The Mars/Uranus Mutual Reception

changeandnewTalk about your Rude (Mars) Awakenings (Uranus)…! A mutual reception kicked in between Mars & Uranus beginning at 12:51am EST on November 9th when Mars busted into radical Aquarius like a lunatic making a jailbreak from the asylum. This date should ring a bell for American readers – it was the wee hours of the morning immediately after Election Day, and many might have felt like they were literally awakened by a sucker punch as they turned on their televisions to view the results of the presidential race. Results of this aside (because we certainly can’t control those), I want to re-orient focus to talk about what we *can* do with the energy of this mutual reception!

The very first thing we must consider about Uranus and Mars working in concert with one another is that it unequivocally is some high-test rocket fuel. Like nitroglycerine, it may not be the most stable of compounds, but if you use it consciously it can certainly be one hell of a propellant. Mars is a hot-blooded, passionate, even angry kind of planet you see, and we sometimes forget what a vastly effective motivational tool this kind of fire can be when we want to make a change of some kind – think à la “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!“; a rebel yell that urges us to action. Social activism is indeed a huge theme of a Mars/Uranus mutual reception, so if you’re angry and appalled about what you see going down, the first thing to do is get connected. Begin seeking like-minded people and band together, for there is strength in the collective now. There may be factions out there whose ideals conflict with your own, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start your own group and fight back; particularly against anything that flies in the face of the egalitarian energies symbolized by Uranus.

Please do not be fooled by the misguided notion that anger is not a “constructive” emotion – all feelings have their place and it’s what we choose *do* with them that ultimately determines whether they are positive or negative in expression. It is one thing to allow them to control us; another to acknowledge their presence and harness them in a way that truly serves us. If we become aware of our anger and opt to honor it, we can make conscious choices as to where and how we might turn this into fuel for actions that actually liberate us. The trick, though, is to be able to detach from it to a certain degree; to depersonalize our ire to an extent where it cools *just enough* for us to handle so we don’t burn ourselves or others. We must look at this almost clinically, in a somewhat scientific and observational manner, otherwise we’ll just wind up ranting and raving like a mad(wo)man or acting like a nutcase. But if we can observe the feeling and disassociate from it enough to where we’re “once removed”, we can see there may in fact be a Higher Order at work behind it. In this way, we can use it to prompt much-needed change without being part of the chaos – cooler heads must prevail in any “fight”. This is cerebral warfare we’re dealing with – you don’t fight fire with fire; you fight it with ice in your blood like some kind of Top Gun pilot. In this war for the future, it is absolutely critical that we maintain Air superiority by soaring above any belligerent bullshit to be the change we want to see.

This mutual reception will remain in play until December 19th, and a vibe of general social unrest will remain high at least until then. But this is not itself a bad thing, because things may change if we can band together and push for reform. In the meantime, make it a point to disconnect from social irritants, avoid fighting with “friends” (online or IRL) when you would be better off just detaching, and maybe even get some NEW friends. And be active in your community, because none of us battle alone under this vibe – we are all in this together! ❤



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