Jupiter In Libra Square Pluto In Capricorn

Over the next few weeks a square approaches between Jupiter in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn, perfecting its influence on November 24, 2016.  This is only the first round; there is a second on March 30, 2017 & a final bout on August 4, 2017. The effects of this energy are broad, but one manifestation of it will be to slowly breakdown our relationship dogma over this roughly 8-month long period in order to make a lasting transformation to our partnering philosophy. This is a time to upgrade relationship consciousness for the better; particularly if there are any negative/dysfunctional (perhaps even old-school) relationship paradigms inherited from our parents.  Pluto’s influence is psychological and Jupiter concerns belief, so what we really need to be drilling down to and illuminating now are the philosophies and perspectives we may have subconsciously internalized regarding love and marriage. Is it possible that in some respect we might have things just a wee bit….twisted?  Have we normalized things that are actuallyheartpentagram kind of…well…fucked up, to be honest?  Please understand this is not a judgment; it simply means if there is some kind of archaic “demon” sabotaging our happiness in relationships – perhaps even a warped framework/role model à la Al & Peggy Bundy – then it is time to perform a banishing ritual/exorcism!

During this square partnerships where (individual or joint) growth has stagnated are particularly in jeopardy, for Jupiter’s is a restless type of energy and the name of the game is always mutual elevation when it is found in Libra. Unfortunately, Pluto’s influence can bog this down in a big way! This Plutonic vibe revolves around the theme of something degrading over time – for example, constant or long-term pressures created by career, responsibilities and/or carrying all the “weight”, the aging process, our parents, or even parenting may threaten to undermine the sanctity of a union and can have some of us feeling as if we are growing apart rather than together.  Psychologically, there may be a sense of outgrowing a relationship that we perceive as being from a dying era of our lives; perhaps one that has seemingly been frozen in time/stuck in slow-motion and is a big drain in some way.  Instead of throwing more energy in, we may come to the conclusion that we’d rather conserve it for someone who lifts our vibe and generally makes us happy.

On another level, relationship growth can also be undermined by fearful or defensive psyches.  Whenever we endure some kind of trauma or negative experience in life, we tend to build up psychological “scar tissue” and add on these thick protective layers, sometimes making the perimeter wall between ourselves and Others a bit extreme.  This can be magnified by the stressor of relationship, as even good ones can trip off a trigger and thus create an overblown/disproportionate reaction within us….perhaps in response to demands for greater intimacy.  In such cases, despite the unpleasantness of this we must get perspective to realize when the person/partnership is actually quite beneficial for us and then honestly address any baggage that may be sabotaging growth and happiness within the union, because otherwise we risk taking a huge loss.  Not just immediately, but potentially with regard to our happiness in future unions as well.

We still have a few days left of that gorgeous mutual reception between Venus in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Libra, meaning if there has been any negativity with regard to our relationship beliefs we still have time to reset our stance to optimistic. There is no room for cynicism when these two benefics exchange energies; focus on aligning your energy and philosophy to reflect upon the beautiful, beneficial side of relationships, because we really do “receive what we believe” now.  Venus energy works on the principle of attraction, so raise your vibration for best results because others on a similar energetically elevated level will be drawn to it.   Have hope for love.  Believe in the goodness of Others.  Trust.  Open up to intimacy and challenge yourself when you feel the time and person is right. This is an 8-month long Jupiter/Pluto tango we’ll be doing, so start off with your A-vibe in partnerships to hold the energetic high ground.


2 thoughts on “Jupiter In Libra Square Pluto In Capricorn

  1. How kind of you – I’m glad hear that you enjoy them! Blessings to you & best wishes for a wonderful 2017! ❤


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