Mars Into Pisces, Part 2

MarsInPiscesLet’s see, where did we leave off…? Oh yes, we were discussing Mars in Pisces and reflecting upon its occasional propensity for being its own worst enemy. We’ve touched upon how guilt can be a problematic motivating force for this energy, but let’s move onto another critical topic when discussing Mars: anger. Because Pisces is the sign of “self-undoing” – the place where we metaphorically “shoot ourselves in the foot” – Mars can have difficulty with anger for a myriad of reasons when in this sign. Now I have a feeling some reading this post out of context and in a vacuum might be inclined to misinterpret my point of view on Mars in Pisces as being more controversial or negative than intended. As I’ve stated countless times, every astrological energy has the capacity to express in Hi-Fi, Lo-Fi, or in a more middle-of-the-road manner, and today we’re talking about some of the more problematic expressions of this energy is all. Rest assured that I have a much more panoramic and multi-dimensional take on this energy as a whole, but for the sake of staying on-topic and following a particular train of thought, in this specific post I am speaking only of the ways in which this placement can work against itself and wind up being its own worst enemy when dealing with anger. Pisces is symbolized by two fish tied together and swimming in opposite directions, and this imagery alone should give us an idea that it can indeed be at cross-purposes with itself from time to time.

Now that I have that disclaimer out of the way, when anger surfaces for Mars in Pisces, one possible manifestation can involve trying to ignore it and pretend it isn’t there; sweeping it under the rug in moments when healthy self-assertion is called for. Pisces energy can have a very “now you see it, now you don’t” quality to it, and it’s the inclination to dissipate anger that can lead to scenarios where this placement may be walked on by others if it’s not careful, because others may interpret this as weakness. Indeed, there can be a “conflict avoidant” side to Mars in Pisces to the point that its vision of even healthy self-assertion becomes skewed; where it mistakenly views “sticking up for itself” as “being a jerk”, thus inadvertently causing much of its own suffering in the process. It should also be noted when an attempt is made to wave a magic wand over anger, this sort of approach can mean particular care should be taken when imbibing. Because of Pisces’ association with booze and “substances” of all kinds, intoxication may stoke or “lube up” the “fighter” inside, allowing it to slip out. Under the wrong circumstances, Mars in Pisces can be the obnoxious, belligerent drunk, ready to throw down at the drop of a hat; a stark Jekyll & Hyde contrast to the passivity that might otherwise be displayed while sober. In this case, we could theorize that perhaps this side of the persona may be more inclined to slip out precisely *because* it spent so much time being hidden….!

Another problematic expression of this energy may instead involve getting pissed off at imaginary things if/when the imagination is allowed to run wild – remember that Piscean energy commonly has the effect of distorting reality. As such, an affront or confrontation may be perceived where none is intended – in such cases, these kind of “sham offenses” may be more the result of its own projections than anything else due this sign’s illusory, ephemeral nature. Mars in Pisces can also have difficulty putting a finger on exactly what it’s pissed off about because of the elusiveness of this sign, and thus wind up misdirecting its annoyance at the wrong target. The nebulousness of Pisces can also create scenarios ripe for passive-aggression and denial of anger, á lá “I never said/did that – I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Passive-aggression is defined as “the indirect expression of hostility”, and Pisces is anything but straightforward. According to the Wiki entry on this subject, examples of this behavior can include “forgetfulness”, learned helplessness, procrastination, sullenness, and/or a deliberate/repeated failure to accomplish requested tasks for which one is (often explicitly) responsible. There can be a veiled hostility to Mars in Pisces that makes it easy to pretend nothing is wrong, to roll out the fog machine when confronted, and yet take subtle action to inflame/confuse another party while appearing innocent and having the benefit of plausible deniability because one can’t point to any overt, direct action – I often think of the word “bamboozled” in association with this energy. Mars in Pisces may be able to fool some folks into thinking it’s not an aggressive placement, but one of the “finest” (using that term very loosely here) weapons in its arsenal can be the ability to attack via obfuscation. On occasion, Mars in Pisces has also been known to tell a bald-faced lie or two and then brazenly deny it. Tricksy with its anger, this one can be – quite the slippery fish indeed!

