A Saturn In Scorpio Reminder!

SaturnInScorpioOne potential manifestation of this placement can be staying locked into a screwed-up situation because we fear letting go. Maybe we think we’ll be obliterated if we do, and left with nothing. But Saturn in Scorpio has been challenging many of us to know when to cut our losses. It may be time to acknowledge the reality that we have to fold – even if we think we stand to lose a lot – rather than keep on throwing in more time, energy, effort, etc, into a situation that has kept on degrading. This can apply to relationships, jobs, friendships – anything, really – in addition to literal financial situations. The Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) have been getting the brunt of this energy since late 2012, and if you have planets or angles in any of these signs, you definitely know what I mean even though we’re all seeing this theme playing out somewhere in our lives to a greater or lesser degree.

The alternative to this, as I have said before in my newsletter, is that we wind up in a metaphorical “moneypit” scenario where we continue throwing in good money after bad despite their being no chance of a Return-On-Investment. Sometimes the best you can manage is to pull out before you’re sunk, and protecting ourselves from situations that are unduly taxing is a far wiser use of this energy. It takes a lot of maturity to be able to look at a situation and admit “This is not working for me” and then steel ourselves to take the hit. But some do not know when to quit – if this is you, time is running out. Saturn will be leaving Scorpio for good next year, and when that happens you definitely don’t want to find yourself with an “F” for this particular life lesson. Saturn is the Cosmic Taskmaster, and when we don’t make the grade by failing to do the right-but-hard thing, it means we wind up paying for it in spades and living with the consequences for a very long time. As always, the choice is ours. This may seem harsh, but it’s really not – Saturn is actually quite fair. We’ve had almost 2 years (so far) to straighten this out, and Saturn’s mission is to teach us there are consequences to every choice we make. This is an important part of being an adult – we gain valuable life experience whenever we deal with the ramifications that come from our decisions, hopefully resulting in an increased level of maturity and wisdom as we age.



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