Pluto in Capricorn & Healing Ancestral Trauma

In one of my recent newsletters (February 2022), I have been discussing the USA’s Pluto Return in the sign of Capricorn; what it is, why it’s significant, and – most importantly – what we can each/all do to help this crucial turning point be one of resurrection for our nation.  When speaking of Pluto, I have often mentioned the concept of bioluminescence; the ability to generate our own Light from within, even in the darkest of places.  Interestingly, many bioluminescent species are found in precisely such environs, and yet still they thrive – I think they have much to teach us at this decisive period in our nation’s history.

The strength of a nation is measured in the spirit of its people; more precisely, in their resilience.  These have been dark times indeed, but we need not fear them when have deep and unyielding confidence in our ability to recover.  It is this idea of recovery I wish to speak to now, for this is what is in greatest service to our nation and its people.  America’s Pluto Return is its “Scarlett O’Hara” moment in “Gone with the Wind” – silhouetted in the dawning of a new day, she says the following: “As God as my witness; they’re not going to lick me… God as my witness; I’m going to live through this and when it’s all over, I’ll never be hungry again!” You will note that I have very deliberately left out the part where she vows “If I have to lie, steal, cheat, or kill…”, as this is Lo-Fi Pluto and – rather than give into more ignoble impulses where we try to make the ends justify the means – I wish to inspire us instead toward Pluto’s higher potential.  For the purposes of this post, the point of the quote lies in Scarlett’s indomitable will to survive any crisis that life throws at her.

Recovery can happen in many ways, but I want to talk about one of the most impactful levels as it is a topic germane to all Americans now.  Because Pluto is associated with both trauma and healing, perhaps one of the most salient points to mention involves Capricorn’s connection with that which is “old” in addition to this sign also having ties to history, our forefathers, and our “pedigree” or “lineage”.  In understanding Pluto’s deepest healing potential, we know that when it Returns in the sign of Capricorn we (as a collective nation) will be dealing with themes that involve gaining insight into old, possibly generational traumas (or perhaps “curses”) for the sake of banishing, cleansing, and renewing on an energetic level.

Ancestral trauma can come in many forms – most (if not all) of us alive on the planet here today have ancestors who “had it hard” in one respect or another; sometimes in several areas at once.  We may live with the energetic residue of things like poverty, famine, war, slavery, or even genocide metaphysically encoded in our DNA; even if we ourselves haven’t lived through such events.  Traumas such as these can hold particular power over us if we are not conscious of their potential trickle-drown effects.  Sometimes there are actual learned (dysfunctional) behaviors that we might inherit as a result; like the hoarding tendencies one might have as the child of parents who stockpiled more food than was necessary in the wake of living through the bread lines of The Great Depression.  This is not a judgement whatsoever; intense experiences understandably leave a mark.  But best now to direct energy toward old scar tissue to see if we can transform what was once a curse into a point of empowerment.

A large part of healing the “curses” of our forefathers lies in the naming of these demons and symbolically casting them out – let us dig into the roots of our family trees to understand and resolve that which causes our ancestors’ spirits to have unrest so we can stop this from affecting future generations.  What this looks like for each person is going to be very different; especially with respect to whether these kinds of impactfully disturbing experiences happened from the victim or perpetrator’s (or perhaps our ancestors were both, à la hurt people hurt people) side(s).  But investigating with a spirit of integrity, humility, and an earnest desire to straighten things out gets us far….sometimes we are the ones left holding the bag for our parents’/grandparents’/great-grandparents’/etc., and it is better to work constructively on clearing out the mess than to curse the burden that now rests upon our shoulders.  Heal what they couldn’t; willingly take on the responsibility for straightening out their (energetic) legacy.


The Mars/Venus/Pluto Mashup in Capricorn

As if the world doesn’t have enough to deal with right now; just in time for Thursday’s  approaching conjunction of war god Mars with volcanic Pluto 🙄  Venus is in the mix too, though, and here’s my geopolitical take on this alignment:

Vladimir Putin is a Libra Sun with three other planets located in this sign as well; he is strongly influenced by the planet Venus, which is (and has been) debilitated by its recent retrograde in Capricorn.  This is also important because Venus rules money, and I’m not sure that Putin weighed the economic ramifications of his decision to invade Ukraine nearly enough – the ruble has plunged 30% in recent days and the Russian Central Bank jacked rates to 20% to keep pace with the resulting economic fallout.  Capricorn is a stern sign that demands both self-restraint and that we do the right thing or we will face the consequences, and this has been a very bad business decision for Putin. Economic punishment is, IMO, the right move here; it hits where it hurts most.

