Jupiter Square Pluto: Metastatic

The current ongoing square between Jupiter in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn has been a doozy from what I’ve been observing in consultation and also going on around me! Round one of this square seemed to hit with a wallop due to the fact that it took place on a very sensitized degree of the zodiac; one that was recently traversed by the final alignment of the Uranus/Pluto Square on March 16, 2015. The Uranus/Pluto Square was a status quo buster, but its younger sibling the Jupiter/Pluto Square so far seems more sinister; like the darkness of its anchoring Plutonic core is exponentially multiplying. At least with the Uranus/Pluto alignment, there was the potential for the shocks that came to be liberating. I wish I could say the same were true of the Jupiter/Pluto Square (and perhaps it will be the next time it perfects in March, as emancipating Uranus will be more closely involved), but right now I have been given the sense of a great, spreading darkness that seems to be descending upon people and generally undermining their sense of hopefulness. I’ve had 3 separate instances alone recently where I’ve had to dig down deep to give what I consider to be perhaps *the* most intense pep talks of my life; attempting to buoy those sucked into the undertow of this energy and call them back up toward The Light.

Adapted from a work by artist Denis Loubet.
Adapted from a work by artist Denis Loubet.

To me, this vibe has the feel of something malignant growing and spreading – I touched upon the “pernicious belief” facet of this square in a previous post and while this square is active (we have two more hits of it to get through during 2017, FYI) I do think it’s going to be very important NOT to let any exaggerated shadows in our life overwhelm us. I don’t mean to imply they aren’t real, because with Pluto in Capricorn we’re likely to have substantive evidence to the contrary. But what I mean is we have the power to decide whether to propagate that blight with more negativity or not; whether we’re going to cut off the juice to it or let it snowball into something bigger. Because what we believe (for good OR ill) carries great influence now, and it is time to root out any destructive philosophy or dogma like the weed it is. We need a balanced perspective; to also empower ourselves with things like faith, hope, and trust even when it seems a great darkness threatens to engulf us.

And I don’t just mean with things like bullshit platitudes, either – we have to believe very deeply in the power of positivity rather than trying to “affirmation” our way to a better today/tomorrow without addressing the underlying beliefs that may be sabotaging things under the surface. To this end, the therapeutic process is highly beneficial during the Jupiter/Pluto Square – for example, if we’re going through financial challenges we can write ourselves all the abundance checks we want, but how effectively this manifests results for us depends on how deeply we’ve psychologically addressed any embedded root philosophies that may be corrupting our alignment with abundance. The same can be said of any area of life, whether it’s relationships, health, work, etc.

I have always been a big believer that we can’t just metaphorically stick a band-aid over a cancer. You have to fully understand the pathology behind it and treat at a cellular level if you want to eliminate the spread and send it to Hades into remission. During the ongoing square between Jupiter and Pluto, the key is to uncover those pernicious beliefs and unravel them at their source to transform them into a more empowering philosophy. And to resurrect our faith to uplift us even when storm clouds gather.




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