(Unfortunate) Signs Of Saturn Into Sagittarius, Part 2

TheInterviewPosterIt began with Sony Pictures’ controversial decision not to release the film “The Interview” as scheduled on its proposed release date of December 25th, 2014,  just two days after Saturn’s entrance into Sagittarius. The movie in question is a political satire lampooning the N. Korean government, and Sony made the decision to pull film from theaters ahead of its release following terrorist threats believed to be made by hackers associated with the hermit kingdom.  Controversy quickly ensued as debate broke out about public safety vs. freedom of speech, and resulted in the movie ultimately being released online on December 24th and then being shown at select independent movie theaters on a limited-release basis as of December 25th.

JeSuisCharlieThen came the horror of the Charlie Hebdo massacre in France.  For those not familiar, Charlie Hebdo is a weekly satirical publication in France known for its left-wing, often irreverent views.  Apparently, their comical depictions of the prophet Muhammad angered some Muslims, 1) because their religion was being spoofed and  2) because according to Islamic law,  depictions of the prophet Muhammad are forbidden.  Two such individuals took this perceived affront to an extreme by breaking into the newspaper’s headquarters in retaliation – armed with guns (likely supplied and funded by Al Qadea) – and carrying out a mass shooting where 12 were killed and 11 more wounded.

I’m sorry to report that both of these unfortunate events can serve as examples of one particular facet of Saturn in Sagittarius’ energy  – see this excerpt from my December 2014 newsletter about the effects of Saturn in Sadge:

Over-seriousness: This tends to be a more “politically correct” energy overall and as a result our collective sense of humor may become a bit dampened by this influence. Comedy that relies heavily on the use of stereotypes is most strongly affected, such as ethnic jokes. Similarly, political satire or humor that disparages religion may be particularly subject to Saturn’s censoring if/when a line gets crossed. ……..At the very least, people will be most certainly inclined to let us know when something is “not funny” and/or if a line has been crossed, because Saturn is all about showing self-restraint and staying within bounds.”

I have to tell you that when the the astrological correlation between these two events hit me and my own words came echoing (hauntingly) back, I felt my blood run cold.  But I find myself compelled to write about these recent geo-political events nonetheless for educational purposes so readers can see one potential expression of Saturn In Sagittarius in action for themselves. In bringing up this tie-in, I also want to put forth a disclaimer that Saturn in Sagittarius – by itself – isn’t inherently “bad” or “negative” so that nobody gets the wrong impression from reading this particular post in a vacuum.  As is always the case, much of a planet’s expression is dependent upon the consciousness level of the individual responding to it, and I think it’s pretty safe to assume that both parties responsible for these two incidences probably have a consciousness level somewhere between “in the basement” and “below sea level”.  Indeed, no astrological force is ever one-dimensional – there’s a whole spectrum of possible expressions, some of which are going to exemplify the Hi-Fi side on an energy, others the Lo-Fi vibration, and others still may be inclined to be more neutral in nature.  If you’re looking for an explanation of some of the more positive manifestations of this energy, go back and re-read my December newsletter in full because it does  give a pretty balanced point of view on this topic.  Or read the first Saturn in Sagittarius post in this series.  But for the purposes of this article, we’re going to explore factors involved in what made these events exemplify (or “resonate with”, if you prefer) the Lo-Fi end of Saturn in Sagittarius.

There are 3 themes of Saturn’s energy that strike me as being most applicable to these scenarios:  protection, fear, and control.  I am almost certain that – in both instances – the terrorists’ goals was to 1) protect their ideologies (religious, political, and philosophical ideologies are all Sadge’s domain!) , and then as a response to this impulse, they made a choice – based on their level of consciousness – to (duh) 2) spread fear, because that’s what terrorists do.   And Sadge is a propagator extraordinaire – there’s a reason this sign is known as “The Promoter”.    Now obviously in doing so, they were attempting to control how the world views them (and worldviews are again something that falls under Sagittarius’ umbrella). The outcomes could have been very different if either of these two groups had a more elevated level of consciousness and focused instead on the capacity for ethical morality that Saturn in Sagittarius is quite capable of; however we all know how looney people can get when they feel as if their politics or religion are being disrespected/laughed at.  And Respect (with a capital R!) is always, ALWAYS a Saturn-related issue.  As I have mentioned before, Saturn is (and will be) engaged in a loose but ongoing square with Neptune in Pisces for about the first year and a half+ that it spends in Sadge – this can very easily blur lines when it comes to our sense of personal responsibility for what we believe is “right” or “wrong”, especially as this square tightens up between late this year and most of next year.




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