Mars has been tagging along with Venus very closely the last few weeks; serving as an astrological catalyst for Putin’s naked aggression.  Mars is a pushy, aggressive, agitating kind of energy but Venus suffers from its influence; particularly whilst already curbed by Capricorn’s heavy-handed nature. Venus also represents one’s allies, and it seems Putin is lacking for friends at the moment – even the famously neutral country of Switzerland has dropped its non-involved status to impose sanctions.  Social isolation is another consequence of a lonely Venus in Capricorn, but the friends that do remain under this influence are truly ride-or-die (see: Belarus) due this duo’s approaching conjunction with Pluto.

Venus remains in post-retrograde torpor until tomorrow night, and even once she’s free of this she will quickly find herself slammed between Pluto and Mars.  Ancient astrologers called this condition of being sandwiched between malefic planets “besiegement”, and it’s generally indicative of something “going from bad to worse” – being that we have Putin’s ruling planet astrologically “getting it from both sides” like this, IMO he would be wisest in the long term to broker a peace deal since all he is doing now is unifying his (powerful) enemies while losing financial and relational support.

Slava Ukraini!



The USA’s Pluto Return

2022 is a big year for the USA; it is the year that Pluto will have made one full lap around the zodiac wheel to return to the point where it was located on July 4, 1776 when the early British-American colonies declared independence from England.  I feel it necessary to discuss some important things about the use of this date in complete deference to all the Indigenous Peoples that existed on this land mass long before European settlers came along.  The reason astrologers use this date as America’s “birth” in order to calculate a chart for the nation is fairly simple and isn’t meant to disregard at all the history and the peoples that were here since time immemorial.  Indeed, every land on Earth is ancient and obviously came into existence eons before humans even existed; think of Pangea! So using July 4,, 1776 as the “birth” date of America is a bit of an overly simplistic misnomer; rather it would be more accurate to say that we merely use this date to calculate a similar chart. Did you know that businesses and relationships can have charts, too?  What do we use to calculate these?  What makes it “official” on paper?

For example, we might have the idea for a business and be working on it long before we file for our LLC and receive our tax ID.  We were “gestating” it months or perhaps even years earlier; having a concrete date when it becomes a legally recognized entity in no way de-legitimizes the vision and all the work put in up until that very exciting moment.  The technical stuff essentially just functions as a “scalpel” cutting the umbilical cord so the business becomes an entity in its own right; albeit just not a human one.

Or perhaps we look to the “birth” of a relationship; again, a misnomer.  Maybe two individuals have known each other forever and were friends long before they ever dated, so it can’t be when they first met each other, right?  So what “counts”?  Is it when they went out on their first date together?  Perhaps when they were first asked out/asked the other party out?   Sometimes things aren’t clear-cut or there’s nothing “official” recorded to mark the “birth” and in such cases one must use their discernment.  Most couples remember their first date and refer to that as their “anniversary”, so we could use this if we wanted to look at the ins and outs of that relationship from an astrological POV.  But again, a couple could have met years prior or could have had romantic interest in each other for some time prior to going out with each other; using the pair’s first date merely allows us to have a concrete point in time to which we can refer and does not de-legitimize the history between them.  This lack of date consensus is also why most astrologers might opt instead to draw up a Synastry or Composite chart rather than a “birth” type of chart.

Though America and its First Peoples existed for literally thousands of years prior to the British colonies declaring their independence from The Crown and revolting against King George III’s rule, the signing of the Declaration of Independence is something we can refer to that – for better or worse – is snapshot of a “scalpel” moment when these young colonies started to function as their own entity.  Contextually, it is important to understand that First Nations Peoples were cultures that relied entirely upon oral histories; hence there were no earlier written dates of America’s “founding” to refer to, nor did Europeans exactly care to ask about such things whilst they were busy taking land and food from this nation’s original inhabitants.  Even if they had, how would communication of this information have been possible given the language barrier?  Forget the fact that First Nations Peoples would have no concept of or use for the Europeans’ Gregorian calendar!  How could one possibly hope to find a more accurate “birth” date for a nation in such circumstances?  Unfortunately, as is so often the case, the date we have for reference is sadly the one written by the “victors”.

