Venus In Gemini + Mars In Libra

DoublemintTwinsDouble your pleasure, double your fun – that’s what you get when Venus in Gemini teams up in supportive aspect to another planet! In this case, we have Mars in Libra benefiting from Venus in Gemini’s gift of gab, so if you are looking to partner the next few days are a great time to get the dialog flowing and to be brave & make the first move in a relationship. If you do, you’ll get a +1 for initiative with Mars in Libra. Keep the conversation sweet & flirty, and also consider enlisting the aid of a good wingman/wingwoman because Venus in Gemini + Mars in Libra loves to tag-team when hunting for a mate. Others can help you get what you want with this astro-influence in play, and if you pair up w/ your BFF to form a dynamic duo, he/she may talk you up in a way that causes the object of your desire to look favorably upon you. There’s good astro-chemistry in the air right now, so get socializing and don’t be afraid to chat up a cutie (or two!) 😉



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