Mars Retrograde In The News

Let’s break this down first – retrogrades are a cyclical phenomenon caused by differences in orbital speed between Earth & the other planets wherein a planet appears to move backwards in the sky from our perspective here on Earth.  The days when the planet in question (in this case, Mars) appears to halt movement and then change direction is called the “station” and  it’s said to be the time where the energy of a planet is at its most potent and palpable.

Case in point: Mars stationed (turned) retrograde on March 1, 2014.  Mars is the planet of war, and not coincidentally this astrological event coincided with Russia’s “occupation” of the Crimea region of Ukraine in the wake of civil unrest that had resulted in the ousting of the Ukrainian president just days prior. The interim Ukrainian government – along with members of the international community – has decried Russia’s actions as an open act of aggression interfering with the sovereignty of the country.  Many see this as an invasion, as an act of war.

It will be …Read more…

Mars In Libra Buzzwords

Tactful Confrontation. 

That’s how you do Mars In Libra the high-class way – Boo-ya!

Pay attention to this theme, as it’s active from December of 2013-July of 2014 while Mars visits this sign.  It also falls under the “Honing our (mad) social skillz” category  – see related post .

Personally I’m pretty psyched about the opportunity to hammer this out, because doesn’t a little more grace & tact make us all better people and the world a better place? It’s why I called Mars in Libra the “Way of the Peaceful Warrior” in my February newsletter!

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Sharpening Our Social Skills During Mars In Libra: An “Unfollow” Button, The Princess And The Pea, & Grace Under Fire

Coinciding with Mars’ entrance into “put-on-a-pretty-face” Libra in December, Facebook announced they now offer a more cut-to-the-chase “unfollow” button to replace their “hide all” function. A textbook passive-aggressive, Mars-in-Libra way of dealing with relational conflict on the social networking site, rather than directly “unfriend” someone because their posts continually annoy you, one can use this feature to simply mute their posts on your feed.  This way on the surface it still *looks like* all is fine and dandy – even though it really isn’t.  This is a classic Mars-in-Libra theme if I ever did see it, including their re-packaging of the “hide all” feature to more directly state its intended purpose for dealing with others.

I have to say I’m not very fond of the basic premise of this kind of thing on principle for a number of reasons.  For one, I think it’s easier to practice this sort of “benign” form of navigating relational conflicts than it is to proactively engage in the nitty-gritty work of negotiating potential hotspots a bit more openly.  My feeling is that hitting the mute button can actually …Read more…