In a heated sociopolitical climate, it is especially important that as astrologers we try to approach the use of this date with sensitivity and awareness; acknowledging its Eurocentric roots while also understanding the context that we simply don’t have other options that aren’t rooted in this same POV when it comes to calculating a chart for the USA; this is really all we have to work with.  I’m not sure that it would be an improvement to use, say, the date in 1492 that an Italian conquista “explorer” got lost and bumped into a large landmass in the Atlantic Ocean by mistake because he was seeking a shortcut.  Or the date the first wave of European settlers landed at Plymouth Rock, for example – both instances do not acknowledge that there were others living and governing their communities here long prior.  But perhaps it would be of service to compare this situation to conception vs. the moment the umbilical cord is cut.  Life starts long before a child exits its mother’s womb – 9 months prior, sperm met egg, cells multiplied, a heartbeat flickered into existence, and before long a growing human being was formed; nobody can deny the entire process was started well in advance of the child taking its first recorded breath.  And perhaps if we could pinpoint conception and use that as the basis of a chart instead, this would be the more valid – and far more culturally sensitive – tool for the job.


Saturn Stationary Direct in Aquarius

The man famous for playing the role of legendary Sci-Fi explorer Captain James T. Kirk on the landmark series “Star Trek” – William Shatner – has just become the oldest man to visit space at 90 years old.  Not coincidentally, this happened just after Saturn – the planet we associate with old age – resumed Direct motion in out-of-this-world Aquarius; talk about a “sign of the (astrological) times”.  How cool is it that – with 9 decades under his belt– Bill no longer just *played* someone who went to space; he actually got to make this a reality??

It goes to show you that with Saturn in Aquarius, it’s never too late to actualize your hopes and dreams.  It reminds of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button; specifically the part where Benjamin takes up with Elizabeth Abbott.  Before life and time had beaten her down, Elizabeth was someone full of ambition and at 19 years old aspired to be the first woman ever to swim across the English Channel – unfortunately, she gave up after bad weather and a strong current went against her.  She felt crushed by the experience and never tried again. Many years after their affair ended, Benjamin sees Elizabeth being interviewed on television as “The Oldest Woman to Swim Across the English Channel”.  She smiles at the camera breathlessly and says “I suppose anything is possible.”


Mars in Libra: The Balanced Application of Force

Mars in Libra (until October 30, 2021) is is a Martial Art; specifically, it is the Way of the Peaceful Warrior. In this “fighting” style, the most crucial foundational stance involves adopting a temperate calm that helps us know when and *just how much* to assert ourselves in any given interaction.  It is a balancing act in constant motion; neither too soft nor too sharp. Mars is considered to be in its astrological “detriment” in Libra, which is a way of saying this sign’s mellow and refined temperament does not sit well on hot-tempered barbarian Mars.  In Libra, Mars often isn’t really sure of when it’s appropriate to be self-assertive vs. when to acquiesce to another’s desires. But his current ongoing mutual reception with Venus in Scorpio (until October 7, 2021) pushes him to hammer this out & figure out that “middle way” between “you” and “I”; to seek the common ground that may exist between “we” and “me”.  Once this mutual reception breaks up in about a week, we’ll see what we have learned from our training.

When properly channeled, Mars in Libra identifies with others but not at the expense of Selfhood.  He genuinely wants to get along & is willing to make certain behavioral accommodations for the sake of achieving cooperation & harmony, but doesn’t allow a drive to be liked to completely compromise his own desires; rather, it is about seeking the mutual “win”. In “battle”, Hi-Fi Mars in Libra can be an invaluable comrade-in-arms who would rather fight (together) than switch.  He’ll also put all of his energy into fighting for what is fair and just. Dan Millman – author of “Way of the Peaceful Warrior” – had the following Devil’s Advocate take on the Libra concept of moderation:

Moderation? It’s mediocrity, fear, and confusion in disguise. It’s the devil’s dilemma. It’s neither doing nor not doing. It’s the wobbling compromise that makes no one happy. Moderation is for the bland, the apologetic, for the fence-sitters of the world afraid to take a stand. It’s for those afraid to laugh or cry, for those afraid to live or die. Moderation…is lukewarm tea, the devil’s own brew.

