Mars Into Pisces

FieryPiscesWith Mars making ready to transition from Aquarius into Pisces, we are about to experience a noted energy shift! Mars in Aquarius has been a rather frenetic vibe largely due the presence of a mutual reception between this planet and Uranus in Aries. But Mars in Pisces has an altogether different feel…it’s more restorative, relaxed, and concerned with motivations that come from an inward-focused, spiritual place rather than purely outward physical or social activity. Pisces is a reclusive sign you see, so while physical activity levels may not be as high as they have been in recent weeks once Mars dips into this sign, perhaps we’re a bit fried from all the social activity of the holiday season anyway and could really use an opportunity to rest up, reflect, or just plain veg-out on movies and catch up on some sleep!

Mars represents our vitality and physical energy – it’s our muscles, pumping red blood, desire, testosterone, and/or our “piss and vinegar”, so to speak. But Pisces is a very nebulous sign – it’s decidedly not “of the physical world” and operates on more etheric, intangible realms instead. This is the sign of the mystic, the hermit, the guru, and the dreamer, and when Mars enters here some of its physical “get up and go” tends to be dissipated and replaced by motivations and desires more idealistic in nature. You see, there has to be an element of the divine or even fantasy fueling Mars’ actions to really get him moving (swimming?) when in Pisces, because it’s never about pure physicality just for physicality’s sake. It’s not a matter of being lazy; it’s just that Mars wants his actions to have some kind of meaning that transcends the mundane whenever possible when he’s here! This is why activities like yoga, tai chi and qi gong are right up his alley – there are spiritual, meditative aspects of these pursuits being coupled with movement, which creates an ideal synergy Water (Pisces) and Fire (Mars).

When The Red Planet arrives in the sign of The Fishes (unless we’re a Pisces Sun about to get a Mars transit!), we shouldn’t be surprised if we find our energy level ebbing. Consider adapting to this state of flux and going with the flow rather than fighting it – try for lower impact, lower stress activities that engage your flexibility, like any of the above suggestions. Or try swimming a few laps in a (heated) pool and see what your muscles can do when they’re weightless…. if you close your eyes and turn on your imagination, perhaps you’ll find yourself transported to another place, like a sandy island in the tropics or an infinity-edge pool overlooking a gorgeous panoramic mountain scene. But don’t push too hard if vitality is low or you’re feeling run-down, as Pisces can also be an infirm sign and this could be a potential indicator that we’re coming down with a fever or flu. Listen to your energy level and what it tells you to do right now, because Mars in Pisces does sharpen the intuition. If it says “nuh-uh” and urges you instead to draw a hot bath, pour a warming cup of herbal tea, and curl up in a blanket, have at it without feeling guilty. That’s one of Mars in Pisces’ downfalls – doing something ill-advised because it allows itself to be motivated by guilt. A Pisces Mars has been known to be its own worst enemy from time to time, but we’ll talk about that facet (and others) of this energy the next time around…



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