Astrology at the junction of Fate and Free Will.


Building upon my last post discussing Jupiter in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn, another theme that keeps resurfacing in my head in relation to this energy lately is this concept of “Dark Blessings”.  Have you ever been through some kind of majorly unpleasant or even traumatic life event and then later turned around to use that experience to better relate to others; say someone who is/was in a similarly difficult circumstance?  Or as awful as things may have been, were you perhaps able to back up and get perspective to see that no matter how bad that experience subjectively was, there were certain factors that *could* have made the situation exponentially worse?

This is what I mean by “Dark Blessings” – it might not exactly be a silver lining, but the ability to salvage *something* (relatively) positive out of the situation is at least an appreciably lighter shade of grey, surely. Gilding the turd of a shit circumstance however we can – perhaps even through black humor – is certainly better than taking nothing positive at all away from a profoundly terrible experience, yes?


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