Though certainly a timely perspective under the current Venus in Scorpio/Mars in Libra mutual reception, we must remember that Mars is traditionally considered a malefic in astrology and as such it may do our boy some good to have his whole-hog, “Go for it!”, and sometimes rather selfish impulses tempered a bit from time to time.  Acting instead from a place that is calm, from one that is neither rooted in excessive self-interest nor solely motivated by a desire to please others, and from a considered and rational space can be a good thing; let your “opponent” be the one thrown off-balance while you make the “fight” look easy. 😘


Venus In Scorpio Aesthetics

Now that Venus has plunged into potent Scorpio for the foreseeable future (until October 7), let’s talk about the power of aesthetics; a very Venus-oriented topic!  People are quick to dismiss appearance as a topic for the shallow, but actual magick can happen when we direct our will & intention toward the look of something – just look at the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui; a design philosophy that centers on carefully and thoughtfully selecting colors, materials, and object placement to facilitate and enhance harmonious energy flow in a space. When Venus enters Scorpio’s depths, we do well to consider how looks *are not* just “skin-deep” – aesthetics truly = energy medicine for the eyes.  Its hidden power is alchemy; it can turn the leaden feelings we might have about our appearance/living space/etc. into a golden wellspring of confidence, empowerment, and serene state of balance. When you create visual harmony, you are directing your will and intention to manifest something cohesive and unified; something that projects a certain air.  For example, this might be within the context of an outfit – wanting to project an energy of confidence & professionalism for an interview or presentation, or perhaps we’re going out on a date and looking to project a sexier vibe.  Maybe instead we’re cleaning and organizing our home office to create greater efficiency & productivity, or painting the bedroom and getting a fresh set of linens to promote a more relaxing, restorative environment so we can get a better night’s sleep.  Also, color therapy is *a thing*.

How our clothing, home, appearance, etc. looks can have a powerful effect on both mind and mood; this can be tremendously healing.  Think of how you may have felt when you have gotten a new haircut you’ve absolutely adored, clothing that made you feel like a million bucks, or finished redecorating a room in such a way that you love spending more time in it.  Now, contrast this with the cringe and vibrational static you may have experienced when you might have let the car go a bit too long between cleanings, threw on a wrinkled outfit with an inside-out sweater because you overslept and got dressed in a hurry, or about to eat your umpteenth meal off the same chipped & mis-matched dish set you have had since college. None of that is a judgement, BTW, nor is it meant to be construed as an argument for a consumerist culture.  What it is, though, is a comparison meant to illustrate the difference in vibrational state we feel when we don’t like the look of something and consider how that can have a subtly eroding effect upon mind & mood; maybe even health if you believe in the power of the mind-body connection.  Hate is a strong word, but if we’re….let’s just say, less than intensely passionate about the look of something, maybe the passage of Venus through Scorpio can present a moment to consider how an aesthetic overhaul may be transformational.   We don’t need big bucks to clean, purge, and organize, slap on an invigorating new coat of paint, take a more considered approach to an outfit, or to pick up a few key items for a room on clearance – beauty (and the energetic reset it brings) can happen on even the most spartan of budgets.  Remember that transformation is often first and foremost registered via visual medium; the girl who has become a woman, the caterpillar that emerged from its chrysalis a butterfly, or the lump of coal that over time and intense pressure changes state to become a sparkling diamond – something deeper may take place when you align with your own desired “state-change” on the aesthetic plane; it may catalyze one on the etheric.


