Mars In Libra Entertainment/Query

Loooooong ago in a galaxy far, far away, I once had a very Mars-y (ex)boyfriend who used to urge my Libran ass to “Make a decision, even if it’s a wrong one!” –  I find that hilariously funny in retrospect, because it perfectly and succinctly illustrates the difference between how these two energies operate. One pulls the trigger, the other deliberates to weigh the pros against the cons.

One of Libra’s nicknames is “The Fence-sitter of the Zodiac”, which is born partially of its desire to balance opposing forces (i.e. positives vs. negatives) and partially due its consideration for others.  Libra doesn’t just think about how a decision or course of action impacts itself; rather it looks around to see how other people may be affected as well because its natural orientation is toward facilitating harmonious relations, and this can’t be had if we ignore others.

So how ya doin’ out there, Libras?  Ya’ll feelin’ a bit more decisive these days since Mars saddled into your sign back in December?  I know I am!  Let’s see if we waffle during Mars’ retrograde from March to May….!



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