Riffing On Venus In Capricorn, Part 2

So we’ve already discussed some of the financial implications of Venus in Capricorn in a previous post.  But now we’re going to talk about the relationship angle of this placement since Venus symbolizes love as well as money – think of it as some parting words for Venus in Capricorn as she prepares to leave for Aquarius in just a few day’s time.  Now while I do not personally have Venus in Capricorn in my own chart, I do have another form of this energy in the guise of some Venus/Saturn action, so we could say I’m pretty familiar with the dynamics.  To illustrate, here’s an anecdote about a neat little parlor trick this energy sometimes pulls on me: When I’m typing too fast, sometimes the word “relationship” turns into “realtionship”, which is quite amusing as Saturn/Capricorn energy combining with Venus is all about REALNESS in relationships!  This is a good starting point for understanding how Venus in Capricorn functions in love: this grounded, pragmatic energy inherently understand that fairy tales involving handsome princes and beautiful maidens are only for children. It would rather direct its efforts toward a relationship that’s real, attainable, and decidedly more concrete than waste time dreaming about some illusory Prince Charming or Fair Maiden that may never manifest.

There is also a seriousness to this energy that tends to favor commitment in relationships – Venus in Capricorn generally prefers partnerships that will stand the test of time and that incline toward the traditional, and while this can sometimes incline them to be a bit old-fashioned, it does also confer a degree of maturity because this energy naturally understands that all unions take work and require regular maintenance! It may take time for a Cappy Venus to warm up to somebody because they do tend to be innately cautious regarding love, but once they feel safe they’re generally inclined to stick in it for the long haul…sometimes even to their detriment.  And this is certainly worth noting, because if we remember the “scarcity consciousness” touched upon in the previous post, we can understand that – in some respects – this energetic pairing (under the wrong conditions) can sometimes be inclined out of all to “settle for crumbs” from a partner or in a relationship when self-worth is an issue.  And this is not necessarily an uncommon phenomenon, because Venus is symbolic of our sense of self-worth – the value we place in ourselves – and one of Capricorn’s many titles is The Lord of Lack and of the the Have Nots.  In cases such as this, we should look in particular at parental modeling – not only because Capricorn is very much a sign associated with parents, authority figures, and role models – but also to look at what love they gave (or didn’t give) to the Venus in Capricorn individual that may have provided the framework – the basic nuts and bolts – of how partnerships are viewed.

Now it should be noted that none of these tendencies by any means dooms an individual to an unhappy love life – it just means that if any of the above are issues it’s likely going to take time, maturity, wisdom, and effort to bring this energy into a more healthy expression.  It may entail stumbling and cutting our knees more than a few times and learning from our mistakes in relationships.  It may require working with a professional.  It could be that we need to seek more positive role models and strive to emulate those who have relationships we respect.  Perhaps learning how to take personal responsibility for challenges we encounter in our love life (and ONLY our piece in them!) so that we can take them as lessons learned WITHOUT punishing ourselves for this is what’s called for.  It could also be that perhaps we’ll come to see the necessity for better boundaries, for higher standards, and to develop the ability to say “no” to persons and relationships that aren’t in alignment with our priorities, expectations, values, ethics, etc. rather than try to cobble something halfway workable together out of poor raw material.  Capricorn is the Master Builder of the zodiac, and whenever a planet is found here we do well to take a good look at the bricks and mortar that we’re trying to build with.  Remember, this energy is about REALNESS, and if we’re not real with ourselves about what (or who) we’re working with on a very basic level, somewhere on down the line this is likely to impact the overall structural soundness of a union.

If on some level we feel as if we deserve less, then the de facto result is we’re then inclined to settle for less from others.  But balanced expression of Venus in Capricorn isn’t about swinging to the other extreme and having nosebleed-high expectations in relationships – it’s not about deciding we’re only going to marry a doctor, a lawyer, or someone else who could artificially prop up our (evidently flimsy) sense of self worth with “status” of some kind.   Although Venus in Capricorn is predisposed towards being impressed by people who generally have goals, who are working toward a career of some kind as opposed to just punching a clock, and who (for all intents and purposes) have their shit together, it’s not about the artificial attainment of some kind of “title” via a union in order to bolster social position/reputation nor is it about only holding out only for someone that would be considered “Best of Breed”.  It IS, however, about working on any of the barriers and impediments that make union with a decent, worthwhile, reliable, respectable, trustworthy, salt-of-the-earth type of person possible.  And about overcoming any obstacle(s)  that prevents a lasting and enduring love from entering our life.




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