The Beauty Of Jupiter In Libra

womensmarchThe slogan of the Women’s March on Washington sure is quintessential Hi-Fi Jupiter-in-Libra if I ever did see it:

“We work peacefully while recognizing there is no true peace without justice and equity for all.

Truth (with a capital T) is a Jupiter concept; justice, peace, and equality are all Libra themes. Hi-Fi Jupiter is all about diversity, inclusivity, open-mindedness, and tolerance – it is political and philosophical. Hi-Fi Libra is unity, harmony, Love, like-attracting-like, fairness, and cooperation.

The very best Jupiter in Libra offers us is the ability to lift one another UP and to find cohesive philosophical common ground even when there are differences – it’s all Love. And that’s what struck me about this huge worldwide event; the broad range of issues that converged and yet the real sense of solidarity among attendees. True it started as a women’s march, but it bloomed into something much more and there were men and people of all colors and creeds attending for various reasons. Sister marches mushroomed up on the local and international levels. Signs read everything from “Get your hands off my uterus”, to standing up for LGBTQ rights, to protesting Trump, raising concerns about climate change, proclaiming that Black Lives Matter, speaking out against the recent proposal to roll back the Endangered Species Act, objecting to the DAPL, calling for water protection, and just about everything in between. Regardless of whatever each person’s particular pet “issue” was for participating in the march, everyone seemed to agree on one thing: They don’t like the direction Washington is going in and want their voices heard.

That is what Jupiter does, folks – it’s known as “the Promotor” for good reason! Having the aid of this planet is like having a giant megaphone; it blows issues up and magnifies them in ways we can’t ignore. In Libra there is also the ability for Jupiter to partner up with people from all different nations, ethnicities, and backgrounds to unite over a common Principle/shared philosophy, with mutual growth and reciprocal blessings being the end result. In this writer’s humble opinion the March was a beautiful example of this; inspiring hope and unity in a positive way during a time it is sorely needed ❤

Coniuncti stamus



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