The Next Mercury Retrograde Mission, Part 1

With Mercury’s recent arrival in Gemini, we are officially gearing down for its next retrograde phase – though the formal kickoff isn’t until the end of the month (May 29th, to be exact), we’re going to want to decelerate a bit and drop into a lower gear now to build some power in order to make it through with minimal disruption.   This Rx is a bit of an agility course; only after we’ve spun around like this multiple times due its repeated contacts to disorienting Neptune:


Perhaps one of the bigger keynotes of this upcoming Mercury Retrograde is: Slow down and check your orientation/heading as a first order.  Wind the gears in your brain DOWN and take a few deep, centering breaths before opening your mouth, answering that email/text, or posting on social media.  Maybe say nothing at all.  Consider taking a mini “communications sabbatical” if it’s not absolutely essential.  I say this because there is a higher than usual likelihood that mindless engagement during this retrograde period can cause us to be the source of our own suffering.  We may have a disorganized or disordered mentality about something and this is hardly the place to be making enlightened conversation from.  “No comment at this time” is a perfectly acceptable response during this upcoming retro. Mindfulness gives us an edge; think twice.  Mindlessness, however, presents a real problem – this is especially so if alcohol or other substances (natural or pharmaceutical) are allowed into the mix; do NOT drink and text/dial, kids!  Checking our orientation/heading may also involve utilizing a combination of intuition and critical thinking to introspectively examine where we may have been misinformed about something; either via our own wishful thinking, being in a state of denial, or perhaps we’ve even been outwardly deceived by someone else.  There’s much more to this Mercury Retrograde of course, but this is a good starting point for now.


Mercury In Detriment & Mental Health

Mercury dips into aquatic Pisces – one of the two signs of its astrological Detriment (the other being Sagittarius) – this evening, and as such I thought this to be an opportune time to discuss Mercury’s relationship to our mental well-being.  Astrologically, Mercury is associated with the mind; it is intellectual, analytical, communicative, and incisive.  It concerns what and how we think as well as how we verbalize (or perhaps don’t articulate) those thoughts – from here, it is not difficult to see how this might correlate to mental health.

Now let’s look at what it means for a planet – in this case, Mercury – to occupy a sign of its Detriment. When a planet enters a sign that is antithetical to its very nature, it becomes debilitated; meaning the planet in question tends to have a more difficult time functioning optimally by default.  That’s not to say we can’t get anything good out of it, but whenever we have a debilitated planet we should always watch it a little bit closer because it’s more liable than run-of-the-mill placements to act up in problematic ways if we aren’t displaying self-awareness as to its related qualities and characteristics that might be considered “less than helpful”.

To wit, let’s take a look at Mercury in Pisces.  Why is this inclined to be a more challenging place for Mercury to reside?  Simply put, dreamy, sensitive, intuitive Piscean energy is something naturally at odds with all that Mercury stands for: rational thought, data, and logic, just to name a few key concepts.  When Mercury is forced to don this sign’s fish-tail, it is ill-fitting garb likely to cause Mercury to sink rather than swim.  How can Mercury keep its head above water in such an environ; it is an Air (mind) planet forced to submerge itself in the fathomless sea of Piscean Water?  Mercury in Water signs – which Pisces is – behaves in a more subjective manner; the thought process is apt to be colored by emotion, whether this is conscious or unconscious.  Cold clear logic can become muddled by vague yet often undefinable “feelings”, or – in a much better scenario – intuitive “hunches”.  We may be inclined to suspend disbelief instead of analyzing facts or crunching numbers (anyone living in the USA during the prior 4 years should be able to see how this might be, um, “problematic”).  Our minds can become occupied with fiction and fantasy instead of dwelling in the world of science and reason.  You see where I’m going with this?

In its most neutral sense, Mercury in Pisces is a sign that often prefers to be alone with its thoughts; on one hand this can be a positive source of inspiration (say for pursuits like art, poetry, writing works of fiction, or maybe even songwriting), but on the other this tendency toward isolation can be hazardous when left alone in a vacuum.  Adding to this is the fact that the Mercury in Pisces mind is inclined to be quite impressionable and subject to external influences – isolation is helpful when we’re trying to tune into our own thoughts and separate them from outside “noise” in a way that truly serves our Highest Good; not so healthy when maybe we’ve come in contact with some kind of intellectual “contaminant” or “thought virus” that distorts our thinking so that it is no longer anchored in reality, facts, or logic and there is no one there to provide feedback, contrast, or resistance. Mercury in Pisces can sometimes incline toward insularity in this regard; where the mind becomes cocooned off in its own little “bubble” and disconnected from humanity/the rest of society if we’re not careful.

