Signs Of Saturn Into Sagittarius

Wow, so Saturn enters Sagittarius in just over a week (December 23rd) – check this story out, because it’s a sure sign of this energy: Cops (Saturn) playing the role of Santa Claus (Sagittarius)!  Pretty wild that we’re seeing signs of this ingress already, ya?!

Double bonus points:  It’s no secret that law enforcement (Saturn) has indeed been getting some pretty bad press lately (see: Ferguson, MO et al), which is something that we expect to see with Saturn in Scorpio since this placement corresponds to abuses and misuses of “authority”.  Corrupt cops are unfortunately something that’s par for the course with this energy,  which is still technically in play until December 23rd.  But now that Saturn is about to leave Scorpio for Sadge, it seems Sagittarius’ benevolent ways are already giving the police a much-needed PR lift.  Sagittarius is the Great Benefactor of the zodiac – every planet gets a boost when it traverses this sign.  If Saturn = the cops, it makes total sense that law enforcement – as a physical representation of Saturn energy – would benefit from this planet’s entrance into Sadge.  An interesting illustration of astrology in action!



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