Riffing On Venus In Capricorn

Now that we’re into Venus in Capricorn season once again, I think it’s an appropriate time we talk about some of the qualities and traits (both Hi & Lo) associated with this placement – specifically, from a financial standpoint since our gal Venus is such a “material girl”. Often when I contemplate astrology, phrases or songs come floating through my mind, and sometimes this combines in funny (but true) ways. Upon noticing that Venus was entering Capricorn, a little scene from the movie “The Birdcage” came to mind, which was instantly followed up by a South Park parody of the same tune – the song in question was:



Now random amusing pop culture references aside, there is a strong grain of truth in saying that Venus in Capricorn is apt to “work hard for the money”. Capricorn is the sign of hard work; Venus the planet of money, material possessions, and values. A Hi-Fi Venus in Capricorn individual isn’t generally predisposed to simply expect things to be handed to them, no – they’re usually more than willing to earn every cent they get. They tend to value financial self-sufficiency as well as income stability, so they can be inclined to be smart with their cash and into making budgets/financial plans. This placement can epitomize the saying “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without” as there can be an inherent frugality to this vibe that prefers making purchases based purely on necessity. More likely to be a cautious spender, Venus in Capricorn will take the time to do the math & make sure they’re not overpaying for something, to make sure they’re getting a quality product for their hard-earned dollars (regardless of however much or little they decide to spend) , and is usually into looking at long-term financial goals – whether that’s a house, retirement, or whathaveyou. Seldom found is the Venus in Cap who doesn’t have a 401(k) or IRA set aside for old age, LOL!

But this is just one (financial) facet of Venus in Capricorn  – like all astro-energies, it carries a full spectrum of potential expressions and how it operates is usually in direct relation to the consciousness of the individual wielding it. There’s also a side of Venus in Capricorn that can be very status-conscious – it has to have name-brand EVERYTHING because it finds off-brands or knockoffs to be very low-rent, and if it’s one thing Venus in Cap tends to have hangups about, it’s appearing “poor”. Venus in Cap can also be a financial climber, with a Rolex watch, a closet full of designer clothes, a Bentley parked in the driveway, and a 10,000 square foot mansion to complete the picture. Nothing says “success” and “You’ve arrived” quite your possessions do, afterall, and oftentimes Venus in Capricorn is willing to work long and hard in pursuit of financial “pinnacles” that enable them to have high-end items….even if/when it means they pinch pennies elsewhere.

I think it important to note the underpinning of this sort of thing may relate to scarcity consciousness. There is something about Venus in Capricorn that can – on occasion – seem to fear lack on a material level like no other placement. Whether they came from poverty and worked hard to rise above it (Dolly Parton being a prime example of a Capricorn Venus in action), or their material values were strongly shaped by the influence of a parent or parent(s) who maybe didn’t show love any other way than to buy them things, there can be – in certain circumstances – an experience intrinsically tied to their value system that does seem to indicate there being a noted lack of something or other at one time. Perhaps as a direct result, this is why the Lo-Fi expression of Venus in Capricorn can also veer outrageously cheap, watching where every penny goes, nickel-and-diming people to death, and generally being what most would consider a stingy skinflint. Under the wrong circumstances, Lo-Fi Venus in Capricorn can indeed be quite miserly; crying broke at every turn yet all the while locking money away in the bank vault for safekeeping. Forever protecting resources “just in case” and needing to have that financial “safety net” at all times, this can occasionally even lead to scenarios where fear gets in the way of love (the prenupt, for example).

On a more esoteric level, we might say any imbalance to our monetary values directly correlates to our sense of self-worth, as this is also Venus’ domain. Whether we feel “good enough”; whether we only value ourselves insofar as our relative financial “usefulness” to others (i.e. being the “breadwinner”); whether we’re inclined to “settle for meager crumbs” regarding how others treat us; or whether we learn from experience to have higher relationship standards (while also keeping in mind this shouldn’t be nosebleed-high where we consider ourselves “too good” for others and shut perfectly decent & worthwhile people out)….these are all Venus in Capricorn lessons.  More on the relationship angle of this placement at a later date…..





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