Mutual Reception: Venus In Scorpio, Mars in Libra

With Mars now settled into Libra and Venus now settled into Scorpio, we currently have a mutual reception between Venus and Mars in place! Mars is the Traditional ruler of Scorpio and with the Red Planet currently traversing Venus’s Libra kingdom while Venus herself occupies Mars’s murky Scorpio domain, this creates an energy exchange even though the two planets aren’t otherwise linked astrologically.

What might we expect from this Venus/Mars mutual reception? Well this energy can be a bit problematic for the sexes since “men are from Mars/women are from Venus” and both planets are considered debilitated in the signs they’re currently occupying. Very generally speaking, men are apt to be more acquiescing while women can adopt a more “take no prisoners” approach. Overall this vibe can have a rather “genderbent” kind of feel to it and reversals of stereotypical gender roles in relationships may become more common. This mutual reception can also evoke a “War of the Roses” vibe so do remember this if in the midst of a contentious split and divvying up possessions/assets.

That’s not all, though – the current mutual reception between Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Libra may elicit power struggles in relationships. For best results, focus energy instead on sharing/taking turns/mutual compromise and you’ll *both* “win”. This duo is also quite lusty and tends to amp up amorous attraction between individuals – while a passionate combo, there is a hazard of leading into a relationship with sex.  And as I am fond of saying, chemistry does *not* necessarily equal compatibility; sometimes it’s like oil and water! More broadly speaking, turbulence in partnerships  (be this for business or for pleasure) may be denoted by this pairing.

The takeaway is to tread a bit more lightly in relationships than we otherwise would for the next few weeks while this mutual reception plays out. Thankfully, it won’t last too long and once it’s over Venus will receive a more uplifting boost while Mars will come to occupy a powerhouse position; leaving the two planets in *much* better shape.The trickiest days to watch for are circa the dates that Venus finds herself in frictional contact with Saturn, Uranus, and then Jupiter around September 17th, 23rd, & 30th, respectively.  While Mars may find himself uncomfortable in Libra he will at least behave himself for the most part; the exception being the days around the October 6th New Moon when it forms a screwy inconjunct with unpredictable Uranus as Pluto rumbles and resumes forward movement.



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