unrest that had resulted in the ousting of the Ukrainian president just days prior. The interim Ukrainian government – along with members of the international community – has decried Russia’s actions as an open act of aggression interfering with the sovereignty of the country.  Many see this as an invasion, as an act of war.

It will be …Read more…

Mars In Libra Buzzwords

Tactful Confrontation. 

That’s how you do Mars In Libra the high-class way – Boo-ya!

Pay attention to this theme, as it’s active from December of 2013-July of 2014 while Mars visits this sign.  It also falls under the “Honing our (mad) social skillz” category  – see related post .

Personally I’m pretty psyched about the opportunity to hammer this out, because doesn’t a little more grace & tact make us all better people and the world a better place? It’s why I called Mars in Libra the “Way of the Peaceful Warrior” in my February newsletter!

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