More Mercury Square Neptune Messages

For those who grieve over troubled sibling relationships under Mercury square Neptune – a perfectly fitting and possibly cathartic listening/viewing experience:

Mercury represents our brothers and sisters, Neptune can signify the dissolution of this bond; the sadness and suffering connected to a brother or sister becoming “lost” to us. Perhaps there is an estrangement, or heartache caused by a substance abuse issue, for example. But if this is indeed a source of sorrow, I think it important to retain an elastic heart. Stretch the heart center; keep it open and allow yourself to feel the softer emotions like grief and compassion that are often hiding behind feelings like anger and frustration, even while acknowledging What Is and giving the situation over to The Universe/Divinity to handle. Sometimes the state of things just cannot be helped – we are often powerless in situations where someone dear to us chooses a path that hurts themselves and/or others. But it is still possible to connect to unconditional love for a sibling on the spiritual plane and wish them healing and wholeness, even as you do what is necessary to love and protect yourself on a physical/emotional level. Finding forgiveness in our hearts to bless and release the situation can at least help us to accept the things we cannot change and reach some measure of serenity.



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