So what can be done about any of this? Quite a bit, actually – one thing I thoroughly encourage with this placement (or any other permutation of Mars/Neptune energy; it’s essentially the same) is self-reflection regarding anger. Sitting in quiet contemplation and non-judgmentally reflecting upon how we’re handling it on a case-by-case basis, as well as in a more overall sense. Are there notable instances where we’ve screwed ourselves over through our expression OR lack of expression of this (very natural) emotion that we’re all equipped with at birth? You see, it’s not about whether we can sweep it under the rug or rise above it; it’s something that’s a part of the human condition and we’re all faced with it at some point during our journey on here on Earth – even newborn babies get mad and frustrated! Rather, it’s about coming to a full understanding of anger so that we’re able to have compassion and forgiveness for ourselves – this way we’re no longer using it against ourselves. If we’re able to reach acceptance of this sensation whenever we start to “feel the burn” and then set about making enlightened choices about what it is we want to DO about it (and DO is indeed the operative word!), we can rid ourselves of any lather-rinse-repeat cycles that haven’t truly been serving our Highest Good.

I also favor always having some kind of physical outlet for Martian energy so that it doesn’t back up on us – for more on this, you can refer to part 1 of my Mars into Pisces series. Other activities that may help keep this energy “chill” can include:

Mediation – Because it naturally encourages/facilitates introspection, and the physiological responses (lowered blood pressure, improved heart rate, better breathing, lowered stress levels) alone can help cool us down if we’re hot. Some research even suggests it can calm inflammation (another word for irritation) in the physical body, so we might consider that it could have the same effect on the “emotional body” as well.

Solitude/Withdrawal – Because in doing so, we may be less inclined to 1) absorb others’ anger – Pisces is a very porous, impressionable sign and being in hostile environments could lead to absorption. 2) feed our own flames when we’re ticked off at somebody – sometimes just getting away from the situation to cool down can be helpful. This should not, however, be misconstrued as advice to “run away” from confrontation entirely!

Allowing For “Restorative” Time – Whatever that is to you. It’s a simple fact that people get cranky when they don’t have enough sleep or downtime in their life, especially in this “go, go, GO!” world we live in today. Whether it’s sleeping in on Sunday, a hot bubble bath, or just indulging in some popcorn & a movie (Netflix or the theater!), strive for better balance between “active” (Mars) and “resting” (Pisces). Similarly, sloth inertia can take over if we’re inactive for too long, so it’s all about considering our individual and situational energetic needs in order to achieve this homeostasis.

Since Pisces does have ties to addiction and recovery, I do also want to mention the possibility of being addicted to anger. Although “rageaholic” isn’t a clinical term, it is becoming somewhat of a colloquialism in modern times. There are therapists and also groups who specialize in helping people to gain better self-understanding surrounding anger. Again, it’s not the emotion itself that’s a problem; it’s our behavior(s) in response and what we DO with it that can be! If there is any concern about a lather-rinse-repeat cycle involving this emotion that has gotten out of control and detrimentally impacted quality of life, treatment can help us release our attachment to this feeling and replace it with serenity. There are even 12-step programs (which Pisces strongly resonates with) such as Emotions Anonymous designed for this very purpose, or many wonderful, caring, qualified professionals who can provide one-on-one assistance tailored to your specific needs and challenges if individual therapy is instead desired.

Hopefully this post has provided greater enlightenment of some of the problematic ways in which anger can be handled by Mars in Pisces (or those with other variations of this Mars/Neptune-based energy signature), and beyond these points of reflection, also supplied solutions to help this energy express more constructively. Planets in Pisces (or in relationship to Neptune, or located in a chart’s 12th house) can represent our “blindside” and backfire on us if/when we remain ignorant of the ways in which we can potentially hurt ourselves with them, so if we want to alleviate suffering they’re definitely worth paying attention to. Let’s commit to giving them some extra TLC, then, because what they’re really asking for is to be better understood! ❤



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