An Aquarius Archetype

Doctor Manhattan is totally an aspect of the Aquarius Archetype – you know, freakishly intelligent but simultaneously possessing a supreme level of detachment that can also be frighteningly devoid of humanity at times?

Aquarian energy draws its cues from the planet Uranus, and the darker side of this vibe can be beyond glacial – it’s more akin to a dry ice that evaporates into a gas (air; i.e. intellect) without ever becoming water (emotion).  If you’ve ever heard an Aquarius utter the words “I don’t care” and felt the blood in your veins run cold after hearing this pronouncement, then you know what I speak of. Those who are strongly attuned to this kind of  energy may have to combat this tendency at times – on a personal level, I know on a couple of very specific occasions, I’ve had to when I could literally feel my neural circuitry shorting out where my “give a damn” abruptly and completely broke. This coincided (not surprisingly) with some major Uranian activity in my chart.  It was a strange and uncomfortable dissociative sensation I don’t care to experience ever again – I recall being completely aware this was exactly what was going on and yet unable to do anything about it except observe and just let it run its course.  *shivers* I did eventually return to “normal” (whatever that is – such a relative term anyway when you’re already a weirdo astrologer, LOL); meaning I regained feeling.

But before anyone reading this freaks and thinks I’m hating on Aquarians, though, realize the comparison made above utilizes the qualifier “an aspect of”, meaning certainly not all Aquarians/Uranians/those experiencing heavy-duty Uranus energy by transit or progression.  There is power in archetypal symbolism, however, and it’s completely possible to resonate with this particular manifestation of the energy.  I merely make this (admittedly darker) association for the sake of presenting a fair and balanced take on this astrological signature so people know what to look out for – you can read about some of my more favorable/neutral takes on this energy here and here.

PS – Phil Collins is an Aquarius.



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