Again, being in one’s “own little world” in a mental sense can be positive if we’re using it for creative inspiration; negative if we effectively become mentally “checked out” and seek refuge in a world that either doesn’t exist or that does not functionally integrate with the rest of society.  Alcohol and other substances (natural or pharmaceutical) that alter mental state should be avoided, and the tendency to intellectually escape into realms of fantasy/fiction – whether that’s through movies, books, social media consumption, or simple daydream/imagination – should be monitored and moderated.  There’s nothing wrong re: sitting down with a good book or unwinding with a decent movie; however if we find ourselves compulsively reading book after book in a way that causes us to avoid being fully present in our day-to-day lives or zoning out in front of the TV as a way to cope with the stress of everyday living, then we may need to mentally re-calibrate.

The same can be said of being alone with our thoughts; applied with conscious intention to find clarity and understanding in a way that serves our own & humanity’s Highest Good is a definite plus, yet a hermetically-sealed mind (in both senses of the word; both hermit-like and airtight) can be problematic if there is anything funky-smelling and yeasty that’s been (half-)baked-in.  Mental illness only multiplies in such an environment; this is why suffering in silence is ill-advisable. Mercury in Pisces can sometimes be so sensitive to what is said (or unsaid) that it finds it easier to say nothing at all, or seeks out only a sympathetic ear (read: echo chamber) when it might be better served by some amount of intellectual contrast.  If there is a problem within the mindset, talking to someone about our thoughts or our suffering and bouncing this off an external source can help us collectively – as a society – ensure that we’re getting people the help they need and identify potential mental health problems before they can ripple outward any further. A gentle and compassionate – yet non-enabling – approach works best from a communication standpoint. In this era of social isolation, have we found ourselves or others withdrawing overmuch?  Maybe it is time to make a call or reach out if there is anyone – or anything within ourselves – we’ve had some concerned thoughts about recently; certainly this is something worth  pondering whilst Mercury spends the next 3 weeks in Pisces.


The Saturn/Uranus Square, In The News (Again)

Right as we reached the first of three exact squares between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus yesterday, here in The States we experienced a (not unexpected) highly visible manifestation of this energy as a sudden cold snap caused an electrical supply failure in Texas that abruptly left some 2.3 million people without electricity and heat in freezing cold weather. I say “not unexpected” because if you read my February 2021 monthly newsletter, I mentioned this square’s correlation to the “Y2K” era and that time’s related concern over the possibility of electrical grids failing; calling to mind the recent major electrical outage in Pakistan during January 2021 (within the influence of this approaching square) and stating and how this series of squares would be problematic in 2021 for governments who don’t see the necessity of/wisdom in modernization from an infrastructure standpoint.  Now, we have this.  Saturn always warns us so we’ll have ample time to fix an issue before it becomes more serious, and I think it would be prudent at this juncture to consider ourselves “put on notice” – clearly, strengthening our electrical grids is an area where there is work to be done.

The main difference between the Y2K era and now lies in the position swap of Saturn and Uranus; back then it was Saturn placed in Taurus, while Uranus – the planet we associate with electricity – was quite happy in his Aquarius home.  The electrical grids never did fail us as the clocks struck midnight and the new millennium was ushered in on January 1, 2000, and this is largely because Uranus was bolstered by its occupation of Aquarius.  Now, however, Uranus is debilitated by is occupation of terrestrial Taurus, while Saturn is the more comfortable of the two in his ancient Aquarius domicile.  In layman’s terms, this is like having a “bad [electrical] ground” – having a good ground is an essential safety feature that prevents all sorts of problems from arising.  With this square, metaphorically it’s almost as if the safety coating (insulation) on a wire has been worn through with age and caused a dangerous fault; one which we’ll have warnings about as the lights in our house suddenly flicker and dim.  We can try to wait it out and hope nothing sparks and catches fire, or we can see the necessity of replacing our old knob-and-tube wiring and update/upgrade.

Speaking to the Uranus in Taurus part of this equation specifically, I have mentioned on earlier blog posts a couple of times now how the last visit of Uranus to Taurus was the era of FDR’s New Deal; an economic policy which helped to slowly but steadily lift the USA out of the Great Depression.  Seeing as we have found  ourselves in the midst of yet another global financial crisis – not to mention a huge worldwide health crisis – perhaps the time is ripe for another New Deal; one that would  strengthen and modernize the nation’s infrastructure and create thousands of jobs at the same time.  Fiscal conservatives will likely freak, but securing the USA’s economic future may involve the government having to re-invest in America in a similar – yet more modernized – fashion.  Remember that I just said in my previous post how the Saturn-Uranus Square is good for modernizing a classic; same basic idea, but give it different aesthetics for the times we are in; i.e. a different “lipstick” more befitting the current era. We’re so plugged in these days – and have to be more than ever when so many of us are working from home and going to virtual classrooms – that getting our electrical grids solid during this square is an idea that’s time has come.


