Mercury Rx In Capricorn: Beware Of “Minions”

A quick PSA regarding the current Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn:

The kickoff of this particular retro requires an extra note of caution due its proximity to Fixed Star Vega! There is the potential for all sorts of workplace intrigue to go down under this astro, especially if dealing with “horrible bosses”. To me this energy has the feel of lackies doing their master’s bidding – it could be anything from a nosey co-worker blowing our cover in some way, them backstabbing us by telling our boss that we said something nasty about them behind their back or tipping them off to the fact that we are looking for another job, to corporate espionage, to a bad reference from a vindictive employer, or even there being some kind of bugged/taped/recorded conversation involved that is designed to smear our reputation. Treat everything you say as if it were “on the record” now. If this isn’t applicable to your working life, do also look to your personal life and specifically to communications regarding parents. This is the kind of influence where a busybody cousin or jealous sibling might tattletale or spill secrets to Father or Mother – Capricorn rules “authority figures” in general; the primary ones we experience as children being our parents.

It is worth noting that Mercury is also close to Fixed Star Manubrium; a Sun/Mars star that would tend to heat up our mouth – we can see how this might be problematic given the aforementioned Vega influence! So a word to the wise is due that no matter how tempted we may be to vent something to a co-worker, boss, or someone in any kind of influential (professional) position, it may be better to think twice. Before firing off a curt email or saying/writing/texting something potentially incriminating, hold thy tongue – at least, for now…


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