May’s Mars/Venus Mutual Reception

Some vital info for May: We have a mutual reception in effect between Mars & Venus for about 80% of the month! A mutual reception means that Venus will inhabit the sign Mars rules and vice versa, which creates a strongly resonant interplay between Martian & Venusian energies, bringing them out to the nth degree. In a nutshell, this means relationship dynamics will again take center stage (as if they ever really bowed out, LOL), and not necessarily in an everything’s-coming-up-roses kind of way. Both Venus & Mars are in the signs of their detriment, which can increase the likelihood of this energetic pairing going haywire real quick. So to help head this off at the pass, I’m giving you a list of need-to-know buzzwords for this combo as a primer for this energetic backdrop:


Impulsive pairings, relational conflict, frenemies, taking the initiative in a partnership, butting heads/being pushy with people you like and/or need to cooperate with, the physical/sexual side of a relationship, wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am, activities as a couple, identity as a couple, shotgun weddings, the drive to be partnered, making peace with a rival, making war with an ally, mutual wins, putting a pretty face over anger/hostility, a desire for harmony, a liking for conflict or competition, romantic rivals, confronting issues surrounding compromise and fair play, forced politesse, aggressive diplomacy, sports & leisure, wearing the pants in a relationship, masculine women, effeminate men, polite men, rude women, tomboys & pretty boys, heroic partners, embattled couples, putting your partner first, adventurous love, bold & beautiful, sugar & spice, new love, immature relationships, violence in relationships, two against one, taking a risk and being daring in love, letting love win, passion keeps love alive, re-igniting a spark in relationships, standing up for yourself in a partnership, winning by making nice, fighting for what’s fair & equitable, charm offensive.


These themes will be active throughout the month and by having a list to reference you can quickly sort out which energies are likely to be the most beneficial to you and which you’ll probably want to avoid manifesting.  Remember that each planet emits a full range of frequencies (Hi-fi, Lo-Fi, & somewhere in the middle) and it’s up to you how you want to channel them. Many of the expressions listed above are neutral; however even the more benign can be problematic if we aren’t careful. Consider a desire for harmony that overrides our willingness to stand up for ourselves. Or possessing a drive to partner that’s so strong we pick the first person we see (who might not necessarily be a good catch). We should make sure examine our responses to some of the, shall we say, “less desirable” items on this list as well – for example, relational conflict isn’t always a bad thing because it allows us to sort out potential points of incompatibility and/or arrive at a workable compromise.

Note there also seems to be  quite a bit of role reversals  going on when it comes to traditionally ascribed gender “norms”. Flipping gender stereotypes upside down every once in a while isn’t a bad thing in and of itself; however I do get the sense that such role reversals will definitely be inclined to catalyze their share of shake-ups for good or ill. Lastly, the big keynote of the month is to pay attention to ACTIONS in relationships. Not words, not “intent”; ACTIONS, for they speak far louder than anything else with this kind of astrology in play – particularly with Mercury moving into double-talking Gemini on the 7th. It’s what we do (or don’t do) now that makes or breaks a relationship – especially when Venus in Aries starts messing with the remains of April’s Cardinal Cross between May 7th-19th while Mars turns direct as well! The right action(s) in the present can override past baggage so that old, outdated relational frameworks go the way of the Dodo. It’s evolution or extinction, baby, and our way of being in relationships simply must reflect the Now. Being conscious of these basic tenets can help us avoid the potential for needless relational friction during the weeks ahead as well as give us a proactive push as to how we can harness this energy to our maximum advantage. Do also re-read my posts tagged Mars in Libra, because they’ll be insanely relevant now.

My personal muse for this energy….model & extreme sport enthusiast Roberta Mancino


2 thoughts on “May’s Mars/Venus Mutual Reception

  1. Wow…so we get to pick? Pretty awesome concept – I’ve never really thought of astrology this way before!

  2. Yes – when we’re aware of the possible manifestations of a given astrological energy, it leaves us free to “choose our own adventure” so to speak. By having a list of ways an energy can play out, we can make conscious choices to avoid certain expressions while finding ways to embrace/play up the energies we *do* like. That’s why I picked radically cool skydiving/BASE jumping model Roberta Mancino as my personal muse for this mutual reception, as I aspire to embody the “bold & beautiful” side of this energy. To me, daring IS beautiful and I adore strong women who aren’t afraid to take risks! I mean, who doesn’t love a gutsy broad, LOL?


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