Saturn/Uranus Square, Round 1

Mere days now separate us from the first of three rounds that will feature Saturn in Aquarius squaring off with Uranus in Taurus; exact on February 17, 2021.  The influence of this energy spends weeks building, culminating, and then receding, and we’ve already seen high-profile manifestations of its influence here in The States as the Law became lawless when Republican lawmakers – ironically the party who branded themselves the so-called  “party of law & order” – essentially sanctioned President Orcus’s January 6, 2021 incitement of insurrection at the United States Capitol by voting to acquit the former president a second time despite ample evidence of his culpability.  The defense that it was somehow “unconstitutional to impeach someone no longer in office” was particularly absurd; especially when Sen. Majority Leader McConnell had refused to convene a senate session sooner in order to hold impeachment proceedings whilst the president still sat in office – you can’t be the one stalling for time and running the clock out, then turn around and claim things didn’t happen quickly enough.

I mention this crystal-clear example as an illustration of just how warped “normal” can/has become when Saturn is hit by a double Uranian influence like this; its occupation of topsy-turvy, contrary Aquarius (a sign that takes its cues from Uranus) coupled with a tense square to wild, chaotic, anarchistic Uranus has upended our sense of stability, normalcy, and has us questioning what is lawful. Lunatic fringe elements of society – and those who would shield them – flagrantly infiltrate the ranks of government. There is zero accountability with elected officials when it comes to protecting their own cliques, and a dangerous precedent for democracy is set when lawmakers more or less give tacit approval to the notion that results of a lawful election can/should be overturned if/when you don’t agree with the choice that was legitimately secured by both popular and electoral votes; whether you are a private citizen or the President of the United States.

Aside from what is going on in the USA, look also at recent events in Myanmar and Haiti – we have a full-on military coup happening in the former and a president refusing to leave office at the expiration of his term in the latter.  As I have said elsewhere – both in a previous post and via a more in-depth look at this astrological alignment in my Feburary 2021 monthly newsletter – Governments and their People are not inclined to see eye-to-eye when Saturn in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus; particularly if/when you have rogue elements advocating for the suspension – if not outright abolishment – of the democratic process.  Delegated authority falls under Saturn’s domain, but the current double-Uranian whammy upon The Ringed One upends everything and tends toward revolts, coups, and sedition.  Sociopolitical unrest unfortunately will continue to be a hallmark of this energy throughout 2021 and especially surrounding the weeks these squares perfect in February, June, and December.

On an interconnected note, Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus both shows us the weaknesses within our social connections as well as their strengths – connections are being tested for integrity in this respect.  Old friends surprise us in good and bad ways; perhaps acting completely out-of-character in alienating ways, or potentially showing up to support us from out-of-the-blue when we thought that connection was a thing long-since passed – perhaps even alternating tacks in some instances.  Can we modernize a classic?  That, too, is a hallmark of Saturn in Aquarius squaring Uranus in Taurus; both specific to our friendships and applying more broadly to a wide variety of arenas.  Things can get necessary – or perhaps even “forced” – updates during this period; ostensibly for the sake of strengthening them to ensure future utility.  But as relating back to our social networks, the fabric of our communities are  under great strain and are currently being tested on an individual as well as collective level.  Will we work *with* our Fellow Man to resolve longstanding social challenges, or remain aloof and inhumane about its troubles (which BTW really are our problems, too)?  Any brittleness we might display in this way threatens to shatter both our own code of honor and the covenant of essential social contracts like broken glass – society is only as good as its weakest links and a failure of one is a failure of all as Saturn in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus. United we stand, divided we fall and perhaps one of the most important lessons we face under this alignment involves how to have sane, intellectual, yet lawful & respectful dissent; a difficult prospect indeed when the radicalization of our individual and collective values systems has become so normalized.