Wrapping Up Mars In Libra

With Mars about to emerge from its pre-retrograde shadow zone, I thought this would be a good time to check in and do a little review of what we’ve been learning since Mars first entered this sign back in December of 2013.  Mars is wrapping up its nearly 8 month long trek through Libra and will dip into Scorpio’s waters on the 25th, so this is a great time to see what we’ve taken away from this time period so we’re prepared for the next leg of the journey!  During the last 8 months, have you:

  • Honed your social skills/manners, focusing on tact & diplomacy?
  • Learned who your comrades-in-arms are; those who will fight the good fight alongside you, even if you do wind up as sparring partners from time to time?
  • Re-balanced relationships; taken a stand when/where it was appropriate and acquiescing to foster cooperation and harmonious relations when it was needed?
  • Learned the way of the Peaceful Warrior – how to create mutual win scenarios and practice the balanced application of force to get what you want in life?
  • How to weigh both sides (pros and cons) of a course of action without allowing this process to hamstring you?
  • Become more considerate/aware of others’ desires?
  • Uncovered/discarded any “frenemies” in your orbit?
  • Learned to wrangle potentially hot social situations while maintaining grace under fire?
  • Practiced being polite but direct?
  • Examined/slowed down the impulse to partner, with the understanding that chemistry does not automatically equal compatibility?
  • Learned that actions speak for themselves in relationships?
  • Striven for reciprocity and become focused on cohesion, collaboration, and fair dealings?

Well, how did you do?  This is the Mars in Libra cumulative review, and taking stock of these important themes allows us to stay on top of Mars’ energy as it prepares to transition into a new sign.  If we’ve challenged ourselves in these ways and managed to rise to the occasion, we will be well-positioned for Mars-in-Scorpio season, which runs from July 25th – September 13th this year.  If, on the other hand, we failed to confront the above issues, the likelihood of resentment surfacing during Mars’ passage through Scorpio is quite high – things could get ugly.  This is a super-passionate, potent placement for The Red Planet – anger tends to seethe into resentment or bitterness when this energy is done in Lo-Fi, and we want to avoid the potential for this kind of toxic brew.  It’s not too late to correct any of the above Mars-in-Libra issues to help head this off at the pass, though – we still have another week to go!



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