Mars In Scorpio Is Out For Blood

I did say NOT to sate a burning vengeance during Mars in Scorpio, did I not? And that one potential landmine of this Mars Retrograde period involves being Samuel L. Jackson-style pissed off, yes?

Please, let’s all take a cautionary cue from what happened in the wake of the tragedies involving Alton Sterling and Philando Castile and if we are angry at someone or something, DON’T leap to retaliation – Mars in Scorpio is still in contact with Uranus in Aries, and cooler heads must be allowed to prevail. There’s been far too much violence in the air (just look at the bombing in Istanbul and subsequent coup in Turkey, the aforementioned police killings of Sterling & Castile, as well as the aftermath in Dallas and possibly Louisiana) with the quincunx between these two planets in play, and it’s making everybody crazy. We do well to de-escalate tempers before Mars slips into Sagittarius (Aug 2) and meets up with Saturn (Aug 24).

Thankfully this aspect is starting to ebb as we speak, but we’re not home free yet. The quincunx between Mars and Uranus has been in effect since the second week of June and lasts for several more days yet – detach from hot situations whenever possible and strive to stay glacial cool, even when it’s a challenge.


Mars Stationary Direct In Scorpio

I still think Al Pacino in The Devil’s Advocate has this vibe down perfectly – this line is quintessential Mars stationary direct in Scorpio:

“You sharpen the human appetite to the point where it can split atoms with its desire..”

But what if what you’ve got is an Appetite for (self?)Destruction?

With Mars stationing direct in Scorpio, desire is at its most potent.  All sorts of primal impulses may surface that can run the gamut from murderous, to carnal, to a strong urge for personal transformation where all the dross associated with our Lowest Self is burned off so we can be reborn.

When Mars turns direct in Scorpio, we find out just how much control (or lack thereof) we have over The Beast within. Our “demons” are apt to rear up on us. Vices can lead us down a proverbial trail to Sodom and Gomorrah.  Anger may boil over into a rage and explode disastrously.  We may become extremely impatient and libel to make premature moves that prove devastating – especially if we’re not clear about our possible subconscious motives.

Or, we conquer those demons and show ‘em who’s boss.  We wrestle with our vices and win.  We emerge victorious over destructive anger.  We become the master of our psyches, confronting and illuminating even our most hidden or dysfunctional motivations so we act from a place of integrity that is in alignment with our Highest Good.

If you’re wondering where the middle ground is in all these possible expressions, there really isn’t any – Scorpio is first and foremost a sign of extremes.  Remember this for the next several days as the Mars Mojo really rouses, and know that from today we have exactly 34 days to redirect this energy toward its most constructive potential as Mars will leave Scorpio on August 2nd.  So are you going to wield this power, or let it enslave you?  The choice is yours.