Jupiter In Libra Opposite Uranus In Aries, Part 3

With the second of three exact hits between Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries exact today, I want to talk about another facet of this energy which is its capacity for massive breakthroughs. I recently attended a lecture given by astrologer Rick Levine and he had a particularly golden line about Uranian energy that really stuck with me – he said this planet’s “only job is the instantaneous resolution to irresolvable opposites”. Being that we presently have an opposition in play between Jupiter and Uranus, I thought about how especially appropriate this concept was. And because Jupiter magnifies everything he touches, this is currently being done on a very large scale. Any time there is a rut or stalemate on a micro or macro level, with this duo in the mix something has got to give. Both planets carry strong freedom urges – Jupiter is “Don’t fence me in!” while Uranus defies convention and breaks all the rules. Put them together and allow them to play off one another and it can be a recipe for some kind of huge (but good) upset to occur. It certainly can be a big shock, but in the Grand Scheme of Things when we look back we’re likely to perceive this as liberating or as some kind of giant evolutionary leap that pulled us into the future.

If Jupiter is the thunder, then Uranus is the lightning – the skies rumble and what is released is a giant flash of electric blue incandescence that may in fact be a portal to another world; instant teleportation to a different time and place light-years away from where we stood only a moment ago.

Now this doesn’t come easy – an opposition is involved, so we have the sense of being pulled between factions and/or beliefs. But the Truth liberates – perhaps what is called for under these skies is a radical re-orientation of our philosophy; a 180-degree turnaround where we suddenly see a totally different point of view that changes everything. Break away from any dogma that does not liberate you – especially if this involves the revelation of some kind of relationship or even social Truth.

Free your mind; the rest will follow.


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