Dealing With Uranus Transits: Part Dos

So we’ve already talked about some of the basic manifestations of Uranian energy – including some of the Lo-Fi expressions of it – here.  But what about the flip?

If you’re dealing w/ a Uranus transit – meaning this planet has come into contact with a planet or angle in your astrological chart – it’s definitely time to start embracing your inner geek! The Hi-Fi expression of this planet’s energy is brilliant, super tech-savvy, and very forward-thinking. It’s a cerebral energy most comfortable operating on the “genius intellectual” level, and because of this, it embraces the label of “eccentric” or “weirdo” without so much as even batting an eye.  After all, let’s face it – aren’t we’re all a little weird somehow?

(Says the practicing astrologer, LOL!) 😉

Besides, life would be bland & uninteresting if everyone was the same! Uranian energy gives us the courage to be different and  march to the beat of our own drum, flying our freak flags proudly – torpedoes be damned! It represents originality, a desire to stand out from the crowd, to embrace things outside of mainstream culture, and to color outside the lines. Uranian energy is anything but cookie-cutter, adoring the odd and unusual; the “B” movies, independent record labels, and of course all things geek-chic & nerd-tastic in the world.BoldlyGo

When dealing with a Uranus transit, we become more inventive and open to experimenting with things/lifestyles/relationships that are different, strange, and novel. There’s also a highly progressive, future-oriented edge to this vibe that can help bust us out of ruts and put us on the fast-track to tomorrow. Uranian energy represents EVOLUTION; it is the process of change and awakening. In order to accomplish this, we must often be prepared to take a quantum leap somewhere in our lives that will put us *far* outside of our individual comfort zones!

The other awesome thing about Uranian energy is that it helps us connect to other like-minded individuals due to its egalitarian nature. With this vibe, we are more likely to appreciate what’s cool & unique about others through developing a friendly, intellectual rapport with them rather than holding the expectation that we should all be homogenous. Uranian energy also teaches us how to de-personalize so that we can work our social networks like a MoFo without the tail wagging the dog – a true Uranian is very good at remaining detached from internet drama, FB dustups, and any situation involving highly keyed emotion. This planet’s energy helps us to stay cool as a cucumber and rational in situations that might ordinarily frazzle others.KeepCalmAndBoldlyGo

I have always admired strongly Uranian individuals – they definitely make life MUCH more interesting and I appreciate the way they think for themselves & are inclined to question the Established Order. There exists the capacity within every Uranian to enact powerful reforms and to be an agent of change – evolution simply would not be possible without their hand. Consider the substantial societal contributions made by Uranians Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, FDR, Jackie Robinson, and Charles Darwin, just to name a few. These are all people who were revolutionary for their time and smack-on the proverbial “cutting edge”.

But even if your astrological chart isn’t hardwired to display these qualities from birth, each of us is handed an opportunity to tap into this energy whenever we deal with Uranus energy by transit (or progression). The natal chart shows us the energies we have available to draw from all our lives – it’s our birthday suit, so to speak. Transits and progressions, however, represent the costume changes where we get to try on the energies of certain planets for the time being, hopefully figuring out during this process how we can play them up to the hilt and use them to maximum advantage.

One suggestion for anyone who finds themselves dealing with this energy is to tap into this juice by finding a muse who embodies the facets of this vibe you would strive to emulate. If it’s genius scientist, Darwin might be your man. If it’s the will to fly in the face of inequity, Rosa parks just might be your gal. If it’s the spirit of a luminary tech-savvy inventor you want to embody, how about Thomas Alva Edison? You get the picture – figure out who your Huckleberry is and roll with it to get some positive inspiration!



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