Saturn in Scorpio: Defining Sexuality?

I thought this a really interesting topic for Saturn in Scorpio – sure I’ve covered various interpretations of Saturn’s journey through this sign in my newsletter since Saturn arrived here in fall of 2012 (such as the consequences of sex, working on building or fortifying intimacy, and also the angle of how Saturn in Scorpio can actually limit sex & intimacy), but this was a new spin on the topic that I wanted to discuss.  Beyond feeling a need to define sexuality, Saturn in Scorpio can sometimes test it, or even repress it.  But we’re in Venus-in-Aquarius territory right now, so perhaps it’s an apt time to have a discussion about NOT fitting love into a neat, square little box – especially once Venus moves in to square Saturn on March 29th!  Venus in Aquarius defies convention when it comes to matters of attraction and love – and what exactly IS normal, anyway?  I don’t think there is such a thing, at least if not you buy into the findings of the Flexuality test.  The terms “hetero-” and “homo-“ are passé anyway; globally speaking, we seem to be finding new ways to define this aspect of our being without necessarily having to slap a label on it – this is very Aquarian Age chic!

So as discussed, one potential manifestation of Saturn’s passage through Scorpio can be the pressure to define sexuality, to test it, or to even repress it during this 2 1/2 year long period.  There are two groups of people that may be especially affected by this transit, one being  the Saturn-in-Scorpio kids born in ’83 & ’84, who are now reaching real adulthood via their first Saturn Return.  The Saturn Return often presents us with defining moments where we solidify ourselves as adults through hard-won struggle, and with Scorpio being the sex sign it could well signify issues surrounding how to come to terms with these matters.  The second group that comes to mind encompasses the Pluto in Scorpio generation (born ’83-’95) as a whole – most of this gen is between the ages of 20-30 now, so the timing is about right for one to be testing or looking to define sexuality independent of whatever might have been instilled by adults/set by the parental influence as part of a rite of passage into real psychological maturity. To see how deep those expectations go and get very real and very intimate with any metaphorical cobwebby corners or darkened closets in the psyche.  It may not be fun, but it’s a task that must be undertaken so that fear isn’t permitted to set up dysfunctional frameworks in one’s life.  The only way to get to know what one is really made of on a core, cell-deep, nuclear level is to face down the Boogeyman and level with him!

Others can certainly be affected by this transit without necessarily being of these age brackets, however – particularly if one’s nativity shows Saturn in Scorpio currently passing through the 8th House or in contact with a relationship planet.  The tests that Saturn is apt to present at this time can come in many forms, and may often involve working with material that we or others have previously deemed “taboo”. Saturn can also signify issues of guardedness, where we may have created bocks or limitations within our own psyche out of fear.  The challenge we wrestle with during a Saturn transit can be about overcoming these blockages, though, and not letting them define our life.  Walls can keep us protected, or they can close us in….there is a very fine line between KNOWING our limitations and BECOMING them!

Perhaps while Saturn visits this sign, this challenge will involve working on dimensions of intimacy with someone deemed trusted and “safe”, or being real about any abuse that may have set a certain standard/framework (subconscious or otherwise) for sexual interaction.  Maybe it’s dealing with the realization that one doesn’t feel safe with or trusting of one’s own sex or of the opposite sex.  Perhaps it’s looking at the reality of the role models (or lack thereof) we had for healthy sexual interaction.  It could also represent the inhibitions created by internal or external condemnation of sexual practices deemed “less than wholesome”, whether or not we fantasize about them or act upon them.  Any of these situations could leave us questioning the basis of our sexuality, regardless of orientation. But rather than repress, the task is to work through these areas to gain mastery over the deepest, most private reaches of our psyche so that we’re not controlled/manipulated by the things it might otherwise seem safer to hide.

Dad leaves his son a note after overhearing his conversation about "coming out".  The matter-of-fact tone is totally Saturn-in-Scorpio apropos! **Image credit unknown - it's a semi-viral image hat has been plastered all over the internet.
Dad leaves his son a note after overhearing his conversation about “coming out”. The matter-of-fact tone is totally Saturn-in-Scorpio apropos!
**Image credit unknown – it’s a semi-viral image hat has been plastered all over the internet.

Right now, Venus in Aquarius is providing us with a timely reminder to love what’s queer & unusual – about ourselves AND others!  If you have found yourself wrestling with this topic during Saturn’s journey through Scorpio, don’t allow it to get you hung up, because deep loyalty & support may be available from surprising sources and unexpected allies.

You are not alone ❤


3 thoughts on “Saturn in Scorpio: Defining Sexuality?

  1. What’s really interesting is I just stumbled on an article about actress Ellen Page’s “coming out” today, after posting this article last Friday – I had no idea she 1) was gay 2) only went public with this information very recently!

    I only mention this because Ellen is from the aforementioned Pluto in Scorpio generation (born in ’87), so she provides a great example of what I was discussing in this post. Kudos to her for stepping out of the closet – I’m sure it was a scary thing for her to have to wrestle with, but she certainly rose to the occasion!

  2. I have saturn in scorpio. It made sexual progress very slow and difficult and eventually I discovered that I didn’t need it; I was trying to be like all the oither guys. It feels like a horrible thing to do. I get the impression that Saturn blocks the scorpio part.

  3. Hi Mike – thanks for commenting! This can be a challenging placement from a sexual standpoint, at least until we learn that there is a difference between QUALITY intimacy and simply having another notch on our bedpost. Some may use sex in lieu of *real* intimacy because they’re actually afraid of it, which is a shame because then it tends to become very utilitarian. Real intimacy should scare us at least a little bit until trust is established and we know we’re safe, but some prefer not to take this risk at all which can eventually make sex dull & perfunctory. There are layers, and some would rather peel of their clothes than risk stripping off the psychological defenses that inhibit a real merging of energy.

    Our sex life is something that is important to achieve a degree of mastery over when we have Saturn in this sign; neither giving up and shutting off the tap completely nor turning it into a numbers game we use for a perverse sense of “achievement” (reference the aforementioned notches on one’s bedpost/belt). Where Saturn is concerned, it’s always a matter of quality over quantity. It doesn’t so much block per se (unless we’re not self-regulating and thus need of some external restraint imposed by The Universe), rather it denotes there’s an important lesson we need to master concerning our sexuality. Saturn can also close off/inhibit/repress our sense of sexuality – this may be in response to some sort of trauma/abuse or simply due parental modeling, and it’s equally important that we work to overcome any of these difficulties as well. Usually this is an energy that improves with age; when we’ve had time to test what works/doesn’t work for us through a bit of trial and error. And through working with people that are trusted and make us feel safe. Provided one has put in time and effort to this end, after the first Saturn Return (after age 28) during one’s 30’s & 40’s is when this energy tends to become less of a challenge.

    On a personal note, I like that you’ve learned to rely upon your own internal sense of morality when it comes to sex; that trying to be like all the other guys just felt like the wrong thing to do. Saturn is very much concerned with ethics and standards; we usually only get ourselves into trouble with Saturn when we ignore these. That’s when The Universe typically sends us some kind of sign that says “Knock it off!”, LOL…..


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