Saturn Stationary Direct in Aquarius

The man famous for playing the role of legendary Sci-Fi explorer Captain James T. Kirk on the landmark series “Star Trek” – William Shatner – has just become the oldest man to visit space at 90 years old.  Not coincidentally, this happened just after Saturn – the planet we associate with old age – resumed Direct motion in out-of-this-world Aquarius; talk about a “sign of the (astrological) times”.  How cool is it that – with 9 decades under his belt– Bill no longer just *played* someone who went to space; he actually got to make this a reality??

It goes to show you that with Saturn in Aquarius, it’s never too late to actualize your hopes and dreams.  It reminds of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button; specifically the part where Benjamin takes up with Elizabeth Abbott.  Before life and time had beaten her down, Elizabeth was someone full of ambition and at 19 years old aspired to be the first woman ever to swim across the English Channel – unfortunately, she gave up after bad weather and a strong current went against her.  She felt crushed by the experience and never tried again. Many years after their affair ended, Benjamin sees Elizabeth being interviewed on television as “The Oldest Woman to Swim Across the English Channel”.  She smiles at the camera breathlessly and says “I suppose anything is possible.”



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